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Here’s the latest for Monday the 4th. January: Trump was taped on the phone, pressuring Georgian officials to count votes; House management chosen; Church shooting in Texas; Landslide in Norway.

RITA FOLEY: This is « AP News Minute ». « In an audio recording of a phone call, President Trump can be heard suggesting that Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger should take action 11. 780 votes to be found. Georgia officials informed the president that their number of votes was correct and that his claims he won were based on debunked theories and selectively edited videos.

The Democrat Nancy Pelosi narrowly won re-election as Speaker of the House. The Republicans voted for Kevin McCarthy, who will continue to lead the House minority.

Authorities in East Texas say a Church pastor was shot dead and two other people wounded on Sunday. A 21-year-old man was arrested. He is charged with murder and first degree crime.

Rescue workers are still looking for survivors after a landslide plowed through a village in Norway. Up to seven people are missing. Rita Foley, the Associated Press, with AP News Minute. « 

The first time a black woman served as the lead voice of the presidency was in 1991, when Judy Smith served as assistant secretary for President George H. stepped behind the podium. W.. . bush.

As Indonesia prepares to begin mass vaccination against COVID-19, its plan to prioritize working-age adults over older people in order to quickly achieve herd immunity and revitalize the economy is being closely monitored by other countries. Several countries, such as the US and UK, which have already started vaccinating, are giving priority to older people who are more prone to respiratory diseases. Indonesia, which plans to start mass vaccination with a vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotech of China, says it still does not have enough data on the vaccine’s efficacy in the elderly as clinical trials are underway in the country between the ages of 18 and 59.

Sen. . Lindsey Graham (R-S. C.. . ) was one of the most famous names alongside Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla. ) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark. ) who were not on the list of GOP senators who wanted to object to the certification of the electoral college next week. On Sunday, Graham responded to his colleagues’ decision and didn’t seem convinced that this was the right move. While not as haunting in his criticism as Sens. Pat Toomey (R-Pa. ), Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Ben Sasse (R-Neb. ), Graham said it appears that calling for an investigation into unsubstantiated allegations of widespread electoral fraud is « more of a political evasive action than an effective remedy » for the situation, especially at such a late stage. The senator said he looked forward to hearing the arguments of his colleagues, including Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Tex. ) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo. ) and added that he would « listen carefully » but « they have a high bar to clarify. « In order for Graham to be convinced that it is worth questioning President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Republican lawmakers must prove their electoral fraud charges and show that state and federal courts should have responded to electoral fraud claims and that These measures were taken could have changed the outcome of the presidential elections in certain states. > You must also demonstrate that the failure to take corrective action to combat electoral fraud changed the voting results of those states and ultimately the election results. >> – Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) 3. January 2021More stories from the week. com Trump’s official schedule says he will « make lots of calls and hold lots of meetings » on Monday. Fears are mounting over Indonesia’s Jurassic Park Trump, which is reportedly awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to GOP ally Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan

In an extraordinary reprimand from President Donald Trump on Sunday, all ten living former defense ministers warned against any attempt to involve the military in prosecuting electoral fraud, arguing that doing so would lead the country into « dangerous, illegal and unconstitutional territory » would. The 10 men, both Democrats and Republicans, signed an opinion piece published in the Washington Post that implicitly questioned Trump’s willingness to discharge his constitutional duty to peacefully relinquish power to Jan. 20th. After Nov. . 3 Elections and subsequent recounts in some states as well as unsuccessful legal challenges, the result is clear, they wrote, without specifying Trump in the article.

Mexican authorities said they are investigating the case of a 32-year-old doctor who was hospitalized after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. The doctor, whose name is not yet known, was admitted to the intensive care unit of a public hospital in the northern state of Nuevo Leon after seizures, breathing difficulties and a rash. « The first diagnosis is encephalomyelitis, » the Ministry of Health said in a statement released on Friday evening.

