World News – AU – Lauren Sanchez’s ex-husband, 55, gets engaged to the Australian soap star


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Posted: 15:17 GMT, Dec.. November 2020 | Updated: 4:38 PM GMT, Jan.. November 2020

Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell, ex-husband of Lauren Sanchez, who is now with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, is now engaged to a 37-year-old Australian model.

The engagement between Pia Miller and Whitesell, 55, was announced in an Instagram post in which the Chile-born actress flaunted her large diamond ring.

In the picture, Pia and Whitesell were holding glasses of champagne and having a celebratory toast in front of a view in Malibu, California.

The couple’s final move comes after Whitesell and Lauren Sanchez’s, 50, 14-year marriage that collapsed last year and began their relationship with Bezos in January 2019.

Whitesell was the one who introduced Sanchez to Bezos in 2016, and she dumped him for $ 186. 5 billion tech CEO in May 2019.

Patrick Whitesell, a top Hollywood agent and ex-husband of Lauren Sanchez, is engaged to Australian actress and model Pia Miller

Pia Miller announced on Instagram on Saturday that she got engaged to her American multimillionaire agent friend Patrick Whitesell on Instagram (picture)

A bombing report from the National Enquirer covered the relationship between Jeff Bezos (left) and Lauren Sanchez (right), who were both married at the time

Patrick Whitesell (left) introduced Jeff Bezos to former wife Lauren Sanchez (center) in 2016 – three years before Sanchez and Bezos met

At the time, the New York Post reported that Sanchez and Whitesell were still married but separated.

The January 2019 bombshell report of Bezos and Sanchez’s relationship was released just hours after his split from MacKenzie Bezos was announced.

Whitesell and Sanchez finalized their divorce in October 2019, and speculation began in February 2020 that she had become engaged to Bezos.

The reported engagement was reported in a controversial defamation battle between Bezos and Sanchez’s brother Michael Sanchez.

Michael accused Bezos and his security adviser Gavin de Becker of defaming him by falsely telling journalists that he was responsible for forwarding nude photos of the Amazon founder to the National Enquirer.

American Media Inc. . The then-editor of the National Enquirer issued a public statement that it was Michael – a talent agent – who brought the matter to their attention and provided « all materials » for the investigation.

Michael alleged in his lawsuit that he helped the story to control the narrative of his sister’s relationship. He also denied giving the « graphic nude photos » to the National Enquirer.

Bezos said in court records that he never accused his girlfriend’s brother of leaked the nude photos.

While Lauren Sanchez did not release an explanation for the trial, her attorney previously said in a statement that Michael committed « deep and unforgivable betrayal » by giving her information to the tabloid

The enPatrick Whitesell (left) and Pia Miller (left) are coming almost two years after Lauren Sanchez was first linked with Jeff Bezos in January 2019

While Lauren Sanchez did not release an explanation for the trial, her attorney previously said in a statement that Michael committed « deep and unforgivable betrayal » by disclosing her information to the tabloid.

Meanwhile, Whitesell was first associated with Pia in August 2019, and the couple made their public debut at a Halloween party in Los Angeles that year.

Their relationship became « Instagram Official » last Christmas Eve. It shared a beloved photo with Whitesell outside the Louvre in Paris and was headed « P² ». .

They made their red carpet debut at this year’s Academy Awards in Los Angeles in February.

Patrick Whitesell (right) was first associated with Pia Miller in August 2019, about seven months after Lauren Sanchez’s relationship with Jeff Bezos went public

Pictured: Patrick Whitesell (left) and Pia Miller (right) posed together in this March 2020 Instagram post from the Almafi Coast

Prior to their split, Patrick Whitesell (left) and Lauren Sanchez (right) were married for 14 years with two children

Their relationship became « Instagram Official » last Christmas Eve. She shared a beloved photo with Whitesell outside the Louvre in Paris and labeled it « P² »

Whitesell is the CEO of Hollywood talent agency WME, representing the likes of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman.

He is valued at $ 440 million, according to Forbes, and shares it with children of Sanchez: 13-year-old Evan Whitesell and 11-year-old Eleanor Patricia Whitesell.

Pia is also a proud mother of sons Isaiah (17) and Lennox (13), whom she shares with former partners.

With the coronavirus pandemic that resulted in international border closings, Pia lived in Sydney while Whitesell lives in Los Angeles.

Before that, the couple last met in September when Whitesell visited Pia at her new home in Sydney’s Bondi. In March, Pia spoke to Now To Love and said she had been walking back and forth between Los Angeles and Australia before the killer virus outbreak.

Pia preferred not to go into great detail about her personal life, suggesting that FaceTime is the secret to keeping the spark alive.

‘[I have] friends and family who live all over the world. . . Let’s just say FaceTime has really gotten a run for its money lately! ‘she shyly revealed.

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World News – AU – Lauren Sanchez’s ex-husband, 55, is engaged to the Australian soap star
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