Portraits of Behrouz Boochani, Meyne Wyatt announced as 2020 Archibald Prize finalists


Yuri Shimmyo, ‘Carnation, lily, Yuri, rose’. Oil on canvas, 27.5 x 23 cm. © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

Charlene Carrington, ‘My dad, Churchill Cann’. Natural ochre, pigment and PVA fixative on linen, 70 x 70 cm, © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

Peter Wegner, ‘Chef’s coat – Graeme Doyle’. Oil on aluminium, 123 x 123 cm
© the artist.

Credit:Felicity Jenkins

Kate Beynon, ‘With Tudo and the robe’. Acrylic on wood, 42 x 37cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Richard Lewer, ‘Liz Laverty’. Acrylic on rusted steel (sealed), 140.5 x 80.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Blak Douglas (aka Adam Hill), ‘Writing in the sand’. Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 250 x 250 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Jun Chen, ‘The art dealer: Philip Bacon’. Oil on canvas, 228 x 163 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Tianli Zu, ‘Tim and kelp’. Acrylic and oil on linen, 221 x 191 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Benjamin Aitken, ‘Self-portrait entering the Archibald’. Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 54 x 45.5cm. © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

Samuel Rush Condon, ‘Portrait of Adam Spencer’. Oil on linen, 35 x 27 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Dee Smart, ‘I’m here’. Oil on birch wood board, 77.5 x 67 cm. © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

Sinead Davies, ‘The Irish immigrant – portrait of Claire Dunne OAM’. Oil on canvas, 64 x 64 cm. © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

Vincent Namatjira, ‘Stand strong for who you are’. Acrylic on linen, 152 x 198 cm. © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

Wendy Spindler, ‘Alive and brilliant’. Oil on canvas, 80 x 54 cm. © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

William Mackinnon, ‘Sunshine and Lucky (life)’. Acrylic and oil on linen, 224 x 164 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Jennifer Scott, ‘Dr Raymond Charles Rauscher’. Acrylic on canvas, 210 x 169 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Lucy Culliton, ‘Soils for life’. Oil on canvas, 140 x 140.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Yoshio Honjo, ‘Adam with bream’. Japanese kozo paper, sumi ink and suihi-enogu (japanese pigment), 124.5 x 92 cm. © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, ‘Self-portrait with outstretched arms’. Synthetic polymer paint and oil on linen, 198.5 x 152.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Wendy Sharpe, ‘Magda Szubanski – comedy and tragedy’. Oil on linen, 183 x 147 cm. © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

Kaylene Whiskey, ‘Dolly visits Indulkana’. Acrylic on linen with plastic jewels, 167.5 x 168.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

Edward Humphrey, ‘Stan Walker’. Oil paint, oil stick and enamel on canvas, 245 x 198.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Mim Stirling

Charles Mouyat, ‘Matt Kean, NSW Minister for Environment and Energy’. Oil on canvas, 122 x 122 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Nick Stathopoulos, ‘Ngaiire’. Acrylic and oil on linen, 99 x 99 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Claus Stangl, ‘L-Fresh the Lion’. Acrylic on canvas, 200 x 150 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Marc Etherington, ‘Sleeping beauty (portrait of Michael Reid OAM)’. Acrylic on canvas, 221 x 191 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

James Powditch, ‘Once upon a time in Marrickville – Anthony Albanese’. Acrylic on paper and board, 190 x 190 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Abdul Abdullah, ‘Untitled self-portrait’. Oil and aerosol on linen, 183 x 163 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Alex Thorby, ‘Portrait of Will’. Oil on board, 31 x 21.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Scott Marsh, ‘Salute of gentle frustration’. Spray paint, acrylic, enamel, oil pastel on canvas, 142.5 x 95.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Nick Santoro, ‘Phanos at the Yeezy store’. Acrylic on board with hand-painted timber frame, 42. x 37cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Katherine Edney, ‘David, Teena and the black dog’. Oil on canvas, 201.5 x 92.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Justine Muller, ‘Jack Mundey’. Mixed media on canvas, 171.5 x 156 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Craig Ruddy, ‘Dark emu – portrait of Bruce Pascoe’. Acrylic, oil, charcoal and varnish on canvas, 216 x 170 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Thea Anamara Perkins, ‘Poppy Chicka’. Acrylic on clayboard, 40.5 x 30.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Neil Tomkins and Digby Webster, ‘Ernest brothers’. Acrylic on canvas, 63.5 x 104.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Emily Crockford, ‘Self-portrait with Daddy in the daisies, watching the field of planes.’ Acrylic on canvas, 198 x 84 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Tsering Hannaford, ‘Self-portrait after “Allegory of painting”‘. Oil on board, 93.5 x 77.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Jenni Carter

Paul Newton, ‘Maggie Tabberer 2020’. Oil on linen, 213.5 x 130.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Kim Leutwyler, ‘Brian with pink, blue and yellow’. Oil on canvas, 122 x 91 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

Jane Guthleben, ‘Annabel, the baker’. Oil on board, 42.5 x 23.5 cm. © the artistCredit:Felicity Jenkins

SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com/news/portraits-of-behrouz-boochani-meyne-wyatt-announced-as-2020-archibald-prize-finalists/?remotepost=283394

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