World News – AU – Please explain the podcast: Alexander Downer criticizes British policy on China


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Our former Foreign Secretary Alexander Downer has devastated the UK’s stance on the growing superpower under former Prime Minister David Cameron, saying he and his government no longer left the UK of global leadership.

Mr. Downer, who has changed his attitude towards China significantly since joining telecommunications giant Huawei, said the focus now needs to be on what is known as the « quad » – an Indo-Pacific cohort of the United States, Australia, India and Japan.

He also made a proposal to form a new alliance of democratic nations known as the D10 to curb China’s investments in critical infrastructure through its Belt and Road initiative.

In this episode, national editor Tory Maguire and London-based breaking news reporter Latika Bourke talk about Alexander Downer, the face of China, why he’s making these comments now, and China’s investments in British infrastructure.

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Tory is the national editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. She has held senior positions with a number of key Australian mastheads and most recently was Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost Australia for two and a half years.

United Kingdom, Alexander Downer, China, David Cameron, Foreign Minister

World News – AU – Please explain the podcast: Alexander Downer devastates British policy on China



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