Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton says Liam McCheyne will be ‘full-time’ on the cobblestones


Antony Cotton has confirmed that Liam McCheyne will become a « full time » member of the « Coronation Street » cast

The 45-year-old actor – who has played Sean Tully on the cobblestones since 2003 – is delighted to reunite with the young star as his on-screen son Dylan Wilson, and he revealed the comeback won’t be short-lived

Appearing on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’ Friday (23:20), he said: « We did a little stint first, obviously, because the character is back for midterm

« Then he starts again, then he’ll come back and do another short stint, then come back full time So it’s very, very, very exciting

« I’m just glad it’s Liam, the same boy I worked with when he was three »

The story the two actors share on ‘Corrie’ helped Liam’s return, and Antony enjoyed being able to explore their characters’ relationship onscreen

He added: « Well, obviously the actor who came back, Liam, had been there since he was a little baba

« It was really lovely, because I kept in touch with them – they’re twins, Liam and Connor – but Liam came back to play him So I’ve known them all their lives

« For an actor to come back as an older kid is really unusual, to be the same actor. We had that shorthand right away, so we went straight to it »

Antony also praised his young co-star’s skills on set and revealed the little things in his performance that make a big difference.

He said, « He knocks them out absolutely awesome Towards the end of this little short trip that he’s having to begin with, we kind of started playing it where I was the irritable kid and he the adult.

« I think that’s how him and I are going to be He gave me a brilliant look, which was quite natural »

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World News – UK – Antony Cotton of Coronation Street says Liam McCheyne will be ‘full time’ on the cobblestones



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