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The television show The Block has outraged experts and heritage residents after one of the five suburban homes in Melbourne it bought for the upcoming season was demolished.

Block buyer Nicole Jacobs had sent the residents a letter saying: « The buyer doesn’t want to tear down any of the properties, but rather renovate them to a very high standard. «  »

Heritage advocates and neighbors are furious that the Bayside home has been gutted this week and removed one more time.

But the show’s creator, Julian Cress, made no apologies, saying, « Any renovation or expansion requires demolition.

The demolished home was designed for The Small Homes Service, a project affiliated with respected Victorian architect Robin Boyd that brought good design to Melbourne’s housing development after World War II.

Jamie Paterson, operations manager for the Robin Boyd Foundation, said reassurance had been asked to protect the « perfect » house just so bulldozers could move in on Monday.

« We had talked to the producers on The Block and they said, ‘We are renovating houses, we are not demolishing and this show was very popular because people appreciate what you can do with houses from different eras, » he said.

« But now they have demolished one and almost demolished a second.  »

Mr Paterson said a house on the street designed by Boyd’s successor as director of the Small Home Service, the great Victorian architect Neil Clerehan, had also been « torn apart ». .

The house was mentioned but not protected in a 2008 Bayside Heritage study as the local council has not formalized a register for over 20 years.

Matthew Cripps, Bayside Council development and town planner, said no planning permission was required to demolish the home.

« The Bayside Planning Scheme does not require planning permission to demolish or build individual homes on blocks larger than 500 square meters, » he said.

« As none of the Bronte Court lots are listed, building permits are not required. «  »

A Bronte resident told Herald Sun: « Certainly their plans seem to have changed, even though they came about two weeks ago and told us that it would just be a matter of keeping the existing one and renovating it. « . «  »


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The Block, Melbourne

World News – AU – The block’s latest move causes outrage

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