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As an investor, it pays to ensure that your overall portfolio outperforms the market average. The risk of choosing stocks, however, is that you are likely to buy poorly performing companies. Unfortunately, this was the case with longer-term shareholders of AVJennings Limited (ASX: AVJ), as the share price has fallen 29% over the past three years and has fallen well below the market return of around 21%. . There was little consolation to shareholders last week as the price continued to decline 1. 9%.

To paraphrase Benjamin Graham, in the short term the market is a voting machine, but in the long term it is a Libra. By comparing earnings per share (EPS) and how the stock price has changed over time, we can get a sense of how investor attitudes towards a company have changed over time.

For the three years that its share price fell, AVJennings’ earnings per share (EPS) fell 38% each year. This drop in EPS is worse than the average annual price drop of 11%. This suggests that despite previous EPS declines, the market remains optimistic about long-term earnings stability.

Below you can see how the EPS has changed over time (find out the exact values ​​by clicking the picture). .

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Investors should note that there is a difference between AVJennings’ Total Shareholder Return (TSR) and the change in share price described above. The TSR seeks to capture the value of dividends (as if they were reinvested) as well as any spin-offs or discounted capital increases offered to shareholders. Because of the dividend payout, AVJennings’ TSR, which is down 18% over the past three years, wasn’t as bad as its stock price return.

AVJennings shareholders are down 14% over the year, but the market itself is up 3%. 8th%. Be aware, however, that even the best stocks can sometimes underperform the market over a twelve month period. Long term investors wouldn’t be so upset as they would have made 5% every year over five years. If the fundamentals continue to point to long-term sustainable growth, the current sell-off could be an opportunity to consider. It is always interesting to follow the share price development over the long term. However, to better understand AVJennings we need to consider many other factors. Such as risks. Every company has them, and we’ve spotted two warning signs (one of which is significant!) For AVJennings that you should know about.

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Please note that the market returns reported in this article reflect the market weighted average returns on stocks currently traded on AU exchanges.

This article from Simply Wall St is of a general nature. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell shares and does not take into account your goals or your financial situation. We want to provide you with a long-term, focused analysis based on fundamental data. Note that our analysis may not take into account the latest price sensitive company announcements or quality materials. Simply Wall St has no position in the stocks mentioned. Do you have any feedback on this article? Concerned about the content? Contact us. Alternatively, you can also send an email to the editorial team (at) simplywallst. com.

