World News – AU – Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruises SHOCK reunion


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It’s been up to 20 years since Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise ended their marriage, and now the once belligerent exes seem ready to take the troubled past behind them – and reconnect hoping to reunite, on screen and off!

Insiders reveal that Nicole, at the urging of her good friend Russell Crowe, is trying to reestablish a friendship and a possible working relationship with Tom, which will subsequently lead to a reconciliation with her adopted children Isabella (27) and Connor 25.

« Nicole and Tom were terribly injured during and after the divorce. She’s not too proud to admit that the only way back to Bella and Connor’s hearts, now adults, is through their father, ”says a source in the trio, who are all devout Scientologists.

It’s been up to 20 years since Nicole Kidman (left) and Tom Cruise (right) ended their marriage.

In the years following their split, it was widely reported that Nicole, 53, had been labeled an « oppressive person » and enemy of the Church, which resulted in the actress being cut out of Bella and Connor’s lives.

As such, our insider says being nice with Tom, 58, is the key to being re-established in their close-knit relationship, although after so many years meeting one-to-one has the potential to become an explosive showdown to lead – especially when the subject of Scientology is brought up.

« Nicole has asked to meet Tom to discuss the likelihood of a collaboration, but she knows she needs to be aware that she is not dealing with sensitive issues from her past, » the source continues.

« Nicole is all about the nervous roles and would love to direct something Eyes Wide Shut-esque, and she can’t imagine doing it without Tom’s involvement, if not acting together on screen then maybe as a script consultant. ”

Tellingly, the normally private Nicole spoke about Tom in a recent interview with the New York Times and spoke lovingly about her experience working on Stanley Kubrick’s intense adult thriller Eyes Wide Shut.

« We shot this for two years, » Nicole said of the 1999 film. “We had two children and mostly lived in a trailer on the property to make spaghetti. That made us happily married. ”

And it seems that Nicole’s memory of the good old days warmed her ex-husband to the idea of ​​another collaboration.

« Tom is very keen to meet up as soon as their schedules allow, » the insider says, adding that he is currently filming in the UK while she could return to Northern Ireland to re-shoot The Northman. « You are comparing diaries and considering lunch in London. ”

Of course the silver lining would be a reunion with Bella and Connor every time we meet Tom. Unfortunately, while Nicole claims she supports her adopted children’s decision to practice Scientology like her father and that « it is my job to love them unconditionally, » she has missed so much over the years.

« It’s only a matter of time before Bella starts a family and Nicole couldn’t bear to be banished by her own grandchild, » explains the source.

« The last thing Nic heard was that Connor was getting married too, which she was thrilled about because she was worried that he would get involved in the party scene. ”

And while Nicole is happy with husband Keith Urban and daughters Sunday and Faith, she will never give up mending bridges with her older children.

« After all, they’ve both grown up to be lovely young people, and she’s sad not to be part of them. ”

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Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise

World news – AU – Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruises SHOCK reunion
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