World News – AU – Police investigate shooting at home of YouTuber ‘Boogie2988’


Steven’ Boogie2988 ‘Williams admitted firing « a warning shot » after rival YouTuber Frank Hassle showed up at his home in Northwest Arkansas The two YouTubers were filming each other and having handed over their images to the police who are investigating exactly what happened

As the shooting took place over the weekend, the two YouTubers have been at odds for months after Williams became the target of harassment in a now-closed sub-directory called SamandTolki The community there, of which Hassle is reportedly a member, organized the harassment of various YouTubers

In a video posted to YouTube, Williams says, “Several months ago this guy [Hassle] decided it was his decision to start stalking and harassing me, threatening me mentally, physically, threatening to come to my house, threatening to hurt me when he did on Saturday this gentleman decided to cross a few states, show up in Northwest Arkansas and start taking pictures in the area to prove he was there »

This matches a lot with Hassle’s Twitter thread, where the YouTuber posted photos of himself in the town of Williams:

« I made it very clear to him and anyone else who wanted to listen to him that he was not welcome in my house, that due to his previous threats, I would shoot him a gun fire, « Williams says in the video: posted on YouTube » Today he decided to show up and that’s exactly what I did I fired a gun at him I told him to leave my property I told him I felt threatened I fired a warning shot for him to leave After firing the warning shot he did  »

A security camera outside Williams’ front door catches Hassle knocking on the door and shouting at Williams inside the house « Are you going f ***** gp *** y , what’s the problem? « , » Where’s the gun on you big f **** t? « , » You’re a big bitch, you won’t even open the door « 

Hassle, who wore a Go Pro camera on his head, shared snippets of the incident on Twitter and the pair shared their footage with Daniel ‘Keemstar’ Keem, the YouTuber behind DramaAlert, a show that reports news from the streamers, who also posted footage of the event

Williams says in his video that he also reported the incident to the police and that « it’s up to [them] to decide what to do next. I don’t know if I’m going to be in trouble for firing the shot warning, I don’t know if Frank is going to be in trouble I don’t know how it will be

« It is very lucky that I was able to keep my mind in check and not defend myself and instead fire a warning shot This is why you cannot make threats of bodily harm – this isn’t just trolling – that’s why you can’t show up to a YouTuber and that’s why, as a community, we must condemn this type of behavior Someone could certainly have been hurt today  »

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World News – UA – Police investigate YouTuber’s home shooting ‘Boogie2988’



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