We opened a new page in the calendar, Old Man 20 is out and there is a feeling that 21 is going to be a good year – and so far, so good. The markets closed 2020 with modest session profits to cap larger annual profits. The S&P 500 rose 16% during the coronavirus crisis year, while the NASDAQ, with its strong tech representation, posted an impressive annual gain of nearly 43%. The advent of two viable COVID vaccines is fueling a surge in general optimism. Wall Street’s top analysts have their eyes fixed on the stock markets and have found the gems that investors should seriously consider this new year. These are analysts with 5-star ratings from the TipRanks database who point to stocks with strong buy ratings. In short, this is where investors can expect stock growth over the next 12 months. According to analysts, we are talking about a return of at least 70% over the next 12 months. ElectraMeccanica Vehicles (SOLO) electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek alternatives to the traditional gasoline engine. While electric vehicles simply relocate the source of combustion from under the hood to the power station, they offer real advantages for the driver: They offer higher acceleration, more torque and are more energy efficient and convert up to 60% of their battery energy into forward motion. These advantages gradually outweigh the disadvantages of shorter range and expensive battery packs as EV technology improves. ElectraMeccanica, a small-cap manufacturer based in British Columbia, is the designer and marketer of the Solo, a single-seat three-wheel electric vehicle for the urban commuter market. Technically, the Solo is classified as an electric motorcycle – but it’s fully closed, has a door on either side, has a trunk, air conditioning, and Bluetooth connectivity, and it can travel up to 100 miles 80 on a single charge miles per hour. The charging time is short with less than 3 hours and the price for the vehicle is under 20. $ 000. Starting in the third quarter of 2020, the company made its first vehicle delivery in the US and expanded into six additional urban markets in the US, including San Diego, California, Scottsdale, and Glendale, Arizona. ElectraMeccanica also opened four new stores in the United States – two in Los Angeles, one in Scottsdale and one in Portland, OR. The company has also started developing and marketing a fleet version of the Solo to target the commercial fleet and rental car markets from the first half of this year. Craig Irwin, 5-star analyst at Roth Capital, is impressed with the potential applications of SOLO in the fleet market. He wrote about the opening: “We believe the pandemic is a tailwind for fast food chains looking for better delivery options. Chains try to avoid third party delivery costs and offset the operator’s impact on brand identity. company vehicles. The range of 100 miles, the low running costs and the standard telematics of the SOLO make the vehicle a good choice in our opinion, especially if location data can be integrated into a chain’s kitchen software. We wouldn’t be surprised if SOLO made some big chain announcements after clients validate plans. Irwin gives SOLO a buy rating backed by its $ 12. 25 Price target that implies an upside potential of 98% for the stock in 2021. (To see Irwin’s track record, click here. ) Speculative technology is popular on Wall Street, and ElectraMeccanica fits that bill well. The company has 3 recent reviews and they are all buys, which makes the analyst consensus a unanimous strong buy. The price of shares is $ 6. 19 and have an average goal of $ 9. 58, making the year-long upward trend 55%. (See SOLO stock analysis on TipRanks) Nautilus Group (NLS) The Washington state-based fitness equipment maker posted massive stock gains in 2020 as its stocks rose more than 900% over the year, including some of the most recent Collapses in stock value. Nautilus won when social lockdown guidelines went into effect and gyms closed to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19. The company, which owns major home fitness brands like Bowflex, Schwinn, and the Nautilus of the same name, provided home fitness fans the equipment needed to stay in shape. The stock’s appreciation accelerated in the second half of 20, after the company’s revenues recovered from losses in the first quarter due to the “Corona Recession”. Revenue for the second quarter reached $ 114 million, up 22% from the previous quarter. In the third quarter, revenue hit $ 155, a sequential gain of 35% and a massive gain of 151% year over year. The result was just as strong with the third quarter of USD 1. 04 The earnings per share were well above the 30 cent loss of the same quarter of the previous year. 5-star analyst Mark Smith watches this stock for Lake Street Capital and is bullish on this stock. Smith is particularly aware of the recent price decline and notes that the stock has now peaked – making it attractive to investors. “Nautilus reported blowout results for the third quarter of 20 with strength across the portfolio. We believe the company has orders and backlog to generate high sales and profits over the next few quarters, and we believe the movement of consumers’ home behavior has fundamentally changed. We would view the recent withdrawal as a buying opportunity, ”said Smith. Smith’s target price of $ 40 supports his buy recommendation and indicates a robust upside of 120% for a year. (To see Smith’s track record, click here. Strong Buy’s unanimous consensus rating shows Wall Street agrees with Smith on Nautilus’ potential. The stock has 4 current ratings and all of them are for sale. The stock closed 2020 at a price of $ 18. 14 and the average goal of $ 30. 25 suggests the stock has room for upward growth of ~ 67% in 2021. (See NLS stock analysis on TipRanks) KAR Auction Services (KAR) Last but not least, KAR Auction Services, an auto auction company that operates online and physical marketplaces to connect buyers and sellers. Selling to both commercial buyers and individual consumers, KAR offers vehicles for a variety of uses: commercial fleets, personal travel, and even the second-part market. In 2019, the last year for which full year numbers are available, KAR sold 3. 7 million vehicles for $ 2. A total of 8 billion auction revenues. The ongoing corona crisis, with its social lockdown policies, has dampened car travel and reduced demand for used vehicles in all market segments. KAR stock was down 13% in a year of volatile trading in 2020. In its most recent report for the third quarter of 20, the company had sales of $ 593. 6 million, a decrease of over 15% from last year. However, the third quarter earnings declined less at 23 cents per share (11% year-on-year) and showed a strong sequential recovery after the EPS loss in the second quarter of 25 cents. As the new vaccines promise an end to the COVID pandemic later this year and the lifting of lockdown and local travel restrictions, the medium to long-term outlook for the used car market and for KAR auctions analyst Stephanie Benjamin is improving, according to Truist. The 5-star analyst noted, “Our estimates now assume that volume recovery will be in 2021 vs.. . 4Q20 according to our previous estimates… Overall, we believe that the results of the third quarter show that KAR is implementing the initiatives it controls well, in particular improving its cost structure and switching to a purely digital auction model. Looking ahead, she adds, “… Car loan and lease arrears and defaults have increased and we believe they will serve as a significant tailwind in 2021 with the resumption of repo operations. In addition, repo vehicles generally require additional services that should result in a higher RPU. This influx of supply should also help ease the used price environment and encourage dealers to fill their lots, which remain at a three-year low from an inventory standpoint. In line with these comments, Benjamin sets a price target of $ 32, implying a high upside of 71% for the stock for a year, and rates KAR as a buy. (To see Benjamin’s track record, click here. ) Wall Street is generally ready to speculate on the future of KAR. This is evident from recent reviews which split 5 to 1 buy to hold and the analyst’s consensus turns into a strong buy. KAR sells for $ 18. 61 and its $ 24. The average target price of 60 suggests there is room to grow 32% from that level. (See KAR stock analysis on TipRanks. ) To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of TipRanks’ stock insights. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the presented analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment.

After the big stock market rally in 2020, you will find lessons for 2021 here. Tesla shipments hit nearly 500. 000. Sales of Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto were booming. Look at 25 stocks in buy zones.

Buying a stock is easy, but buying the right stock without a proven strategy is incredibly difficult. What are the best stocks to buy or watch on right now?

