World News – AU – Court hears Cousins ​​’out of control’


The mother of two children of Ben Cousins ​​told a court in Perth that she moved because Premier Eagle had relentlessly tried to contact them, despite being banned from doing so

Cousins ​​pleaded not guilty to criminal harassment and 20 counts for violating a domestic violence restraining order involving his ex-partner, Maylea Tinecheff, in April this year

The former West Coast Eagles captain has been behind bars since April after police found him in East Victoria Park in possession of around 25 grams of methamphetamine

Ms Tinecheff told court Cousins ​​had relentlessly tried to contact her and their two young children despite being prohibited from doing so

She said she and the kids moved out in April because Cousins ​​ »wouldn’t take no for an answer » and her behavior was « out of control »

The court heard that Ms Tinecheff texted Cousins ​​urging him not to call again and criticizing his appearance in a « revealing » documentary in March

« You have no rights in the lives of children – you do not consider them, your actions have proven this time and time again, » she wrote

« You went on TV and humiliated your whole family, on both sides, and left a mark on the lives of children by permanently showing no remorse, no love other than love for yourself , drugs and your dirty lifestyle

« You did not contribute to their existence you are a rude human being, not their father They are too good for you »

Ms Tinecheff claimed Cousins ​​was ‘clearly affected by drugs’ in the documentary, in which the Brownlow medalist apologized for discrediting the Eagles

She said Cousins ​​also yelled at their children on the phone after Ms Tinecheff refused to let him see them for Easter, saying: ‘Why don’t you answer my calls, I hate your mother you love mom more than me « 

In April, Cousins ​​was denied bail after pleading guilty to possession of methamphetamine and facing a fine of $ 1,500

The 42-year-old has had well-documented problems with methamphetamine addiction and 22 convictions for VRO breaches, 20 of which resulted in jail time

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World News – AU – Court hears Cousins ​​’out of control’



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