World news – A sudden outage on the PlayStation Network causes brief panic


The internet has definitely made the world smaller, but it comes at a price. Being an internet addict culture means that when internet services go down, many have no choice but to sit outside and wait for things to hopefully turn green sooner rather than later. This is especially true for critical services like email and search, but even games can be blocked these days if the remote server goes down. This appears to be the case with Sony’s PlayStation Network, which has suffered a sudden and unexplained outage on many of its services.

Long gone are the days when consoles and games could also be played outside the network. While many games don’t even have online gameplay, sometimes even a short internet connection is required to log in or review the game before you can play. Not only does this require an internet connection, it also requires a remote server that can actually be accessed.

For almost an hour, this was not the case with PlayStation Network. Players on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 reported errors when trying to launch games that required PSN check-in. As it turned out, it wasn’t just them, it was a server-wide problem for Sony.

The PSN status page was previously displayed in red on all available services, from Account Management to PlayStation Store. That meant users couldn’t create new accounts or buy games while the server was up. Worse, it also affected games and social networks, so some games wouldn’t even start.

PSN is up and running again, but not until the internet and gamers have tried to figure out what happened. The current theory is that this was due to unannounced server maintenance that failed, causing players to wish they had been informed beforehand that maintenance was planned at all. Sony has yet to acknowledge, let alone explain, what happened.