CM – Avoided the best large family car because it’s not sexy enough


Van owners know the convenience and common sense offered by the crates on wheels are second to none.

But trunks of children with food smeared into the cloth paneling and doing business with one Preference for getting seats quickly gave the humble van a bad wrap.

Although the people mover brotherhood like double cabins has made great strides in terms of comfort, technology and drivability.

The Kia Carnival has created a niche for families thanks to its low prices. It has evolved over the past two decades, and the fourth generation model that launched in January raised the bar yet again.

Our family enjoyed Carnival after some extended trips with grandparents and a lot Luggage ranked as the best people mover on the market. including a cumbersome bike. We tested the SLi version, which can be on the market for around $ 63,000.

KEL: Looking modern inside and out, this feels a bit exclusive and unlike carnivals we’ve ridden in the past

GRANT: Absolutely, the front-end design looks more like an SUV than a van, and the interior and finish have gone up a lot. Sharing it with the Sorento (which we rate as the best 7-seater SUV currently on the market) provides an excellent platform for work.

KEL: Not much has changed in terms of space, it still has eight seats, but it feels bigger.

GRANT: Bigger and better in almost every facet? but the prices have also risen. The range topper is now priced at $ 70,000 while the starting price is $ 50,890.

KEL: That enters SUV prestige like an Audi Q3, BMW X1 or Mercedes GLA. While there is no doubt, Carnival is a completely different market.

GRANT: The wow factor is achieved via a massive 12.3-inch color touchscreen that is flanked by numerous glossy surfaces. The driver has a customizable LCD screen that allows you to scroll through different menus and views.

KEL: I like the fact that there are so many cup holders (nine in total) that can handle drinking bottles too. Four phone holders, a pair in the first two rows and seven USBs meant there was no fighting for power.

GRANT: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offer smartphone integration in conjunction with an eight-speaker sound system, and there’s even a feature that projects the driver’s voice into the back so there’s no need to scream.

KEL: Electric doors in the second row are fantastic and only have to be pulled by the handle or operated by pressing a button on the key fob. However, these seats fold forward quickly to get into the third row. I hurt my cheek the first time when I leaned forward and broke full force.

GRANT: The chairs in the back need some muscle to fold up and down. Still, it’s the easiest room to configure in this genre, making it easy to convert from a people hauler to a furniture truck. This model uses artificial leather upholstery, which is a boon for easy cleaning.

KEL: Surprisingly easy to drive, it didn’t feel like a van and I liked the acceleration response.

GRANT: That is the advantage of the tried and tested 2.2 liter turbo diesel. It has always been the choice over the petrol V6 for efficiency and smooth performance.

KEL: Overtaking and hills were easy, even when we had five stocky boys on board. There’s so much space in that second row, and a couple of six-foot teenagers loved the legroom.

GRANT: When I got the choice, I saw you picked up the compact SUV when it came time to to do the shopping.

KEL: Parking can be a challenge. The 360 ​​camera views, the front and rear parking sensors are great, but it’s a pretty big vehicle for those tight parking spaces.

GRANT: Going back into parks became my preferred option. The carnival has a cross traffic alarm at the rear and the emergency braking also works backwards. This AEB function can intervene if a collision is detected and apply the brakes. It also looks for cyclists and pedestrians.

KEL: Usually not a car that you would take out for sheer driving pleasure, but the ability to carry eight is very practical.

GRANT: Yes, not quite the area of ​​the Porsche 911 here. If so many were built into a sports car, this would lead to compromising positions. Achieving this at Carnival would be voluntary.

KEL: Given that it was cheap to run, we can afford it somewhere in the market for future holidays.

GRANT: The fuel efficiency was during ours Tests brilliant. Average 6.4 l / 100 km over more than 1000 km and only 5.5 l on some motorway journeys. The top-priced service is available for seven years at an average price of $ 538.

KEL: The seven-year warranty is also reassuring. I also liked all of the safety features like traffic sign recognition which constantly keeps an eye on the speed zone and shows it on the driver’s display, as well as the ability to prevent you from entering an intersection when there is an oncoming car that you may not be able to use have seen.

GRANT: This is a must for all families, modern infotainment, lots of space that is easily customizable, and a curmudgeon with Diesel. Let’s buy one?

KEL: Yes, but no. It’s just not sexy enough and I don’t want to drive a van. Although this is the closest thing to my perspective.

GRANT: Kia boss Damien Meredith was spot on when he said the difference between an SUV and a carnival is another kid.


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