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US President Donald Trump holds a « victory rally » in Georgia amid the aftermath of his telephone conversation with state officials.

President-elect Joe Biden fought in the state ahead of the crucial Senate runoff elections that will determine the balance of power in the Senate.

Almost makes up for the loss of my favorite personal name in US politics, Rep. Denver Riggleman, who retired in the previous election.

This is a broad prediction, but I think it will be very difficult for Democrats to win both seats in Georgia. It’s traditionally a very red state, which is why Joe Biden, who won it on the electoral college, had such a shock.

When these races were held in November, the Republican candidates got more votes than the Democratic ones (there were only more Republicans in the race). . And Democratic voters were motivated to vote * against * Trump in this election, and that’s not there now that Joe Biden won the presidency. Republicans are also generally better at running for these special elections.

Now there are some promising signs for Democrats (good early voting and some momentum in the polls) but they have always been uphill in these races. It won’t be impossible for them to grab both seats, but it will be difficult.

Trump enters the finals section, which is much better for an event before Sept.. November is suitable. It’s strange to hear him keep big, sweeping promises when he leaves office in just over two weeks.

And that’s it from the president. The YMCA starts playing. He pulled out the famous little template that was presented at rallies before the elections.

And he’s making his way back to Marine One, and presumably back to the White House.

Again this very similar stuff to yesterday on the phone call. None of this is backed by evidence. Much of this has already been heard and rejected by the courts.

This is exactly what some Georgia Republicans feared the president might do something at this rally instead of encouraging residents to get out and vote.

I know Trump’s beef is nothing new with Fox News, but it’s still pretty exciting to see America’s largest conservative network get booed by a crowd, just like other outlets like CNN.

I told you Trump plays the hits – he just raised Hillary Clinton and is rattling on the verge of winning over her in 2016. The crowd broke into a « Lock Her Up » chant.

He is « a little angry with him » for publicly declaring that he will not go into any effort to object to the vote of the electoral college.

Ivanka Trump also has the chance to take the stage. In particular, she stayed away from any suggestion that Trump win the state or comment on plans to object to the electoral college’s votes. Ivanka spent most of the short speech discussing the Republican candidates in the runoff election.

Kelly Leoffler, one of the Republican candidates in tomorrow’s runoff election, receives an invitation from Trump to take over the microphone.

She adds to the crowd by promising to oppose the electoral college votes when they are counted in Congress later this week.

After a brief campaign message and a blow to her opponent, Leoffler gives the president back the stage.

The president moved on to a section of his rally that would feel very familiar if you listed any of these sections during the campaign. Threats of « illegal caravans », war against Christians, Supreme Court packing, socialism. The whole.

He’s most excited when he gets off the script, and all that off-script stuff is baseless as to the choice.

« I hope our great Vice President gets through for us, » he said, without explaining exactly what « get through » means.

Most of the opening of Trump’s speech has been spent spreading the same grievances he spoke about in that phone call with the Georgian Foreign Minister.

He also pledged to return to Georgia in 2022 to fight Republican Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

One of the Republican candidates in the runoff election, David Perdue, won’t be attending the rally with Trump tonight.

He is quarantined at home because he was in close contact with an employee who contracted COVID-19. Perdue’s campaign didn’t say how long he wanted to stay in quarantine, but the federal guidelines for disease control say those exposed to the virus can resume normal activities after seven days if they test negative to have.

Instead, Perdue was featured in a recorded message that was delivered to the crowd on a big screen.

By this point, we really have a clue of what Vice President Mike Pence would do in certifying the outcome. The vice president has been rather calm since the elections, despite having fought a few times in Georgia.

Well, Maggie Haberman of the New York Times has more eyes and ears in the White House than anyone else. Haberman reports that Pence is expected to do his duty Thursday, reading the votes of the electoral college. Haberman’s report is based on conversations with aides near Pence, so it’s an equally good indication of where the Vice President is now.

That doesn’t mean we won’t hear the objections in order to be clear. Members of Congress have the right to object, and if they submit the correct materials, Pence has an obligation to allow them to be heard during these two hours of debate.

But it means we shouldn’t expect any extra gimmicks from the vice president. It will be interesting to see how Donald Trump reacts to this, especially given that it has been reported that he will be very unhappy when Pence does his job.

Here is the president’s schedule for tomorrow. Since it has been many days since the elections, he has not listed any events on his public schedule:

I told you all that ABC’s Emily Olson was in Georgia ahead of those crucial runoff elections.

« As the first major election since the loss of Trump, the races are proving to be a crucial test of the long-term future of the Republican Party and whether the outgoing president will maintain his influence over its grassroots, » writes Emily.

Em also spoke to a slew of Republicans and Democrats in the state to see how they believe the race will play out tomorrow. You can read the full story here.

The Georgia warm-up is well underway, but the president hasn’t arrived yet.

We just got from Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberley Guilfoyle is owned. I’ll let you know when Donald Trump shows up himself.

Supporters of President Donald Trump have been warned not to bring arms to protest against Congress confirming his election defeat Thursday, and hundreds of National Guard troops have been called in to help maintain order.

« We have received some information that there are people who intend to bring firearms into our city and who simply will not be tolerated, » said Robert Contee, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, at a press conference at City Hall, adding, someone who found it or provoked violence would be arrested.

More than 300 troops will be available to assist the city government, crowd control, and support fire and rescue services, the DC National Guard said in a statement Monday. They will be escorted by the US Capitol Police, US Park Police and the US Secret Service, Contee said.

The district has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States, prohibiting the open carrying of guns or the possession of a pistol without a local license.

Thousands of Trump supporters, including some far-right nationalist groups who openly bear arms in protests elsewhere, are expected to gather in the U.S. capital starting Tuesday to seek congressional confirmation of the president’s loss to the election Oppose Democrat Joe Biden.

Contee said the protests could be larger than the knife-stabbed and brawling rallies in November and December, when hundreds of members of the far-right Proud Boys and other Trump loyalists clashed with counter-protesters and sought fights with antifa or anti-protesters. Fascists and activists of the Black Lives Matter.

Washington DC Mayor Mureil Bowser has asked residents and counter-demonstrators to avoid the marches in order to keep the peace.

Not tomorrow! All the rules that were in place in November also apply here. It’s going to be tight, and the huge number of early polls and emails due to the COVID-19 pandemic means the counting won’t be quick. That Red Mirage / Blue Shift that experts warned about last year will be back:

I just heard from a reporter for a US network who flew to Georgia this week to share the results. She hasn’t even booked a return flight because no one knows when the results will be final. You have to bring your patience.

Regardless of what some corners of the internet are saying, what Pence has to do on Thursday is really very simple, or whoever steps into that role when he doesn’t.

That’s all. You don’t count the votes. You have no power to ignore the results. You have no power to unilaterally order new elections. Nothing.

All you have to do is take the slip of paper and announce that Joe Biden won the electoral college by 306 votes to 232.

All objections must be raised by Congressmen, and then it is up to the majority whether those objections exist or not.

The vice-president-elect stopped to answer a few questions from reporters while she retired some time ago to pick up a dinner at a restaurant. Harris is in Washington DC right now.

She was also asked how she plans to find common ground with Republicans who will object to the electoral college vote.

« When Joe Biden and I come on Nov.. To be inaugurated on January 1st – and we will be, and Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States and I will be the next Vice President of the United States – we are determined to work with everyone. « Leaders, regardless of who they voted for, to tackle issues like what we need to do to support our small businesses and reopen them, » she said.

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World News – AU – Live: « Won’t like him that much »: Trump dives into the heat on pence to overthrow elections
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