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(Bloomberg) – Apple Inc.. . The Foxconn Technology Group is in talks to invest in the competitive Chinese electric vehicle startup Byton Ltd. in a deal that, according to those familiar with the matter, could mean a big iPhone fitter bet on the auto manufacturing business. Foxconn, whose main branch is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. . plans an investment of around $ 200 million and the companies aim to begin mass production of the Byton M-Byte by the first quarter of 2022, one respondent said, declining to be named to discuss information that is not yet available are public. The pact could be announced on Monday, people said. Such a deal, if it did happen, would represent a lifeline for Byton, who is struggling to produce its first vehicle after unveiling its M-Byte concept car a few years ago. Foxconn, based in Taiwan, is also talking to other Chinese electric car manufacturers about possible collaborations, another person said. Foxconn officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Byton declined to comment. Tech companies are increasingly investing money in the development of next-generation cars, including all-electric vehicles and associated intelligent technologies such as autonomous driving and car-to-car communication systems. Foxconn is the main manufacturing partner for Apple, which is reportedly considering developing its own self-driving car. Foxconn also seeks to diversify a business that depends on the U.. S.. . Smartphone giant for half of its sales. Tesla supplier in early 2020, Hon Hai announced a plan to set up a joint venture with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV to develop and manufacture electric vehicles in China, but it will not be involved in any assembly itself. In October, the Taiwanese company unveiled its first electric vehicle chassis, as well as an open software platform that enables EV manufacturers to bring models to market faster. The first developer kit will be delivered from April. The Foxconn Group has supplied parts to other major automakers, including Tesla Inc. . « The electric vehicle business will do very well in the first half of 2021, » said Young Liu, chairman of Hon Hai, at a corporate event in Taipei last month. Hon Hai shares rose Monday morning after analysts at JPMorgan and Wedbush forecast robust iPhone sales and rose nearly 8% in afternoon trading. Byton, one of the most famous Chinese EV startups, had a tough 2020. In July, all domestic operations were suspended and employees laid off after the coronavirus pandemic made it harder to get business going. This suspension has now been extended to June. Even before Covid-19, the company struggled to meet the announced deadlines for the manufacture and delivery of its first model. Car reservations are still accepted on the company’s website. Byton was founded by former managers of BMW AG and was originally called Future Mobility Corp. . , had around 1 June. 000 employees in China and about 500 elsewhere, including the U. . S.. . Investors include the state-owned China FAW Group Corp. . and EV battery maker Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. . GmbH. who have powered Tesla with batteries. Byton was planning to enter North America and Europe in mid-2020, former CEO Daniel Kirchert, also one of the company’s co-founders, said in early 2019. The company would consider going public after new funding and production began, he said at the time. The M-Byte SUV can reach 80% of the full charge in around 35 minutes and has a top speed of 190 kilometers per hour. It has a range of up to 550 kilometers as stated on the Byton website. (Updates with Hon Hai stocks as of Aug.. paragraph. ) For more articles like this, please visit us on Bloomberg. comSubscribe now to stay one step ahead with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg L. . P. .

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Chinese EV manufacturer Nio Inc – ADR (NYSE: NIO) announced record monthly shipments for December, underscoring the company’s strong momentum. What happened: Nio’s deliveries in December rose 121% year over year to 7. 007 vehicles, the company announced in a press release on Sunday. The total deliveries included 2. 009 ES8S, 2. 493 ES6 and 2. 505 units of the newly introduced EC6. Deliveries increased sequentially by 32. 43% of the 5th. 291 vehicles delivered in November. For the ninth year in a row, the company grew twice over the previous year. « 2020 was a challenging year for the whole world. Against this background, NIO has achieved successive record highs in this way and the year with remarkable deliveries of over 7. 000 vehicles completed at a high level in December, « said William Bin Li, founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, in a press release. In the fourth quarter, the company shipped 17. 353 vehicles, which corresponds to an increase of 111% compared to the previous year. The company previously forecast that quarterly shipments would drop to Jan.. 500 to 17. 000 units estimated. Growing recognition of Nio’s premium brand, competitive and compelling products and services, and a growing sales network contributed to the strong performance, the company said in the press release. Nio noted that its Battery-as-a-Service system has been popular with its customers since its inception. After adding an option to provide a 100 kilowatt hour battery pack, BaaS penetration reached about 40% of its new orders in December. In 2020 the company delivered 43. 728 vehicles out, a 112. 6% increase over the previous year. Related link: Nio will adjust vehicle prices by January. 10 How China Plans 20% Cut in EV Subsidies in 2021 Why It Matters: Nio, a native EV startup in China, has slowly and steadily grown mindshare as well as market share in the hip Chinese market. The company has moved on to grow as a tough challenger to Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) in China. Nio’s domestic rival Li Auto Inc. . (NASDAQ: LI) reported monthly shipments of Jan.. 126 Li ONEs, which corresponds to a 31. 9% more than the month and 529. 6% profit over the previous year. Tesla, which reports numbers by quarters but not months, announced Saturday that deliveries in the fourth quarter were at 180. 570, an increase of 29. 6% compared to the previous quarter and 61%. 2% higher than a year ago. What’s next? The 2020 Nio Day is planned for January. 9 is the next catalyst for the EV maker. Nio confirmed that a new sedan model will be launched on the fourth Nio day while showcasing the latest developments in autonomous driving and other core technologies. « In line with the spirit of ‘Always Forward’, the theme of the upcoming NIO Day, we will continue to invest in smart EV technologies, accelerate our new product development, expand our sales and service network and strive for the best holistic experiences. « Our growing user community in 2021 and beyond, » said Nio. The price action: Nio stocks, which hit an all-time high of $ 57. 20 on Nov.. . 24, have since withdrawn for fear of unsustainable valuation and regulatory pressure in China. The stock has managed to regain some of its lost momentum over the past couple of sessions. The delivery update could bring support upwards in the run-up to January. 9. Nio day. On Thursday, the stock closed at $ 48. 74, to 0. 74%. Related link: Why Nio Tries to Become the « Tesla of China » Photo courtesy of NioSee more from Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga * Nio option deals to adjust vehicle prices through January. As China Plans To Cut 20% EV Subsidies In 2021 * Tesla Unlikely To Cut Model 3 Prices In China Leaving The Door Open To Increases: Report (C) 2021 Benzinga. com. Benzinga does not offer investment advice. All rights reserved.