Before killing himself on Christmas morning and damaging more than 40 buildings in downtown Nashville, Anthony Warner « sent materials bearing his views to several acquaintances across the country, » FBI special agent Jason Pack said over the weekend across from The Tennessean. He declined to elaborate on what these packages contained, and police officers have not disclosed any motive Warner may have had for detonating explosives in his RV. The Christmas morning explosion killed Warner, wounded three other people and severely damaged the AT&T building, restricting internet and mobile service in five states. « Warner’s father had worked for AT&T, and that connection was one of the possible motivations that caught law enforcement’s attention early, » reports USA Today. Other possible motifs are a little more fantastic. Of the more than 40 buildings damaged in the blast, 10 are considered unsafe for use and occupancy, and at least two must be demolished, Metro Nashville officials said. More stories from the week. com Trump’s official schedule says he will « make lots of calls and hold lots of meetings » on Monday. Fears are mounting over Indonesia’s Jurassic Park Trump, which is reportedly awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to GOP ally Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan

All 10 living former defense ministers have warned and warned President Trump not to involve the military in prosecuting election fraud cases. They argue that doing so would lead the country into « dangerous, illegal and unconstitutional territory ». ”

A small Georgia plane crashed into a house in southeast Michigan, killing the pilot and two family members. The victims were David S. . Compo, the former president of the Home Builders Association in southeast Michigan, his wife Michele and their son Dawson, said the association in a press release. The Federal Aviation Administration said a single-engine Piper PA-24 Comanche was out at around 3pm. Crashed at 47 o’clock in a residential area. m. Saturday, approximately half a mile from Oakland Southwest Airport, according to preliminary data.

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), didn’t report any local coronavirus cases for the first time in nearly three weeks on Monday as Sydney battled multiple outbreaks and authorities asked tens of thousands of people to test themselves allow. NSW’s daily test numbers are up from a high of about 70 in the past two days. 000 on Christmas Day in December to around 20. 000 dropped. 25th. The vast majority of tests take place in the state capital, Sydney.

A Malaysian coroner ruled Monday that the death of Franco-Irish teenage girl Nora Quoirin was most likely a « mishap » not caused by a third party and ruled against her family’s claims that she must have been abducted. Coroner Maimoonah Aid told a Malaysian court that « no one was involved in Nora’s death » in August 2019 at a resort outside the capital, Kuala Lumpur. The 15-year-old, who lived in London, was missing in the thick rainforest while she and her family recovered from jet lag after arriving at Dusun Resort near the foothills of a mountain range. Local police insisted there was no bad game when her bare body was found ten days later after a search involving hundreds of people, helicopters and sniffer dogs. An autopsy revealed that Nora was likely to have starved and died of internal bleeding. But the parents of the teen, who was born with holoprosencephaly, a disorder that affects brain development and causes learning difficulties and balance disorders, claimed she never climbed out the window of her vacation chalet and wandered out in the middle of the night.

