World News – AU – Queensland is testing five fuel cell cars running on local green hydrogen


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The Queensland state government will test five hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV) electric vehicles powered by home-grown hydrogen to help develop a local hydrogen industry, it announced today.

The five Hyundai Nexo FCEVs will be tested for three years as part of the state Qfleet, which has had a plan for the transition from electric vehicles since 2018.

The first indications that this might include FCEVs came in August 2019, along with the state’s announcement that it would be operating « green hydrates » as part of an initial $ 19 million plan.

« This attempt will accelerate our path to establishing Queensland as a superpower in renewable energy, » said Mick de Brenni, Queensland Minister for Energy, Renewable Energy and Hydrogen and Public Works, in a statement Thursday.

« By demonstrating that lower-emission technologies are cost-effective, the Palaszczuk government will lead the way in cleaner transportation solutions and offer taxpayers good value for money.

« Transportation systems around the world are in a major phase of transformation with the rise of electric vehicles. We will take an active role in preparing for these transformations as we focus on cleaner transportation solutions. ”

The Hyundai Nexos is fueled with renewable hydrogen produced in Queensland by BOC Australia. The previously announced $ 19 million plan calls for the installation of a BOC gas station at the Queensland University of Technology.

The new vehicles will be one of the growing number of electric vehicles (EVs) already included in the government fleet.

« We have implemented a QFleet electric vehicle strategy to increase the number of electric vehicles in the government fleet, » said de Brenni. A document setting out the strategy on the government website states that the number of electric vehicles in the fleet will at least double every year.

De Brenni says Qlfeet is on track to meet that goal, and a department spokesman told The Driven that there are currently 68 electric vehicles in the fleet and another 10 are on order, making an overall goal of 288 Electric vehicles to reach 2022.

« We are committed to doubling the number of electric vehicles in QFleet each year, a goal we are on the right track, » said de Brenni.

“I will continue to ensure the switch to electric models as vehicles will need to be replaced in the coming months and years to drive the development of the EV and hydrogen sectors.

Bridie Schmidt is the main reporter for The Driven, the sister company of Renew Economy. She specializes in writing about new technologies and has been writing about electric vehicles for two years. She has a keen interest in the role that zero-emission transport must play in sustainability and is co-organizer of the Northern Rivers Electric Vehicle Forum.

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World News – AU – Queensland tests five fuel cell cars that run on local green hydrogen
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