AGT Reveals 5 More Semifinalists, Stages Surprise Modern Family Reunion


    Jay and Gloria Pritchett were briefly reunited on Wednesday when Ed O’Neill popped into America’s Got Talent to catch up with former TV wife Sofia Vergara.

    But before we get to that, let’s start with this week’s results: aerialist Alan Silva, singer Cristina Rae and magician Max Major received the most votes, securing them each a spot in the Season 15 semifinals. They were joined by W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew, the winner of this week’s Dunkin’ Save, and drummer Malik Dope, the act chosen by the judges to remain in the game.

    Unfortunately, their collective victory meant we had to say goodbye to some pretty solid acts: Dance Town Family, singer Sheldon Riley, singer Annie Jones, dance group Bone Breakers, comedian Usama Siddiquee and singer Nolan Neal.

    As for that Modern Family reunion we mentioned earlier, O’Neill surprised Vergara midway through the hour, asking, “How did you manage to get the perfect job where you get to sit the whole time and other people do all the work?” She replied that God is just always good to her (uh, yeah!) and informed him that she hasn’t fallen down on the AGT set. Vergara apparently suffered a balance problem on Modern Family, with O’Neill saying it was “like a puppet when somebody cuts the strings.” (Video of the reunion will be added if/when it becomes available.)

    This week’s results episode also welcomed back Jon Dorenbos, the former NFL star who charmed America with his magic trickery in Season 11 of America’s Got Talent and the first season of AGT: The Champions.

    Wednesday’s five lucky acts join the following previously announced semifinalists: Archie Williams, BAD Salsa, Brett Loudermilk, Daneliya Tuleshova, Double Dragon, Jonathan Goodwin, Roberta Battaglia, Shaquira McGrath, Spyros Brothers and Voices of Our City Choir. (Click here to get a closer look at all of the Season 15 semifinalists.)

    OK, let’s discuss Wednesday’s results: Which elimination surprised you the most, and which act(s) will you be rooting for in the semifinals? Drop a comment with your thoughts on AGT Season 15 below.

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