World News – AU – James Weir recaps SAS: Candice hammered in toilet cooking


Candice Warner is blind and brutally asked on SAS Australia about the infamous « toilet date » with Sonny Bill Williams James Weir recaps

Candice Warner regrets a past incident in her life and wants to move on

Candice Warner is blinded by a midnight interrogation on SAS Australia where she mercilessly investigates past scandals and left hope that she had just signed up to appear on Ready Steady Cook instead

Everyone on this show should feel fooled.They probably signed up thinking it was just an extreme reality series with challenges that would make them brave, determined and resilient But what they signed on for was six weeks of incessant tabloid TV interviews where all their mistakes and past crimes are dredged up and rubbed on their faces until they cry. And then they are forced to do a HIIT circuit

It’s really awesome Like, there’s no way the hell Candice Warner would gladly have agreed to appear on this show if she knew that at 1am she would get her head poked in a bag before being dragged by the foot into a concrete cell where two soldiers would interrogate her about the moment she was filmed hanging on to a footballer in a toilet cubicle

« We will induce more and more stress and we will start to shake them psychologically », informs us one of the British soldiers

Psychological torture is not a new concept for reality TV In the context of marriage on the face of it, it can sometimes involve dipping someone’s toothbrush in the toilet

On SAS, it’s about being hooded and being dragged into a firing range while machine guns fire…

… And then they are recapped, dragged across the field while dodging bullets, cleared and suddenly forced to shoot people

Back at the compound, at exactly 134 a.m., Candice Warner has a hood over her head and is dragged into a concrete cell where the soldiers have been researching the gossip sites late at night. know all about her husband David Warner’s ball tampering scandal on the cricket ground and the well-reported bathroom date with Sonny Bill Williams at the Clovelly Hotel that happened a million years ago

In a vague Carrie Bradshaw-style voiceover voiceover recorded in post-production, she alludes to the bathroom appointment incident

« In my early twenties, I made a really big mistake, » she tells us « Something I’m not proud of but can never take back I put myself in a situation where I can’t shouldn’t have And because of that, I brought embarrassment and shame to my family « 

But in the interrogation cell, she doesn’t give up on the information The soldiers obviously know everything already – but she doesn’t know they know And they don’t let her know they know They want her reveals it all herself So begins a meticulous but brutal interrogation style first perfected by grade 10 girls and then adopted by the military

The soldiers play silly and ask her seemingly innocent questions until she finds herself in a corner with no choice but to talk about the scandals that have made the headlines

« The media make us people that we are not (They make us) bad people, bad parents », she slams

The soldiers accuse him of being on the defensive as the chains attached to his ankles vibrate against the metal chair

« I think the hardest thing for me was being told that I am a really bad mother, » she suggests after delving deeper into « When we returned from South Africa in 2018, there was an incident with the australian cricket team, there was an incident of tampering with my husband »

« No, that’s the opinion of others, » she replies « And he never said his part But even before that there have been incidents in South Africa where people try to make fun of me, make fun of me Put me down in front of my family « 

She refers to the taunts made during the second test in Port Elizabeth when some onlookers wore Sonny Bill Williams masks on the ground But she deliberately avoids citing specific incidents and soldiers insist on knowing exactly why she was taunted They want to hear it in his own words

« Due to an incident in the past And they think it’s funny » she refuses to give them the details that they so obviously know

« A big mistake, » she replies before finally declaring: « I don’t want to talk about it. They thought I’m a bit of a joke »

At this point Candice is stunned and distraught She thought she signed up for an extreme sports reality show, not an A Current Affair interview

You better believe the soldiers are upset Schapelle was so open and airy when they asked about her time in Kerobokan They don’t know why – after incessant grilling over an event that completely turned her life upside down and damaged her reputation – Candice behaves like a wet cat

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World News – AU – James Weir recaps SAS: Candice hammered in grilled toilet



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