Should we praise the Mbaise Community for the stunt with George Floyd?


    Nothing can be any more surprising on Nigerian Twitter. This online community has given a platform for users with similar interests to talk about almost anything. While this is remarkable progress, these opportunities to ‘share your ideas and opinions’ have somewhat made levity of some serious issues and events.

    Just recently, Mbaise, a community in Imo, is currently garnering the attention online following the reports of a pastor who took it upon himself to remake a funeral service and reception of George Floyd, the African American man whose death flung the world into charged protests against racial injustices and police brutality.

    A Nigerian pastor has reportedly reburied George Floyd in Mbaise, Imo State, weeks after his burial.

    The clergyman Pastor Humble Okoro, allegedly linked Floyd to Mbaise, a region in Imo State in southeastern Nigeria.

    The clergyman, Pastor Humble Okoro, carried out a funeral service for late George Floyd in Mbaise, Imo after he shared that he had traced his (George Floyd’s) ancestry line back to the Mbaise community.

    Speaking, Pastor Humble said: “I have traced the ancestral root of George Obinna Floyd to Umuoffor kindred in Obokwu obibi Aboh Mbaise Imo State and I feel so happy now that we have reburied him alongside with his ancestors.”

    Pastor Humble and his followers and members of his community also went further to give George an Igbo indigenous name – Obinna, as they paraded an empty casket with photos of George.

    VIDEO: George Floyd Mobile Memorial Hologram to Tour United States, Replacing Confederate Statues via @nationalfile

    While it may appear as one of those things Nigerians do to make noise, it would be interesting to note that, considering the circumstances of George Floyd’s death – 46-year-old Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest as officers accosted him and physically assaulted him to his death in May. He was buried in Houston on June 6. – the actions of the pastor may be considered somewhat insensitive and totally unnecessary.

    Been seeing the George floyd story flying around and I’ve been laughing. I’m from mbaise, nguru precisely, i grew up there and i can clearly tell u that, the environment in those pictures is not in mbaise, look well, u would agree with me that it looms more like a city

    While Pastor Humble and his people, proceeding with a funeral in ‘honor’ of George Floyd may have appealed to some as well as not, to other. On Twitter, however, a few people are sharing their thoughts on the update with many sharing a laugh about it and other expressing lividness to the story.

    When you feel like you’ve seen the most by Nigerians, we find a way to outdo our own ridiculous..

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