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Economist Robert Shiller With at least one popular investment metric, U. . S.. . Stocks have only been this expensive once in history, and it didn’t end well the first time. According to the cyclically adjusted price-performance ratio – a measure of the market value based on 10 years of smoothed results data – the S&P 500 is at its second most expensive point in history. Related link: Will Tesla Destabilize the S&P 500? The S&P 500’s current CAPE of 34 was only surpassed one more time during the peak of the dot-com bubble in 2000. Today’s CAPE is more than double the historical mean of the S&P 500 and significantly higher than its high at around 30 just before the market crash on Black Tuesday in 1929. Many investors still remember the painful aftermath of the dot-com bubble. Just because the market is overvalued doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to sell or sell the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE: SPY). . Shiller’s attitude: Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller so often calls the CAPE rate a measure of market valuation that it is commonly referred to as the « Shiller rate ». « In a recent interview with CNBC, Shiller said an expensive market doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to deposit stocks. « The market is expensive, but not so high that I wouldn’t consider it an investment, » Shiller said in December. Shiller is best known for studying the psychology of investing, especially during financial market bubbles. While widespread coronavirus vaccinations are sure to be a fundamental change for the U. S.. . Economy, Shiller said he was concerned about how quickly investors expect the economy to fully recover once the nation is vaccinated. He believes that virus-related fears will linger among American consumers for at least another year. Flaws of CAPE: Stock gains have historically been discounted by the cost of capital tied to interest rates. After an emergency rate cut in March, interest rates are now essentially 0%. . « There is no point in comparing 2020 with previous periods, at least as naively as the Shiller PE, without recognizing that 10-year government bonds are now yielding 1% and have been higher at any other point in time [in history], » so DataTrek Research founder Nicholas Colas said Wednesday. While CAPE certainly gives a relative indication of market valuation, it also wasn’t the best indicator of when to buy and sell stocks. Because CAPE holds a decade of results data, it tends to move relatively slowly. With CAPE alone, U. . S.. . Equities still seemed expensive after the dot-com bubble burst and the 2008 financial crisis. CAPE, on the other hand, has stated that stocks have been expensive for the past six years during one of the strongest bull markets in history. Finally, Colas said the S&P 500 itself is much more tech-intensive than at any other point in history, an important dynamic to consider when looking at previous reviews. For example, the energy sector made up 26% of the S&P 500 in 1980 and the technology sector only 8%. . Today energy has a weight of 2% and technology has a weight of 28%. Colas said investors shouldn’t lose sight of how much that kind of composition shift can add to the index’s overall valuation. « Each sector in the S&P 500 has its own fundamentals and therefore its own rating, » he said. Petrol Gas Take: Smart investors never ignore critical metrics like the CAPE ratio. But smart investors also know that they don’t have to rely too heavily on a single metric. Investors need to understand exactly how the numbers are calculated, what the numbers are and what they are not, and what other information supplements those numbers to get a complete picture of what is happening in the market. Photo by Bengt Nyman via Wikimedia. See More From Benzinga * Click Here For Benzinga Option Deals * The S&P 500 just did something that has been bullish every time since WWII * 10 best-performing S&P 500 stocks from 2020 (C) 2021 Benzinga. com. Benzinga does not offer investment advice. All rights reserved.

