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Rapper Ice-T has been classified as « Totally Disrespectful » of Coronvirus disease because of a brutal posting in his father-in-law’s grave.

The holiday season could be a breeze as the US continues to grapple with conflicting strategies in its battle to slow the spread of COVID-19.

American rapper and actor Ice-T shared a brutal photo of his father-in-law online showing that his older relative was a COVID-19 skeptic – until the potentially deadly virus himself struck him.

Law and Order star Ice-T, 62, revealed that his wife Coco Austin’s father was « a serious no-masker. ». . ”

« COVID hit him. Pneumonia in both lungs. 40 days in the intensive care unit shortly before death. Now he’s on oxygen indefinitely. Ohhh, he’s a believer now #COVIDisNotAGame ”, Ice-T signed the close-up photo of his father-in-law lying in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on his face:

It is unclear if Ice-T’s father-in-law agreed to send the tweet to his 1. 8m trailer. The wild tweet sparked mixed reactions from social media users. Some applauded him for highlighting the severity of an illness that had more than 274 so far. 000 Americans were killed.

« If you think you are immune to COVID, believe me, you are not. « . This virus is unpredictable and if you are unlucky it will rip your lungs through your lungs and make you look like Coco’s father on oxygen, ”wrote an ambulance.

“What would make someone post something like this? It reads totally like glee for your own father-in-law. Many “pro-maskers” have experienced the same or a worse fate. We don’t celebrate people getting sick so we can have our « tell you » moment. This is your FAMILY. Gross, ”wrote one person.

Ice-T’s tweet comes when the US approaches 14 million coronavirus cases, by far the most in any country in the world. Although the deadly virus is spiraling out of control in each of the 50 U.S. states, resistance to wearing masks and other simple health measures to limit the spread remains widespread.

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World news – AU – Ice-T’s wild post about virus-infected father-in-law
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