PS4 800 System Software Update Launch Today


Our latest system software update for PlayStation 4 version 800 is released worldwide today This update includes changes to existing Party and Messages functionality, new avatars, updated parental controls and more

Following this update, Party and Messages will be more closely linked and you will see changes in the user interface Both apps will now use the same ‘groups’ of players for voice chats and group message exchanges , instead of having different groups in the two applications You can now start a group chat or message the group you previously chatted with on PS4, as well as PS5 when it launched

We are expanding the collection of predefined avatars for players to feature on their profile.A range of new avatars from your favorite games will be available including Bloodborne, Journey, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, The Last of Us Part II , The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and many others

We’ve added an option to « Mute all microphones » in the quick menu, so you can easily mute your mics while you play

As part of parental controls, we combine the settings « Communication with other players » and « Display of content created by other players » into one setting – « Communication and user-generated content » – to cover both the areas of communication and UGC sharing This provides a simpler setting that is easier for parents to understand and apply to their children

Additionally, children can send a request to their parents to use communication functions in specific games When a child sends this request, the parent will receive an email notification and can choose to do an exception for this game and allow the child to use its communications and UGC features This will provide more flexibility for parents and children

2-Step Verification (2SV) feature on PS4 will be enhanced to support optional third-party authentication apps during activation flow and 2SV login on PS4, mobile and web

After 800, you will no longer be able to create events or access existing events created by other users

We’re also removing the ability to create private communities in the Community app on PS4 If you already have existing private communities, you can continue to access them

At the same time as 800, the existing PS4 Remote Play app on mobile (iOS / Android), Windows PC and Mac, will change its name to PS Remote Play, and the option to connect to PS5 will be added. Connect to PSN from your PS5 to be able to access the feature, so stay tuned until the PS5 launches in November!

As a reminder, a PS4 system with a wired connection via a LAN cable is recommended to download the update

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« Disable all mics from quick menu » – Finally My headphones don’t have a built-in mute and it drives me crazy when playing online

We have always been able to mute in the group menu itself, but not having to exit the game, enter the group menu, mute and then re-enter the game will be certainly nice
I wonder though if that means we can mute the whole evening (eg if you need to focus) or if it just applies to your mic…

It looks good I still hope to see this PS5 UI and the new features it brings soon

Is there any consideration for updating the PS Vita remote app? I really appreciate having a remote device with physical buttons and still use my Vita every day for this purpose

Being able to switch from a PS4 chat to a PS5 seems a good thing, but also worried about the cross chat between a PS4 part and a PS5 part? Especially games that could / will support intergenerational play

I just completed the update and can’t create a party or anything that displays « WS-44369-6 » wtf ??

And I also can’t invite anyone from my friends list, this indicates that an error has occurred I legitimately can’t do anything

I get an error code every time I try to view my friends list the update was done very quickly but when I returned I couldn’t see my friends list It means I couldn’t invite anyone to a party

I read it – « Remote playback app updates on mobile and PC » which means no update for vita Usually when there is an update of the remote play for ps4 the client also needs to be updated and vita is not mentioned at all

I just updated and now I can’t open parties and get errors for my friends list

Am I missing something or does anyone know where to activate a third-party authenticator app? I can’t find it anywhere

Hey sony I’m afraid I can’t afford a ps5 right now, please let the ps4 live for a few more years… the ps4 is the greatest gaming console ever made plz don’t let it die… 4k is there and the hdr is still alive streaming is here and people are still using the disc… I know with each new generation the last one disappears but this time it’s different Ps4 is one of those things that refuse to die, you created a monster We all know the PS5 will take its place… but I believe you know what I’m justifying because you’ve worked hard to make PS4 games compatible with the PS5… in your heart, you know that even though the ps5 is next gen and incredibly beautiful and amazing, the ps4 will always be the golden child We don’t know what the future holds for the PS5, but the PS4 being the beast that it’s the PS5, it’s hard to keep up… I’m sorry for the hike, but I had to express what I was feeling the next generation let’s go

Did someone check the update before releasing it because it is broken Can’t use messages, friends or party now, nice job Sony

Hey, your new update apparently brocked my friends list I’m logged into psn I’m getting notifications, my profile says I’m online, I can see players by looking under a game icon and i can connect to online services in games But every time i try to load my friends list i get « Unable to load (WS-44369-6) »

Is anyone having trouble starting a group chat or even loading a friends list? My Friends List Keeps Saying, Cannot Load (WS-44369-6)

Hello, I have a weird problem with remote play I have the LG G8 (Android 10) I can connect my Dualshock 4 to my phone via bluetooth without problem But when I go to the Remote Play app, this indicates that remote play with DS4 is not supported on my phone This has been the case since I received the Android 10 update in September Can this be fixed?

I really hope that Remote Play with Dualsense will work on my phone, because I bought this phone specifically for Remote Play with a controller

They forgot to mention the pop-up stating that you may be registered in your group and agree to be registered No way to stop it or refuse the request

Get group chats back to how they were before, it doesn’t matter if you want to listen to me in group chats, but if there is a toxic player in a group chat, I can’t kick them out, all everyone is in that group chat has to go and start another one so the toxic player isn’t in the group chat It’s not that hard to fix, it’s more painful that everyone has to do something thing not to listen to a toxic player, rather than letting someone kick him

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