(Bloomberg) – Tesla Inc. . The goal of 500. 000 vehicles for 2020 have been achieved, thus creating the conditions for a new year in which the company expands in China and plans to open new factories in Texas and Germany. The electric car maker said Jan. . 2 In the last three months of the year, 180. 570 vehicles were delivered, most in one quarter of all time, but only 450 vehicles fell below the half-million mark that Elon Musk had set for the entire year. Tesla has ramped up production of its mass market models to meet the growing global demand for battery-powered cars. By 2020, the total increased 36% year over year. « The good news is that Tesla has the formula consumers want, » wrote Gene Munster, managing partner at Loup Ventures, in a statement to customers. “The bad news is keeping up with that demand. The company needs to quickly establish new factories in Austin, Texas and Brandenburg, Germany. While they made it easy in Shanghai, increasing production is difficult and will be one of the top Tesla topics in 2021. The result was a remarkable year for Musk and his company, which were included in the & Poor’s 500 standard index in December. 21 after five consecutive quarters of profit. Tesla stock rose 743% in 2020, translating into a profit of $ 668. 9 billion market capitalization. After finishing the year as the world’s second richest person, Musk took to Twitter to praise his team and noted that in the earliest days he believed the automaker only had a 10% chance of survival. Shares in Tesla in Palo Alto, California rose 1. 6% on Dec.. . 31 at year end at $ 705. 67. Quarterly shipments are commonly viewed as a barometer of demand for Tesla vehicles and global consumer interest in electric vehicles. The company said in a statement on Saturday that the number of deliveries should be viewed as slightly conservative and the final numbers could vary by as much as zero. 5% or more. « Musk & Co. . Reaching the 500th. The 000-year target is a big factor for the company and the bulls as Tesla has seen robust demand for the Model 3 for the past 10 months despite hurricane-like headwinds from consumers around the world. “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives wrote in a note following the results. « Comfortably Exceed » Tesla had predicted in January 2020 – before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic – that it would « comfortably exceed » sales of half a million cars. The company announced in October that it would continue to expect to meet that goal despite a temporary closure of its factories in the spring, and Musk signaled in an internal email sent to employees in December and viewed by Bloomberg, that it was within reach. Analysts also predicted Tesla would hit its sales target for the year, which further boosted the company’s shares in the dwindling days of 2020. The increase occurred despite multiple stock offers. The company has the threshold of 181. 000 vehicles, which had to be exceeded in the last quarter. This corresponds to an increase of 30% compared to July and September. The push was largely dependent on higher production at its Chinese plant and higher production in the US. S.. . of the newest car in its range: the Model Y. . According to Tesla, production of the Model Y has started in Shanghai. Delivery should start soon. What Bloomberg Intelligence Says: “Tesla’s failure to set a delivery target of 500. Reaching 000 for 2020 shows the automaker is still struggling to scale as the company is still leaving the size of Isuzu globally in its eighth year of tracking the mass market, even as it dwarfs its combined market cap of 10 Automakers who deliver more than 50 million units annually. Tesla is faced with compressing margins as the focus shifts to China and competitor sales initially dampen the profit contribution of regulatory loans and then threaten market share. Kevin Tynan, Senior Auto Analyst Click Here for Research While Tesla is the clear world leader, its vehicle deliveries are compared to the millions of gasoline-powered cars and trucks produced by established automakers like General Motors Co. To be sold, tiny. and Volkswagen AG. These two automakers and others are preparing to flood the emerging EV market with dozens of battery-powered models over the next five years. Quarter-End PushTo benefits from its lead and is building two new vehicle assembly operations – the one outside of Berlin, in which up to 500. 000 cars could be assembled, and that in Texas, allowing the brand’s first pick-up. Both are expected to start production later this year, adding to their existing vehicle assembly facilities in Fremont, California and Shanghai. Tesla, which was once known for luxury niche models like the S sedan and the X sport utility vehicle, has expanded its appeal with the 3 and Y models, priced below 50. $ 000. Musk said in September he plans to sell a cheaper Tesla worth $ 25 by 2023. $ 000 to start. Tesla puts price for China-made Y model SUV below competition As usual, Tesla delivered many cars in the last few days of the quarter. Musk added an incentive to buyers for the last three days of the year, saying in a tweet that they would receive an optional driver assistance tool that Tesla calls Full Self-Driving for three months. Danielle Watson, a 31-year-old pharmacist, tweeted on December. 