World news – AU – rock legend Rick Okasek criticized by his son after death: « You don’t exist » ????


late rock icon Ric Ocasekâ ??? ??? Who was « not present » ????

Rick Okasek, captain of The Cars, died in the 1980s at the age of 75 Credit: ABC7

Rick Ocasek’s eldest son, Chris, described his late father as a « narcissist » ???? Who was « not present » ????

On the first anniversary of his father’s death on September 15th, Chris Utasek (who uses the original spelling for the surname) announced his feelings for his father when he captioned a picture of himself on Instagram with Rick and his brother Adam, « You ain’t here. We don’t do that either, » and added several hashtags. , Including #Deadbeatdad

You don’t exist, we were not. # Egyptian_tale #Deleted # Deleted # Thoughts #icouldgoon #itscomplicated #ricocasek #awkwardfamilyphotos

The 56-year-old video game artist is the product of the first rock star’s marriage to Constance Campbell. In 1971, Rick Campbell divorced while she was six months pregnant with their second child and in the same year she married his second wife, Susan. They have two sons, Iron and Derek.

While filming the music video for the song « The Cars’ Drive » in 1984, the 40-year-old singer met the 18-year-old Czech model Paulina Porizkova who abandoned his second wife in 1988 and the following year married Porizkova. They welcomed two sons, Jonathan and Oliver later separated in 2017, two years before Rick’s death

Chris, who had a record deal with Capitol Records in the late 1980s, told Page Six that he hadn’t heard from his father throughout most of his childhood – that is, until The Cars started painting with songs like Shake It Up and you might think

“Maybe there was a touch of guilt, but I also think he wanted to say he became famous and I think this is one of the more universal things in that he was just a narcissist,” said Chris

« He didn’t have that kind of conscience to keep him down to earth so keep moving forward and always go to the next thing even if it means giving up or neglecting the kids that was fine with him I don’t think he thought much about it »


While Chris admitted that he felt their relationship was « superficial, » and only met once a year or so, he added that the couple kept in touch on the phone

But even so, Chris said: “My father died in essence the day I was born. He was never present, never there even when he was, he was never there and this is the abandonment that I am referring to”

Chris said he used to live in New York but moved to Los Angeles to « get as far away from him as possible »

“I lived a few blocks away for a year or two, and I saw him maybe once and just decided I should get as far as possible,” he said

Okasek cut his wife Paulina Porizkova of his will before his death (Image: Peter Kramer / Getty Images / AFPSource: News Corp Australia


He’s also struggled with how similar he is to late rock, something he wrestled with as a teenager when The Cars was a mainstay on MTV

“There were a lot of preconceptions and, going back, I wish I was more protected than that” “I didn’t want to remember every 15 seconds that I hadn’t had my parents in my life it was hard”

Chris is not the only person in Rick’s inner circle who felt burned by the singer-songwriter after his death, Porizkova discovered that he wrote it out of his own will, claiming to have abandoned him Chris and his brother Adam were the only children left from their father’s will

« I thought I knew him. I thought we had the same definition of » love « and wrote about the man I have been married to for nearly 30 years Even after their split, they remained close, as the model took care of him after surgery in 2019 she was also the one who found him dead

“I think I did well despite all of that but it was a problem,” he said.

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World News – African Union – Rock legend Rick Okasek criticized by his son after death: “You donna ???? t exist? ???



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