‘New fav’: Bachelor fans praise Juliette after shock dumping


Bachelor’s Juliette Herrera had finally had enough of sitting around and waiting for a date with Locky so she decided to take matters into her own hands on Wednesday night’s episode.

And while she sadly ended up getting sent home after a bizarre rant to Locky about TikTok stars and rappers sliding into her DMs, viewers have praised the stylist for single-handedly creating the ‘funniest’ and ‘most interesting’ moment of the entire season.

During the cocktail party Juliette revealed she was planning to confront Bachelor Locky, hitting out at the season’s main man in a bizarre piece to camera.

“I thought, ‘Does he know that in my DMs I’m not replying to, like, certain people from LA? I could be talking to TikTok stars and rappers. But I’m ignoring them for you. Like, Young Thug’s producer. And The Chainsmokers.

“I have to remember who I am. Hello! I’m amazing,” she continues. “And if that’s too confronting for Locky, then just get rid of me. Because I have DMs to go back to.”

Locky is clearly taken aback by Juliette’s online contact book, though he admits he doesn’t know who some of them are.

Next minute the screen cuts to Juliette being driven away from the mansion, with Locky explaining, “I think it was the right thing to send Juliette home. I mean, I don’t think she’s the right person for me.”

Viewers were quick to take to Twitter to share their love for the feisty latina, who many claimed ‘carried the entire season’.

“Juliette dropping names and Locky’s like OMFG THE FUNNIEST SCENE OF THE ENTIRE SEASON. I LAUGHED SO HARD why did they hide that Juliette till the last second? Could’ve saved this boring ass season,” one person wrote.

“I will personally shout Juliette a massage, I just KNOW her back hurts after carrying the entire season,” another agreed.

Others were just shocked at how the scene unfolded, and demanded to see more of what happened.

“Was that a real minute of tv or did I black out for a sec,” one person said.

“Ok Juliette is my new fave. SHE HAS TIKTOK CELEBS SLIDING INTO HER DMs.. This is cooked in the very best way!! WAIT WTF JUST HAPPENED?!!!” another mused.

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SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com/news/new-fav-bachelor-fans-praise-juliette-after-shock-dumping/?remotepost=283121

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