Congressional ear tags – also known as « Pork Barrel Spending » – may be coming back. For decades, funding has been given to pet projects in the legislature’s districts with the tacit goal of gaining those legislative votes. In return, the awards encouraged lawmakers to vote for high spending. They have long been viewed as wasteful and uncomfortable by many members of the public as well as some lawmakers and banned in 2011. Now, after the 2020 elections, the House Democrats appear to have decided to get back to practice. Maryland Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced on Nov.. known. 20 that the Grants Committee will soon begin filing applications from members for ear tags, with a focus on projects that would benefit nonprofits and state and local governments. Although the Senate appears to be more committed to its ban, Senate Chairman Richard Shelby, Republican of Alabama, and other Senate Republicans and Democrats are also receptive to reviving the earmarking. Federal spending bills usually allocate an amount of money for general purposes and are often passed on to federal officials or heads of state to help determine which specific projects best meet the overall goals. Ear tags are specific instructions from Congress that cut out part of that budget and directly state that X money must be spent on Y projects. Before 2011, and until 2007, more and more funds were included in the funds and motorway financing bills. While ear tags have been condemned as frivolous at best and corrupt at worst, research into their use and impact gives a more complex picture of their dynamics. My own research, as well as that of Frances Lee, shows that such projects helped the heads of the Transportation Committee pass three massive highway bills and overcome major political controversies. “Stink of Corruption” Nevertheless, ear tags have strong opponents. Then-Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mon. , referred to as Eartag in 2018, “the Washington swamp creature that just never seems to die. « For supporters, however, ear tags are better viewed as a legitimate use of the constitutional power of Congress. And it is no coincidence that members can benefit from bringing the bacon home in the next election. Since 2018, many have spoken out in favor of a return to earmarking in order to lubricate the wheels of the middle bills. Pro-earmarking arguments came from members of both parties in Congress and from President Donald Trump. The current momentum among House Democrats could also be driven by their losses in the 2020 elections. The new Democratic majority currently stands at 222 versus 211 Republicans, with two seats still tied. Given that the President’s party almost always loses seats in mid-term elections, Democrats could lose their majority overall in the 2022 congressional election. Ear tags could help vulnerable Democrats increase their support among the electorate back home. How to Pass Bills Efforts to revive earmarking in recent years have been driven by an additional factor: the near-complete inability of Congress to pass individual expense bills in time since the ban was passed. As part of the normal fundraising process, Congress would approve 12 separate spending bills each year. This process is intended to give the legislature the opportunity to review the expenses in each invoice before voting. The reality is different. Data compiled by the Pew Research Center shows that only a single budget was enacted between the 2011 funding ban and fiscal year 2018, instead of the 84 budgets Congress should have passed. The bills for individual funds have also developed poorly in recent years. Instead, Congress has funded government agencies with massive omnibus budgets and rolling part-year and year-round resolutions so that members have virtually no knowledge of what they were voting for. This breakdown of the regular appropriation process coincides exactly with the earmarked moratorium, although the process prior to the 2011 moratorium did not always go smoothly. My own research shows that between 1994 and 2000, when Congress shifted from Democratic to Republican control, the ear tags that once led members to vote for budget bills gradually dwindled. Partiality could undermine the effectiveness of ear tags. My interviews with staff on the committee suggested several reasons for this decreased effectiveness. According to one employee, the fact that the votes were “increasingly cast on highly stressed political issues” had to be emphasized. The senators had to vote in part on these issues regardless of the ear tags. Another employee blamed the leaders’ failure to punish disloyal members by removing their ear tags. This employee said, “People are not ashamed. You agree no and take the dough. “It’s hard to predict how the return to pork keg spending would work today. For ear tags to be effective tools, members may need to vote against their own or their party’s preferences. Their willingness to do so would undoubtedly depend in part on the consequences of the election. As political scientist David Mayhew has argued, members believe that by bringing in home district benefits, they are getting something to get credit for, which increases their chances of re-election and gives congressional leaders a chance to influence their votes. However, the evidence for this effect is nuanced. Earmarks can help members win re-election, especially when members apply for credit for them. However, there is evidence that voters are more likely to reward Democrats than Republicans. This is not entirely surprising, as the ear tags are in line with Democrats’ commitment to activist government, while for Republicans who are committed to minimizing government costs, bringing ear tags might be considered hypocritical. These differences could help explain why, in my research, those responsible had less control over the votes of members at Republican-controlled conventions. « Gateway Drug » The negative effects of earmarking on Republicans may have intensified. For the past two decades, ear tag critics have classified them as a monstrous government waste. The late Sen. . John McCain, for example, called ear tags “the gateway to corruption and overspending. But excessive spending is in the eye of the beholder. In its prime, funds amounted to roughly 3% of the discretionary budget, which is roughly a third of total federal spending. (Discretionary spending is money that Congress has direct control over, unlike Social Security or Medicare, for example. As a result of the 2007 ear tag reform, the reforms that the Democrats want to keep, ear tag spending dropped to 1. 3% of the budget. Ear tags are prone to other criticisms as well, not the least of which is the disproportionate portion given to the states and counties of the most powerful members. In addition, the majority party receives disproportionately more ear tags than the minority, although the minority receives enough to make it difficult for them to use ear tags as a campaign problem. As Congress wrestles with the process of passing bills for individual funds, Congress leaders stand ready to re-allow funds in bills for funds to facilitate the passage of bills and protect vulnerable Democrats in the election. This is an updated version of an article originally published on Jan.. March 2018. This article was republished by The Conversation, a non-profit news site dedicated to exchanging ideas from academic experts. It was written by: Diana Evans, Trinity College. Read More: * Black Candidates Can Win In Swing Districts * Why Retired Generals Seldom Run Pentagon Diana Evans, don’t work for a company or organization that would benefit from this article, and don’t receive funding or publish relevant information Affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