28 that she had just received a Model Y.. In a private message, the Greenville, South Carolina resident said she received the shipment in Charlotte, North Carolina – a sign of the lure of Tesla’s brand power in the United States. S.. . grows far beyond its home state of California. 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SPACs have been one of the hottest investing stories in 2020 and it appears to be a big topic in 2021. Hundreds of potential deals could be announced. The live show SPACs Attack takes place in Benzinga and is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 11 a.m.. m. ET. On Wednesday, co-hosts Chris Katje and Mitch Hoch shared their top SPACs, which trade between $ 10 and $ 11. Chris’ Picks: RedBall Acquisition (NASDAQ: RBAC) has been linked to the merger with Fenway Sports Group. A deal would give investors another publicly traded sports team. Fenway Sports Group owns the MLB’s Boston Red Sox and the English Premier League’s Liverpool Football Club. Both teams have strong brand awareness and could attract investment from fans. Another named catalyst was media rights. A new deal with Fox Corp (NASDAQ: FOX) begins for MLB in 2022, and the EPL is also negotiating new deals. The Fenway Sports Group is also the majority owner of a local sports media company that broadcasts Red Sox games. Falcon Capital Acquisition (NASDAQ: FCAC) is aimed at a company in the media or consumer technology sectors. The team behind the SPAC consists of Jeff Sagansky. The pick here follows Sagansky, who is part of the team that made deals for DraftKings Inc (NASDAQ: DKNG) and Skillz Inc (NASDAQ: SKLZ). . The team behind Hyliion Holdings (NASDAQ: HYLN) has a second SPAC that could be a great choice under $ 11. Tortoise Acquisition Corp II (NASDAQ: SNPR) is aimed at sustainability. The story of the Hyliion deal could make this SPAC attractive to a target company. Hyliion stock traded above $ 50 and was one of the top performing SPACs in early 2020. Lefteris Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: LFTR) targets the fintech sector. With rumors of IPOs from companies like Sofi, eToro, and others, fintech could be a hosting sector to watch in 2021. The management team at SPAC has history with ETrade, Coinbase and TD Ameritrade. Burgundy Technology (NASDAQ: BTAQ) is a company that targets technology or business software. The management team consists of Leo Apotheker, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard (NASDAQ: HPE) and SAP SE (NASDAQ: SAP). . Apotheker has been with SAP for over 20 years helping transform the company from a single product to a multi-solution business. Jim Mackey, Co-CEO, worked for Citigroup, SAP, OpenText and Blackberry (NASDAQ: BB) for years. . While at Blackberry, Mackey helped the company move from a mobile enterprise to endpoint management. Burgundy Technology mentions Israel as a target area in its submission. Pharmacist graduated from the Hebrew University of Israel. Several large Israeli companies are targeting IPO or SPAC deals in 2021, which could make Burgundy a good choice here. The list of rumored names includes REE Automotive, Taboola, Outbrain, and eToro. Related Link: 12 New SPACS Offerings On Friday: What Investors Should KnowMitch’s Picks: Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: SEAH) is a name that was featured on the show multiple times. The company is focused on the sports and entertainment industries. The management includes Eric Grubman, who was chairman of the hotel company On Location Experiences and also held roles with the NFL. John Collins, the acting CEO of the SPAC, spent time with the NHL and Cleveland Browns. Targeting the technology sector, Supernova Partners Acquisition (NASDAQ: SPNV) seeks a company with a large addressable market, a well-defined vision, competitive trenches and the ability to scale its business. The management team consists of Spencer Rascoff, the co-founder of the Zillow Group (NASDAQ: Z) and Hotwire. Rascoff was CEO of Zillow for over 10 years, leading the company through 15 acquisitions including major rival Trulia. A Goldman Sachs SPAC could attract a high growth company, including eToro, which spoke to the company recently. GS Acquisition Holdings Corp II (NASDAQ: GSAH) is still trading below $ 11 and was a top pick from high. The SPAC raised $ 700 million and did not specify a target focus. Churchill Capital Corp IV (NASDAQ: CCIV) is one of the largest SPACs currently seeking a target. SPAC is a finalist in the tender for DIRECTV, which is being sold by AT&T (NYSE: T). . Highly endorses the valuation of the SPAC trade closer to $ 10. According to Hoch, landing DIRECTV wouldn’t be very much, and he said he’d be more excited about another destination. Cerberus Telecom Acquisition (NYSE: CTAC) is a SPAC led by CEO Tim Donahue, former chairman of Sprint Nextel. High calls it a long term game based on the chart. Click here for the full episode of SPAC’s attack on Wednesday the 30th. December to see. Disclosure: Author is Long HYLN, BTAQ See More From Benzinga * Click Here For Benzinga Option Deals * eToro Reportedly IPO or SPAC as Business Booms (C) are investigating Benzinga in 2021. com. Benzinga does not offer investment advice. All rights reserved.

