World News – AU – PingZero platform leverages biometrics and device data for authentication


Ping Identity has unveiled a new digital security solution that will allow passwordless authentication on a number of different channels PingZero is based on the Ping smart identity platform technology and is designed to meet the latest FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards for password-less security

In this regard, PingZero supports multiple biometric modalities and will also track the unique settings of the user’s device and browser. Once this person is logged in, the platform will run in the background to provide continuous passive authentication, and will only intervene with another verification request if the risk level exceeds a certain threshold. A change of location or a new IP address are events that could trigger such a request

PingZero can be integrated into public (and branded) mobile applications, or implemented as part of an internal Software-as-a-Service configuration This functionality is available through Customer360’s own products and Workforce360 from Ping, and can be combined with an older security solution to update an organization’s security state

“PingZero was designed with a frictionless user journey in mind,” said Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity “PingZero enables businesses to work smarter by eliminating wasted time managing and resetting words password and gives users more secure access to what they need to work efficiently »

The solution uses QR codes to register new customers during Ping Identity account creation hope this will help eliminate the need for usernames and passwords and reduce the administrative burden on IT departments that must handle password reset requests, noting that passwords are one of the most common causes of data breaches

PingZero Comes Soon After Ping Identity Completes Acquisition Of ShoCard Solution Extends Company Support For FIDO Passwordless Authentication Protocols, Which Currently Cover PingID And Intelligent Ping Solutions Identity

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News from around the world – AU – PingZero platform leverages biometrics and device data for authentication
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