With a little over two weeks in President Trump’s presidency, the White House is still releasing its daily schedule, but the schedules keep sounding « weird and weird, » noted CNN’s Kevin Liptak on Sunday night. He pointed out the guidance on how Trump will spend Monday before heading to Georgia to campaign for incumbent Republicans in Tuesday’s Senate special election. « President Trump will work from early in the morning until late at night, » the White House said late Sunday. « He’s going to make a lot of calls and have a lot of meetings. « > This is a new addition to the President’s daily schedule >> » President Trump will work from early in the morning until late at night. He will make many calls and have many meetings. « Picture. Twitter. com / mv2XihwKIN >> – Ben Jacobs (@Bencjacobs) 4. January 2021 There is a clear mood in Trump’s official schedule that the book was not read, but we also know thanks to Georgia’s Foreign Minister and Trump’s Twitter feed that Trump is working these days and calling people is his damn effort, his Loss to overcome in November. 3 choice. The man who defeated him, President-elect Joe Biden, is also traveling to Georgia to camp, his office said on Sunday. Biden may have meetings and phone calls scheduled for Monday too, but that didn’t stick to his schedule. > Here is Biden’s schedule for tomorrow. picture. Twitter. com / ldJ7SJznyP >> – Daniel Dale (@ ddale8) 4. January 2021More stories from the week. com Fears are rising over Indonesia’s Jurassic Park Trump, which reportedly GOP allies Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan Paul Ryan and Dick Cheney, 9 ex-defense secretaries, launched « anti-conservative » GOP efforts to overturn Biden’s victory p> gives
Claims filed on behalf of two men shot dead by an Illinois teenager during a night of protests against a police shootout in Kenosha, Wisconsin, allege the city and Kenosha County were negligent in their actions Riots responded. The seriously wounded Gaige Grosskreutz and the parents of the slain Anthony Huber each submitted 10 million US dollars to the city and the district. The notices are usually precursors to lawsuits against local governments.

The variant of coronavirus circulating in South Africa could be resistant to the vaccine, a leading expert has suggested, but stressed that developing a new sting could only take six weeks if necessary. Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University, said his « gut feeling » was that the vaccines already in operation would be effective against the new British strain, first identified in Kent. But he added, « I don’t know about the South African strain – I think that’s a big question mark. « South Africa was suspended last week after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the new variant 501. V2 appeared to be more « contagious » than the virus that circulated in the first wave. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Jan.. December that two cases of the South African tribe were identified in Great Britain. The cases and their contacts have been quarantined and the government has placed strict restrictions on travel out of South Africa. At 4. On January 1st, he said he was « incredibly concerned » about the South African variant of the coronavirus. « This is a very, very important problem, » he said.

In public, American officials have stated they do not believe that Russian SVR intelligence « pierced » classified systems and stole sensitive communications and plans during an alleged cyberattack on hundreds of networks in the US, the New York Times reports. But privately, the Times said, the same officials allegedly say they are still unsure of what exactly was or was not being taken. There are concerns that the SVR – that of the U. . S.. . Intelligence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are confident that behind the violation, although President Trump suspects that China may have been involved instead of Moscow – he has gotten his hands on sensitive, if unclassified, information from victims like the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to get. For example, it is reportedly possible that the hackers accessed Black Start, the detailed technical blueprints for the U. . S.. . would restore power in the event of a major power outage. If it were indeed the case, Russia would theoretically have a list of systems it could target to prevent power from being turned back on. The Times report sheds more light on the cyberattack, which may not be fully understood for months or even years. Some of the revelations include the fact that the scope of the hack appears to be much wider than originally thought and that the hackers « managed their intrusion from servers inside the U ». S.. . by « taking advantage of legal prohibitions of the National Security Agency. « Read more in the New York Times. More stories from the week. com Trump’s official schedule says he will « make lots of calls and hold lots of meetings » on Monday. Fears are mounting over Indonesia’s Jurassic Park Trump, which is reportedly awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to GOP ally Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan

DUBAI / LONDON (Reuters) – Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps seized a South Korean flag tanker in Gulf waters, Iranian media said Monday, amid tensions between Tehran and Seoul, Iranian funds were frozen at South Korean banks because of U. . S.. . Sanctions. Several Iranian media outlets, including Iranian state television, said the Guards Navy captured the ship for polluting the Gulf with chemicals. The semi-official Tasnim news agency released pictures showing what it identified as Guards speedboats escorting the tanker HANKUK CHEMI, which allegedly ran on Sept.. Transported 200 tons of ethanol.

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