World News – AU – Billie Eilish Performs That’s Why I’m at the 2020 American Music Awards


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Posted: 04:27 GMT, 23. November 2020 | Updated: 04:40 GMT, Jan.. November 2020

Billie Eilish took the stage with her unique sense of style for the 2020 American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 22nd. November.

The bizarre pop sensation, which received two awards this year, together with her brother and colleague Finneas O’Connell delivered the first television performance of their new song « Therefore I am ».

The duo never played in an all-red neon maze that had a kind of confusing vibe due to the many close-ups used throughout most of the 2:54 tune.

Outstanding: Billie Eilish, 18, played her dark new song « This is why I am » at the 2020 American Music Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The first few seconds of the performance began with a rear view of Eilish, who then quickly turned to begin the opening choir.

« I’m not your girlfriend – or anything, damn it – you think you’re the man – I think that’s why I am, » she sang in a soft and catchy tone while clad in wide knees. long shorts and a hoodie decorated with graffiti.

‘I’m not your friend – or anything, damn it – you think you are the man – I think that’s why I am. ‘

Eilish continued the hip-hop-inspired tune with a soft, whispered tone for the first verse as the visual recordings switched between the singer and her brother, who played bass guitar while wearing a COVID-19-approved face mask.

Debut: This was Eilish’s first television performance of Therefore I Am, which also included the pop star’s brother and collaborator, Finneas O’Connell

Unique: Eilish displayed her unique sense of style, clad in baggy knee-length shorts and a hoodie adorned with graffiti.

Ying and Yang: The musical staff played off each other at certain points during the AMA performance.

‘Stop what the hell are you talking about? Ha, take my pretty name out of your mouth, ”Eilish sang in the verse.

‘We’re not the same with or without – don’t talk about me as you may know how I feel – top of the world, but your world is not real – your world is an ideal. ‘

« So have fun – I really don’t care – and you can do them my best but just know it, » she tapped, which led to another double dose of the chorus lines.

At some point, in the bridge section of the song, Eilish went up a few steps and then fell backwards out of sight.

As the crowd grew louder with anticipation and the camera panned between her brother and the drummer, Eilish jumped back into the front of the camera to play the final chorus in a higher register.

Subtle: Eilish sings That’s why I’m in a soft and catchy tone with and under the darkness

O’Connell co-wrote Therefore I Am, who died on Dec.. November was canceled, along with his sister, and he was credited with the entire production.

The single version of Therefore I will be on Thursday the 12th. November, released through Darkroom and Interscope Records.

‘I’m really excited to see what people get from it and what they feel when they hear it . . . It’s a little mean. I love it, ”Eilish shared in a recent interview with Zane Lowe.

‘It was a lot of fun completing it. It was fun to record . . . It feels like me . . . When I think about it from the outside, I would be happy if I was a fan. ‘

Eilish was ready for two AMAs this year: Favorite Social Artist and Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock.

Celebrated Artist: Eilish was ready for two AMAs this year: Favorite Social Artist and Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock

Put it this way: Doja Cat was another big winner that night when she received two awards: Favorite Artist – Soul / R&B and Coveted New Artist of the Year

Double duty: Dan Shay was honored for his work with Justin Bieber for 10. 000 hours awarded with the cooperation of the year

Holy: Justin Bieber beat Post Malone and The Weeknd to earn their favorite artist – pop / rock

Proud: Dua Lipa was the second winner of the night when she received her favorite song – Pop / Rock for Don’t Stop Now

Rocking it: Megan Thee Stallion was a big winner when she accepted the Favorite Song – Rap / Hip-Hop Award for her controversial WAP collaboration with Cardi B

Threesome: Though Taylor received the highest award of the night, it was The Weeknd who got the most on the podium with three wins during the show

Miracle in white: Becky G beat Karol G and Rosalia and won the favorite artist – Latin

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World news – AU – Billie Eilish performs, that’s why I’m at the 2020 American Music Awards
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