World News – AU – Dion Waiters gets ring even as Lakers lose in NBA final


2020 NBA Finals to determine number of legacies Can LeBron James move closer to GOAT status? Is Jimmy Butler providing the new blueprint for the modern NBA superstar? Will Anthony Davis supplant James as the real No 1 over the Los Angeles Lakers?

While there is a lot at stake for all of these players, there is one person involved in the NBA Finals who will benefit no matter what It would be Lakers guard Dion Waiters, who will win a ring. , it doesn’t matter who wins the final

How is that possible? If you remember the pre-pandemic times, you might remember Waiters, 28, started the NBA season as a member of the Miami Heat. He only spent three games with the team, averaging 93 points and 37 rebounds He was suspended several times by the team, once after taking a THC infused gum on the team’s plane. Heat eventually traded servers to the Memphis Grizzlies, who quickly got rid of him

The Lakers recovered Waiters on March 5, but he did not appear in a game with the Lakers until the NBA season was postponed on March 12 Servers remained on the Lakers’ roster throughout the coronavirus postponement and returned to play seven games for the Lakers in the Orlando bubble Servers averaged 119 points and 24 assists in those games

Servers are already set to receive a post-season bonus for being on the Lakers, but he could also receive money from the Heat The Heat is expected to vote to give the servers some of their playoff money , But It Could Happen As Waiters’ last year in Miami ended badly, the team could still vote to give the servers a slice of their postseason bonus It wouldn’t be an unusual move, either. part of this money usually goes to players who contributed to the squad but are no longer there

In the end, the servers will likely trick the Lakers into going about business against the Heat so that he can really feel like he’s won his ring Of course, getting a ring no matter what is fine, but you’d think it wouldn’t mean as much if the servers ring came as a result of a streak he actually lost

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World News – AU – Dion Waiters gets ring even though Lakers lose in NBA Finals



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