World News – AU – Farcical scenes like Today and Sunrise Reporter vie for interviews


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There were farcical scenes on TV when reporters from Sunrise and Today pressed live on the air to interview people flying to Queensland.

There were farcical scenes on television this morning when reporters from rival breakfast shows rushed to get interviews with Qantas passengers arriving in Brisbane.

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac and Today show reporter Aislin Kriukelis both aired live as passengers disembarked from Qantas’ first Sydney-Brisbane flight after the Queensland-New South Wales border opened this morning.

Both presenters had hoped to capture emotional scenes of loved ones who were reunited for the first time since March. Instead, the first people they both spoke to were workers who were not affected by the border closings.

When the duel reporters discovered a father who was reunited with his wife and daughter, they both rushed and asked questions of the terrified family at the same time.

« There’s nothing like a special family moment shared with 14 camera crews and a random weatherman, » joked Mac.

At one point, Mac referred to the awkward fight with the Today show reporter, saying, « I feel like this lady is trying to get in, I don’t know her name but I feel like she is cutting my performance. « . ”

Mac then jumped in front of Kriukelis twice when she was conducting interviews, much to the amusement of Kochie and Sam, who were watching in the Sunrise studio.

At one point, Kriukelis began interviewing Big Brother personality Mike Goldman, who was one of the passengers.

« Ah yes I am, » Goldman replied when he stopped talking to Kriukelis and started chatting with Mac.

After a brief interview with Goldman, Mac quipped, « You’re a legend buddy, I have to move on because she’s stealing my interviews. ”

As the Today and Sunrise segments dragged on, both reporters continued to chat with passengers who got off the plane, but they weren’t very lucky.

After seven long minutes of live TV and no other passengers getting off the plane, both Mac and Kriukelis threw their respective studio hosts back.

That was car crash TV at the airport this morning @TheTodayShow vs @ sunriseon7 & @mikegoldmanlive, posted by Sam Mac on Aug.. Ch

when a Ch 7 employee was called

. @ sunriseon7 Sam Mac’s behavior was disgusting. Imagine how he would feel if a sucker ran up to him and interrupted a private moment. He owes an apology to everyone he just harassed.

Sam Mac, who keeps jumping in front of the Today reporter, is just weird and pretty shitty.

Later on the show, Mac interviewed Kriukelis live on Sunrise, apologizing by saying, « I didn’t mean to get on your recording beforehand, but I just want to say that we’re all here for the same reason. ”

« I’m sorry I got in touch earlier, but you broke in before me, so it was just a small payback, » Mac joked the Channel 9 reporter.

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World News – AU – Farcical scenes like Today and Sunrise reporters compete for interviews
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