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The inaugural season of Star Trek: Picard arrives on personal video today We had some time to devote to the new Blu-ray release; here is our opinion

To say Picard was a highly anticipated show is an understatement I had the privilege of being in the Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 venue when Sir Patrick Stewart took the stage to announce his return, and it was a amazing feeling that every Trekkie in the room was bursting with applause and excitement

Picard was rather daring in that he finds our protagonist not quite so happy, and not among the stars Being Earthbound for the first act of the 10-episode season was a bold and refreshing change (Just ask corporate producers how this idea was received decades earlier) This gave audiences time to get to know this new cast, which includes a number of veteran actors as well as new, younger actors, who were all able to defend themselves with Stewart on screen While I don’t like that the season’s big threat is indeed another evil AI trope, the journey along the way was almost always compelling.

At TrekMovie, we’ve covered individual episodes as they are posted in our site founder Anthony’s reviews, as well as our weekly episode review podcasts. You can find links to written reviews and podcasts in our episode guide on our Picard overview page

The episodes and special features are spread over three Blu-ray discs Each disc has the names of the episodes it contains printed on it, along with a complete list of the set inside the front / back of the case

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The menus have a loop of scenes from the first season, with a brief pause on Picard’s Season 1 title card behind them

Picard is a gorgeous sight, with sufficiently high production values ​​Picard leans on the upgraded cameras, anamorphic lenses, and cinematic styles of Star Trek: Discovery season 2 Pilot Director Hanelle MCulpepper has set a style for Picard which is sleek and modern and also clearly its own show in this new CBS Trek universe, with calmer camera movements and the warmer hues of an autumn vineyard – lush greens, reds and yellows. higher available on the disc means the picture quality is much better than streaming There is a little more sharpness’ every now and then I was surprised to see a new level of detail that I did hadn’t noticed when the show was broadcast

As we expected, the episodes compressed DTS-HD MA 5 losslessly 1 channel soundtracks This is pretty standard for a TV series release Picard sounds good; with this being the third season of the new Trek produced, it really looks like producers and sound mixers are at their peak

The prequel (loosely) tied to Picard’s first season, Children of Mars, which was not included in the release of the Short Treks home video has been included on Picard’s set For fans outside from the United States and Canada, this will be your first official way to see the short film

Pieces of these have been sliced ​​and diced and uploaded, but much of this is new for personal video output Most are 10-20 minute pieces Personally I have loved the sets, accessories and makeup Borg presents the best

Make It So – The co-creators and Patrick Stewart discuss the possibility of bringing the iconic character back to the screen, including what was compelling enough to warrant it and the obstacles they had to overcome to make it happen. to do

Picard Props – Propmaster Jeff Lombardy walks through the late 24th century design and update for Picard Chief Illustrator (and Inglorious Trekspert and industry veteran) Daren Dochterman is also featured, speaking about the Squoodgy design, among others We also see the making of the Golem body and the redesigned 2399 year Starfleet phaser rifle.

Aliens Alive: The xBs – A look at the creative process behind the revised and improved Borg makeups made for the xBs Creature creator Neville Page discusses ideas for what the old Borg would look like, and James MacKinnon shows us the process of transforming Jeri Ryan into Seven of Nine

Set Me Up – Set designer Todd Cherniawsky tours main Picard sets including La Sirena, Picard’s study and the Borg Cube We also hear from supervising art director Iain McFadyen and set designer Lisa Alkofer

The Motley Crew – Season 1 showrunner Michael Chabon introduces us to the characters of Picard The feature film takes a look at the cast, including a few previews of the audition tapes, and their characters who come to form ‘the motley crew « from La Sirena

Video Commentary for « Remembrance » – Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman and Michael Chabon, Supervising Producer Kirsten Beyer and Director Hanelle M Culpepper comments on Picard Episode 1 This is essentially a video conference type session Zoom in on the right side of the screen while watching the episode

For many people, this is probably the reason why people want to see a TV show on disk Unfortunately, there are only four episodes that deleted or extended scenes

No more Picard in the vineyard, he surveys his land with a brass telescope integrated into the handle of his cane Speaking in French, Picard gets angry at his hands in the field to make fun of his Romulan friends

Dr Naáshala Kunamadéstifee (Soji’s friend Trill) bumps into the Borg area (the gray area) by mistake and comes face to face with an xB His degraded badge would be flashed green in post production

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« Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 1 »
On the artifact, Ramdha sees Soji and calls him the Destroyer in Romulan

Sutra talks to Altan Soong, he says he knows he will die if he succeeds in summoning the Alliance of Synthetic Life He says he would like to continue to exist and that he has an idea for this subject (referring to Golem)

« Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 2 »
The XBs are now at Copellius Station mingling with the androids Ramdha is seen playing Zhamaq with two of the androids

Audio Commentary for Children Of Mars – Executive Producer and Co-Writer Alex Kurtzman and Co-Writers Jenny Lumet and Kirsten Beyer discuss the Short Treks episode

Gag Reel – Found on Third Disc We can see how easy the new cast was and how much they had gelled during the short time they were together Some of the best takes include Jonathan Frakes as director out joking screen with Sir Patrick

For most people this Blu-ray is the highest quality way to watch Picard, so for those who want the best audio-video experience, this set is for them It is also recommended for collectors as well as anyone who wants an offline copy of the show; this includes people who can’t or won’t stream the show, and people who are worried about ephemeral media streaming rights