Roth TSPs and Roth IRAs are similar retirement plans, but there are key differences that make one a better choice for you.

Gene Munster, an analyst at Loup Ventures, said on Sunday that Tesla Inc’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) delivery growth rate will continue to trend higher this year, outperforming most automakers. What happened: Münster expects the company’s Elon Musk-led delivery growth to be around 40% year-on-year in 2021. The growth rate will outperform other automakers by four to five times, but would still be below Wall Street’s consensus of 57% growth, or 784. According to the analyst, there are 800 vehicles. Muster believes the « production line » for Tesla will be « bumpy » – which increases the risk to Tesla’s ability to make cars fast enough in 2021 to meet analysts’ estimates – but the analyst added: « It doesn’t change our view that Tesla is best-positioned to have a world-leading electric vehicle market share over the next decade. « Tesla needs to accelerate the development of its Austin and Berlin manufacturing facilities to keep up with demand. « While they made it easy in Shanghai, increasing production is difficult and will be one of the most important Tesla topics in 2021 alongside the status of FSD, » said Münster. Why it matters: Traditional automakers are in a catch 22 bind, according to Munster, who sees only two options for the old companies. One option is to release a car with all the features and range of a Tesla and sell it at cost, which would erode market share and weaken demand. Another option is to subsidize vehicles to gain market share from Tesla. With a limited « margin cushion », however, this would mean losing money as sales increase. « We assume that automotive companies that have been around for 50 years will at some point (in 10 years) be forced to restructure or to cease business, » wrote Munster. Over the weekend, Tesla reported that in 2020 only 450 vehicles less than 500. 000 units were delivered. The automaker beat the road estimate of 481. 261 vehicles. Price action: Tesla shares almost closed on Jan.. 6% higher at $ 705. 67 on Thursday and fell 0. 17% in the meeting after business hours. Click here to see the latest EV news on Benzinga’s EV Hub. Latest Ratings For TSLA DateFirmActionFromTo Dec 2020CFRADowngradesStrong BuyHold Dec 2020JefferiesDowngradesBuyHold Dec 2020New StreetDowngradesBuyNeutral See More Analyst Ratings For TSLA See The Latest Analyst RatingsSee More From Benzinga * Click Here To See Options From Benzinga Supplier, LG Energy Solution Says Wedbush . 8B Battery Investment Agreement with Indonesia (C) 2021 Benzinga. com. Benzinga does not offer investment advice. All rights reserved.

Thiel has a unique acumen for investing and choosing successful startup ideas. Thiel is now taking steps in the crypto world and we should be careful.

(Bloomberg) – Billionaire Carl Icahn will sell his stake in Herbalife Nutrition Ltd valued at approximately $ 600 million. After a turbulent eight year investment, he further reduced his stake in the nutritional supplement company. Herbalife has agreed to buy back the shares from Icahn for $ 48. 05 each, which according to a statement on Sunday was the closing price on Thursday. The billionaire is also giving up his five seats on the company’s board of directors, while Icahn Enterprises LP will reduce its stake to about 6% on or before January. 7th. The 84-year-old investor will no longer be Herbalife’s largest shareholder after the transaction, according to Bloomberg. Herbalife has been part of Icahn’s portfolio since 2013 when it bought into the stock after fellow investor Bill Ackman shorted the company and called it a pyramid scheme. Icahn and Ackman publicly argued over their investments several times, with Icahn defending Herbalife’s marketing model and even suggesting taking the company private. Management has also repeatedly denied allegations of the pyramid scheme. In 2018, after Ackman left his own stake almost entirely, Icahn said he had « enjoyed a good fight » and that his investment had put a $ 1 billion return on paper. Icahn sold $ 679. According to an earlier filing, it was 3 million Herbalife shares in the third quarter of 2020, the first time in two years that he had cut his stake in the company. At that time, it had a 16% stake worth approximately $ 946 million. « The time for activism has passed as the company has grown and I don’t usually invest billions of dollars in companies that don’t need our activist role, » Icahn said in Sunday’s statement. “That being said, Herbalife Nutrition’s products and business opportunities are needed more than ever and I look forward to continuing to serve as a shareholder in the company. For more articles like this, please visit us on Bloomberg. comSubscribe now to stay one step ahead with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg L. . P. .

