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Queensland aspiring swim star Kaylee McKeown broke the world record for 200m back today at the 2020 Hancock Prospecting Virtual National Short Course event in Brisbane – swimming is dedicated to her late father Sholty, whom she lives in August has lost.

THIS IS FOR YOU DAD: Just minutes after setting her world record, Kaylee McKeown took a break for this exclusive recording for Swimming World and dedicated her swimming to her late father Sholto. Photo courtesy of Hanson Media.

The 19-year-old from USC Spartans on the Sunshine Coast set a time of 1:58. Take 94-0. 29 seconds less than in 2014 by Hungarian superstar Katinka Hosszu at the 2014 World Short Distance Championships in Doha.

McKeown, who two weeks ago rewrote the Australian record books on the long 100 and 200m back course, was back at the Brisbane Aquatic Center this morning for the first open event of the two-day meeting in Brisbane and wasted no time pacing.

McKeown, trained by Chris Mooney with Dolphins teammate and world record holder for short distances in the 100 m, Minna Atherton in the lane next to her, shared a sizzling 58. 59 to set her world record after 100m before dropping the hammer to come back in 59. 35.

Your 50 meter division was 28. 40; 58. 59; 1:29. 00 – out in 13. 60 for the first 25 m – an average of 15 s for the next six laps before returning to the last 25 m in 14 minutes. 77.

20 year old Atherton (Moreton Bay),. Her teammate of the Gwangju World Cup 2019 in the back also came second at the Brisbane meeting in 2:03. 64 with Jessica Unicomb (Griffith University) third in 2:07. 07.

“Short course is something I don’t do very often, so I was excited to see what I could do in this preparation after all my training, and it was great to have Minna – the world record holder on the 100m next to me – all in one to have strong field, ”said Kaylee McKeown, who dedicates her swimming to her late father Sholty, who passed away in August.

« When I got into the race, I just wanted to focus on my skills and my corners – they are my weak point that we wanted to improve. So there is still room for improvement in this area. . It’s a good move, but there is still a lot that can be improved.

« When I touched the wall, I didn’t notice it at first and even when Minna congratulated me in the pool, I thought she was just super nice to me. . It wasn’t until I went to Chris (Mooney), my coach and my teammates, that they said, « You just broke the world record! ». . « And I said, » What! « 

« I honestly didn’t know … it feels good and definitely different in a year that had my ups and downs and it’s the toughest year I’ve been through with my father who passed away in August and he was a motivation behind me, so I just want to do my best while I can.

“I honestly had no idea what the world record was because I don’t focus too much on short distances. ”

When McKeown learned that Katinka Hosszu had held the previous world record, he said, “Well. . You definitely call Katinka the Iron Lady for a reason – I definitely look up to her. . She is a great athlete. ”

HAPPY CHAPPY: USC Spartans head coach Chris Mooney encourages Kaylee McKeown during a training session. He knows there are still many improvements to be made. Photo courtesy Delly Carr (Swimming Australia)

The always conservative trainer Mooney may be enthusiastic about his young protégé’s swimming, but continues to keep things under control and says: « Kaylee is definitely an athlete who is ever too far ahead of herself and is very conformal. « It’s just a matter of working out a plan, sticking to that plan, and putting it on the line. I know she will take care of the rest.

« We’re happy, but it’s not even December yet so there is still a long way to go . . . we’ll celebrate this while we swim the long course, but we’ll do our best to disguise it. « .

« And breaking Hosszu’s global brand is certainly something – she’s one of the greats – so it’s certainly special to be in this company – and she’s still a hell of a good athlete – it’s a great event that 200 m back and me. I’m just glad we’re in the mix.

« We tested well, trained well . . . . and a big part of our future program will definitely be improving our skills, twists, and breakouts – so it’s nice to get a solid result there.

“We entered the race to work on our skills. We are very process driven and I know this is going to be a bit of a cliché and you have your son focus on a skill or process and the result takes care of itself.

« It was an early morning swim and I hadn’t thought about it that much, to be honest – we only came here to race and be with our fellow athletes who didn’t have a chance, being there – we really are family you know and being able to show up and get a few hits is probably a bonus for us. ”

WORLD RECORDS PAIR: Kaylee McKeown congratulated Alex Baumann (swimming for Canada), who set the first WR at the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1982 at the Brisbane Aquatic Center in Chandler. Photo courtesy of Hanson Media.

Standing by the pool, McKeown quickly congratulated McKeown, Swimming Australia’s high-performance strategist Alex Baumann, who set the first world record in the Brisbane Pool for Canada in the 200m individual medley at the 1982 Commonwealth Games.

« A fantastic swim and the way she swam it too – in 58 and back in 59 – a really good backend . . . really enjoyable to see, « said Baumann, who welcomed McKeown to the world record club.

« That was a long time ago . . . wow 38 years ago . . . it’s great to see. . Whenever someone breaks a world record, it’s something special . . . given the circumstances of this pandemic . . It’s great to see our swimmers compete and training wasn’t a problem. We were very lucky with that, but we have to give them these competitive opportunities. So that’s positive.

« Chris and Kaylee did a great job …. and what I like here is that you have to get up in the morning and swim in this timed finale …. and that’s perfect … it’s what you have to do in the Olympics, « 

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World News – AU – Kaylee McKeown sets the world record of 1:58. 94 At 200m back – Swimming World News
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Kaylee McKeown sets the world record of 1:58. 94 In 200 m back
Kaylee McKeown breaks the SCM 200 back world record

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