The Picard season is out on October 6th It is available on Amazon on Blu-ray ($ 34 96) and in special Steelbook packaging ($ 39 99), and on DVD in the US

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As for the first season of Enterprise, I really think the producers would have been right to have most of the season on earth leading up to the launch of Enterprise. Earth was launching its first Warp 5 ship Fucking execs upn: – /

Picard’s first season was meh, so I’m not going to be buying Blu-rays anytime soon

The Romulan storyline is an inconsistent mess but it was nice to see the Borg again. The Federation’s synth ban is just playing politics

Picard could stay in his vineyard to make Starfleet wine, and no longer needs the old guard like him

Seven of Nine saved the series for me I enjoyed her performance Seven is a badass woman

From what I saw you could remove the Borg completely and not affect the story at all They were apparently there just to make Seven look like something to do

The Romulan refugee crisis seemed to be forgotten from its inception Meanwhile, the Romulans have a secret service in charge of their secret service, they have indirectly influenced the ban on synths in the Federation (screwing up rescue efforts of their own people in the process), their military fleet is stronger than ever and their oldest Secret service official works during the day as Starleet’s security official

And I don’t even remember all of the issues with the synth ban except that it apparently only applied to AIs created in the likeness of human / oid

Lots of promising ideas for a good Trek show without a formula, but not a lot of follow-up evidence And lots of moving parts that seemingly turned out to be just a lot of arbitrary moves as filler

Also, the whole idea of ​​Starfleet using synths, before the ban, seems problematic. As shown, how does it not build slaves?

But, yeah, the season started off with a lot of interesting and complicated possibilities – and none of that was really explored It was just a plot twist on top of the plot twist

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Compare it to a show like Raised by Wolves, where everything that happens has an impact and consequences (although I hope everything it was intended for wasn’t cast in this final episode. crazy)

I would be surprised if they were able to sell as many as 100,000 copies of this inconsistent mess to third party customers

You seem to think you just insulted the series However, by saying « not less than » you did the exact opposite

Maybe it is a habit or a conditioning… I can watch episodes of TOS or TNG over and over again When it comes to Picard, I worked it once, with high hopes, but i would never be tempted to watch it a second time

Same here I can’t imagine seeing Picard or Discovery season 1 again Even Discovery season 2 seems like a very optimistic chore about Strange New Worlds

Of all the shows produced by Kurtzman / Goldsman, SNW seems to be the most conventional Trek I’m not at all excited about this

Can’t imagine watching Kurtzman-Trek in its entirety again The only two episodes I could consider sitting down are New Eden and Nepenthe, but only if they were free on a future streaming site And if not, not much

Interesting Hated New Eden It reminded me of a lesser episode of Stargate But maybe I missed something

We definitely could if we were talking about a different show, but there’s not much about PICARD that’s eye-catching other than a character’s actual eye

I was thinking… was the depth of the Picard / Data relationship entirely fabricated for TNG films? Picard season 1 talks about this desperation to deal with Data’s legacy and finally « euthanize his iCloud backup » (?) While he was already dying in Nemesis

Data’s relationship for 7 years was with GEORDI Pas Picard In fact, data was a borderline obstacle for Picard during those 7 years of TNG

Every 5 episodes, he loses his memory on the ship or on a planet … trying to take control of the ship … dealing with Lore’s BS … etc

Then when the TNG movies hit… especially First Contact, all of a sudden since Brent Spiner & Patrick Stewart was the star… annnnnnd all of a sudden the characters are virtually father son & ???

Hell… in the TNG series finale… Picard isn’t even in regular contact with Data 20 years later… who is a professor at a university

Nemesis begins with Picard mockingly telling Data to shut his face in front of a whole wedding party

So this simulation of Data’s death in “the cloud” this year, while undeniably touching in a nostalgic and depressing way… you have to be careful not to overthink it or it really doesn’t matter much. meaning Yes? No?

Their relationship certainly seemed to change over the course of the films And I loved that Picard continued this trajectory

No matter how difficult the plot line Picard had in his first season, I deeply appreciate this character’s overall story While he continues to explore the depth of data care he’s often done through the prism of regret that he had not expressed this concern further during Data’s lifetime, which he intentionally kept to himself for years due to his position of command.At its core, Picard is a deeply existential story, and I think she succeeds despite all the awkwardness of the plot in other areas

Strongly Disagree In addition to what Michael said about Picard regretting that he wasn’t more expressive, Picard saw Data’s value consistently across the series. Hence the reason « the measure of a man » was such a crucial part of the PICARD plot. Regardless of their relationship over the course of the series, actively defending Data’s right to exist is a moment of bond that would cement their relationship forever This is a major element

Every 5 episodes, he loses his memory on the ship or on a planet … trying to take control of the ship … dealing with Lore’s BS … etc

Out of 178 episodes, Lore was in four (« Datalore », « Brothers » and « Descent 1 and 2 ») Data lost her memory in two (« Thine Own Self » and « Conundrum », the latter including all world also lost his memory) and he took over the ship once (« Brothers »)

Picard has acted as Data’s mentor / father figure on several occasions, most notably in “Peak Performance” and “The Offspring” We saw several other less important scenes that involved this too, the Richard V opening of « The Defector », for example

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TrekMoviecom is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc, Paramount Pictures Corp or the “Star Trek” STAR TREK® franchise and its various marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc 2020 © CBS Studios Inc / Paramount Pictures Corp

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