SPACs were one of the hottest investment stories of 2020 and are set to continue that momentum through 2021. Here are 10 SPACs and former SPACs that could outperform investors in 2021. These were originally shared by Benzinga on Thursday’s SPACs Attack Show. Looking for Goals: Reinvent Technology Partners (NYSE: RTP) is led by Mark Pincus, Founder of Zynga Inc (NASDAQ: ZNGA) and Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn, and targets the technology sector. The duo met in 2002 and partnered on several deals including leading the starting round in Friendster and investing early in Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB). . The Burgundy Technology Acquisition (NASDAQ: BTAQ) targets the technology and enterprise software markets. The SPAC is led by Leo Apotheker, the former CEO of HP Inc (NYSE: HPQ) and SAP SE (NYSE: SAP). . At SAP, Apotheker helped transform the company from a single product into a multi-solution business. The SPAC is aimed at a company from the USA. S.. . or Europe, with Israel also mentioned in the prospectus. EToro, Taboola, Outbrain and REE Automotive are among the Israeli companies considering going public or SPAC mergers in 2021. Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI (NYSE: IPOF) is the sixth SPAC in a series of Chamath Palihapitiya. Each of Palihapitiya’s three newest SPACs has the same management team with an additional member for each team. The additional member for IPOF is Richard Costolo, the former CEO of Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR). . That SPAC raised over $ 1 billion and could close potentially the largest deal for Palihapitiya. The SPAC may also see strong interest if any of the other Palihapitiya SPACs close or announce deals. Ajax I (NYSE: AJAX) has an all-star management team led by former CEOs and founders of well-known companies. The team consists of 23undMe founder Anne Wojcicki, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, Jim McKelvey, founder of Square Inc (NYSE: SQ), and Steve Ellis, founder of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc (NYSE: CMG). The SPAC is also headed by Daniel Och and Glenn Fuhrman, who both worked at Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) and have experience of private investments in Coinbase, Github, Instacart, Robinhood, Stripe and Wish. The SPAC is aimed at sectors such as the Internet, software, fintech and consumers. Related Link: 10 SPACs Trading Below To Allow Investors To Consider SPACS With Pending Deals In 2021: Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp (NYSE: NGA) has an upcoming merger with Lion Electric, a company that is entering the marketplace focused on electric vehicles for buses and vans. The company currently has production capacity of 2. 500 units per year and plans to increase that number. Lion Electric also offers its customers charging infrastructure and telematics solutions. President-elect Joe Biden’s clean energy plan calls for 500. 000 school buses to convert to emission-free conversion, which could benefit a company like Lion Electric. The company has announced contracts with ChargePoint and Blink Charging (NASDAQ: BLNK) to offer customers a charging infrastructure with its electric vehicles. Genius Sports, the sports betting company providing sports data, goes public with dMY Technology Group Inc II (NYSE: DMYD). . Genius Sports is well on its way to providing data for over 240. 000 events per year, including as an official provider for 170. 000 events. Genius has signed contracts with NBA, NCAA, FIBA, FIFA, EPL, PGA and Nascar. Genius Sports customers include DraftKings Inc (NASDAQ: DKNG), FanDuel, William Hill, Caesars and BetMGM. Genius Sports expects sales growth with an average annual growth rate of 29%. Butterfly Network, a provider of portable ultrasound technology, goes public with Longview Acquisition Corp (NYSE: LGVW). . Butterfly Network’s goal is to bring ultrasound to a chip and make it more accessible in underserved areas, as well as to replace bulky traditional cart-based devices. Butterfly Networks has over 30. 000 units sold and contracts signed with many of the top 100 U. S.. . Hospitals. Butterfly Network is supported by Bill Gates and Baillie Gifford. Cathie Wood added and now holds over 1. 2 million Longview shares in the Ark Genomic ETF (BATS: ARKG). Stable Road Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: SRAC) merges with space company Momentus. Called the « FedEx of Space » and « Zero Gravity Logistics Player » by Barron, Momentus will work with companies to move objects around space. Momentus has a contract with SpaceX and plans to launch satellites as a service in the future. Momentus predicts sales of $ 1 billion in 2024. Former SPACs: Desktop Metal Inc (NYSE: DM) completed the merger in 2020, posting a stock drop of over 20% on day one as a publicly traded company. Desktop Metal is a game of making a 2. 0 era and use of lighter and more efficient 3D printers in industries like aerospace and automotive. Large-scale production of these items could be the holy grail of 3D printing. Fisker Inc (NYSE: FSR) aims to be a major player in the electric vehicle market going forward. The company has over 10. 000 reservations for his Fisker Ocean vehicle. A partnership with Magna International (NYSE: MGA) for manufacturing allows Fisker to focus on marketing and designing future vehicles. Fisker could have a big 2021 with an influencer campaign and continued analyst coverage. CEO Henrik Fisker said he plans to attend the 2021 Consumers Electronics Virtual Show in January, which could be a potential catalyst in early 2021. Disclosure: Author is long BTAQ, NGA, DM. See More From Benzinga * Click Here For Benzinga Option Deals * How To Invest Like Brad Feld * 10 IPOs To Look Out For In 2021 Including Petco, Poshmark, Bumble, Coinbase, And More (C) 2021 Benzinga. com. Benzinga does not offer investment advice. All rights reserved.

Tesla, NIO and Li Auto reported all electric vehicle shipments in the fourth quarter this weekend. They were all better than expected.

According to a recent study, the average household saving for Gen X is 64. $ 000, and 81% of that cohort are concerned about funding their golden years. Millennials, increasingly immersed in pension funds to cope with the pandemic, have an average nest egg of just 23. $ 000. Comments like this maybe: “When people ask me what my retirement plan is, I always say, ‘I die, I think’ because this is my actual retirement plan. ”

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World News – AU – AVJennings (ASX: AVJ) share price has fallen 29% in the past three years.
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AVJennings& # 39; (ASX: AVJ) share price has fallen 29% over the past three years.
Regis Resources (ASX: RRL) shareholders must be satisfied with theirs 92% return

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