World news – According to study results, many patients suffer from persistent illnesses after Covid





Allison Bray

The lingering effects of Covid-19 can track even those who experienced mild symptoms of the virus – women under 60 are most at risk – according to a new study by researchers at Trinity College The first global study evaluating lung function and respiratory symptoms in patients with a variety of symptoms after contracting the virus found that common post-infection symptoms such as fatigue, illness and shortness of breath “did not correlate with severity the initial infection « . The published study entitled « Persistent Poor Health Post-Covid-19 is not associated with respiratory complications or the severity of the initial illness » sheds new light on lung health after infection with Covid-19.

The research below led by Dr. Liam Townsend, a research fellow in the Department of Clinical Medicine at Trinity College and St. James’s Hospital, is the largest study of lung assessment and imaging to date after Covid.

The researchers examined 153 patients who were followed up in an outpatient department for a mean period of 75 days after their initial diagnosis. The virus does not appear to cause significant fibrosis or scarring of the lungs, which was only seen in 4 percent of participants.

However, the study found that the majority of patients – 62 percent – felt they had contracted the Virus not being completely healthy again.

About 47 percent said they felt tired, but « no disease-related traits were associated with the development of fatigue ».




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