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Fans are still a long way from seeing Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 spoilers as it has only been two weeks since Chapter 66 fell. Lots of fan-created theories surround the new chapter, making everyone wonder what will happen from here.

Angel Merus played a significant role in Moro’s defeat and gave Goko a hand to save the Earthlings.

He sacrificed his life using the real forces that consumed him. His step was reason enough for the holy angelic laws to make him disappear.

Goku’s great transformation as a giant titan will also be the main focus of the new episode. He will also put Uub under his wing, as requested by Dende during the Universe Survival saga.

Fans will then see Vegeta attempt to drain power from other fighters in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67. This will help the fallen Saiyan use Ultra Instinct in the future.

Elsewhere, there are theories that Goku will face next after successfully knocking down Moro.

In the previous episode, Whis told Beerus that the high priest would call her. Although he didn’t mention why, Whis believed it could be Angel Merus, reported EconoTimes.

Instead, there may be some scenes honoring its victims. Now that Moro is gone, Goku and his allies will remember how difficult it was to knock him down.

They know they couldn’t have done it without Angel Merus’ help. So his actions and his life will surely be celebrated in the next chapter, in which the Grand Priest, Beerus and Whis are involved.

While the new chapter will bring the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga to an end after two years, fans can finally meet Goku’s new enemy.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 may offer a glimpse into what will happen when the start of the new story arc is determined.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 will be released on Sunday, December. 20, on MangaPlus and Shonen Jump.

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World News – AU – « Dragon Ball Super » Chapter 67 Reveals New Story Arc, Goku’s Enemy – Micky News
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