World News – AU – Playing Pokémon Go with my son is my new part-time unpaid job


I have a new part-time job The pay is terrible I am an unpaid secretary and accountant for my son’s game of Pokémon Go I am apparently a tutor for others too

A month ago, I wrote about my struggles learning to play Pokémon Go with my five-year-old son, Toby Despite over twenty years of working as a game reviewer, I found that this was one of the most confusing, opaque, and terribly explained games I have ever come across But damn it, we had fun playing together. It’s a month later, I don’t think we missed a single day, and the game quickly spread to my son’s classroom

« Rachel is asking if you can meet up this weekend to explain Pokemon to her, » my wife told me a week ago, referring to our friend and mother of one of the boys in the class. from Toby « Oh, and Helena could come too », she added, friend / mom to another « But… » I tried to protest, wanting to explain that I had just written about how much I found the game completely confusing and impenetrable « Well, it’s your fault they have to play »

I’m not entirely sure if it’s My son is, apparently, a trailblazer, although he’s setting a four-year trend that his class is first meeting in the past four weeks, the only one response we got: « What did you do in school today? » was, « Played Pokémon » By what he means, he and his ever-rotating group of friends played Pokémon in the playground / classroom / meal line…

We set off for the twenty minute ride to school together an extra half hour in advance so we could grab a few gyms along the way, before bumping into her friends on the way where they congregate around my poor phone to see what Toby catches Over the days more and more of these kids grabbed their parents’ phones, grabbing theirs We found out that another daddy-son combo from school has been playing quietly for years and that top-tier 4000 CP Dream Pokémon like Mewtwo and Unown in their “Dex” Poor Man was tormented by me for advice as we walk together, gently pushing our two kids behind their backs to make them keep walking while they stare at our phones like a parody of teenagers

But hell, if this is going to take over my whole life, then the others should follow me

What I call “Pokémon Paperwork” started with organizing its Pokémon collection.If you’ve played Go with a little kid, you’ll know that while it’s better to catch a new or rare beast, catching anything absolutely bloody will do So I find that there is no room for anything else because of the dozen 12CP weeds lying at the bottom of the pile So there, everything started, every day, to put the list alphabetically and send the duplicates to Professor Oak’s horrific Pokémon torture farm, or whatever And then our bag of items started to fill up

It was then, throwing away the 47 lower level potions that are no longer useful to our favorite gang of 2,500 brutes, finding out that we have somehow over 90 pinap berries, putting all that nonsense in order. Oh, then check out what’s about to evolve, mark the ones with ‘favorite’ stars and let her know to look for them And then came the friends What’s your fault, reader

In the previous post, I lamented the nickel and gradation of the game, and the rarity of Pokéballs Some people in the comments brilliantly suggested that I post our friend’s code in public and start sharing freebies with whoever appears So I posted it on my Twitter and drew the line to 67 friends I would say for those who wish not to spend any money on this game 67 is the sweet spot Every day we are able to open 20 incoming gifts and send as many as we already opened the last one, and I reached the mythical position of really having to remove the damned balls in order to keep running Poké Stops which is awesome except for oh my God opening and sending gifts is so slow

I swear the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is open the 20 presents through its icy confusion of menus, then send back as many as I do, so we’re ready for the day have I become?

There is, however, something truly splendid about the process of opening the gifts.We have the most wonderful collective of foreign friends, and each gift comes with the little blurry image of any Poké Stop that it has been claimed Sometimes these are really beautiful: extraordinary Fillipino temples, stunning Saudi mosques, beautiful Australian statues But more often than not, and this is what I love so much, they are incredibly bland I captured a collection of my banalities world favorites, the empty parking lots on Earth, the fuzzy park benches of several nations, the most generic storefronts in Tokyo, Chicago and San Paulo It’s like the opposite of a tourist brochure, the most glorious demonstration of world humanity

Meanwhile, we repeatedly send poor people the same mailbox and a distorted photo of a nearby Catholic church

As cynical as I try to be, the distance my son has walked without complaining is unprecedented.We’ve racked up something like 50km in a month which is quite a hike when you’re three feet away and half, and we discovered areas of our neighborhood we had never found before And I can’t deny that his love for it is extremely contagious A few days ago we had come back from a walk and he was catching everything what he could have found before he had to return the phone, when he exclaimed, “Daddy! What’s going on ?! « I crouched down to see the phone all blue and sparkling, hissing with bright lights, and when that commotion set in there, finally, finally our first Ditto » PAPA !! ! « he screamed in mad pleasure, and we threw our arms around each other in a giant embrace

Catching his first Charizard, Blastoise and Snorlax met a similar joy The day we were finally able to evolve his Rhydon into Rhyperior was another highlight That I even know these names is still strange to me That he had preserved the names of hundreds of them, at first glance, is completely disconcerting

And then came the requests for help.I feel totally unqualified, not least because I’m still learning the most basic elements of the game on my own.Only a week ago, I discovered Battling, although this is an option right in the main menu I just never clicked Now I do this at my own pace, when the boy is at school or in bed, as it is a good way to top up his dust star and cultivate for these so precious Sinnoh stones Because it’s my life now And on the way I had to figure out so much that the game can’t bother to explain How to fight and occupy a gym, why you would do that, what the different fruits do, what the candy is for and most importantly, what is the difference between a Nice, Great and Excellent throw We were like superstitious pigeons with this for so long, forming gullible rituals to explain why he rewarded them sometimes and other times not, before I finally found a guide who understood him correctly

So for the last two weekends in a row I met the classmate moms in the park near the school (obeying the UK Sixth Rule to the letter, wit ), to go through the basics and get them up Accelerate My main goals being to teach them not to need to spend money, then the pleasantly altruistic act of transferring some of our 1,500 useless Pokémon for some of their 10CP waste , to give them a head start on combat gyms We then send these throwaway creatures to the Prof Oak’s Unethical Pokémon Experimentation Lab for candy, and everyone’s happy (Don’t listen to the distant screams of those caged Zigzagoons, just keep going)

We’re pretty much in this area for the long haul now Toby’s two main ambitions for the game are to evolve a Wailmer (we’ve got 150 candies out of the 400 needed, thanks to a recent plague of things around us), and catch a Mewtwo After watching Detective Pikachu over the weekend, Toby is now mostly Mewtwo, something his mother must have explained to her poor teacher at the school gate this morning, so that he was acting so weird at the depot He’s sleeping clutching his Pikachu plush, under his Pokémon duvet cover Next month’s 6th anniversary will inevitably bring a pocket monster-themed tidal wave to our house But the good news, thanks to the magical mimicry of the classroom , at least we’re not alone We take everyone with us Even though I have to teach them how on the way

« During this time, we repeatedly send the poor the same mailbox and a distorted photo of a nearby Catholic church »

Ditto There is a church and wellness center practically right outside my house (if I lived two houses down, I could access both without leaving my house), and one is a bathroom. sport Having these two is the main reason I always play Go

The fact that COVID forced Niantic to make the game more user-friendly also helps Remote raids with friend invites, doubling the size of the Poké Stop / Gym radius, and giving us an automatic research task every day are all fabulous additions and I will regret removing them once things get back to normal. Also they redid the appearances and they are doing much better In my house I could always access one Pokemon, up to three if I was lucky Now I regularly have four Pokemon around me at home , with two more just outside my avatar radius

Now, even with the changes, it doesn’t overtake Dragalia Lost as my favorite mobile game, but it has improved significantly this year

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World News – AU – Playing Pokémon Go With My Son is my new part-time unpaid job



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