. World News – AU – Roxy Jacenko defends decision to win 84th place. Buying a $ 500 Mercedes-Benz for Pixie


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Posted: 01:03 GMT, 4. December 2020 | Updated: 01:20 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

She stopped fan backlash this week after buying an £ 84 car for her nine-year-old daughter Pixie Curtis. Bought $ 500.

And on Friday, Roxy Jacenko hit back her critics, saying she bought the car for her young daughter because it had additional safety features. .

She says: On Friday, Roxy Jacenko (left) fought back critics after four fans bought a Mercedes-Benz worth 84 for their nine-year-old daughter Pixie (right). Purchased $ 500 received a backlash

« It is of the utmost importance to me that both she and her brother Hunter drive safely on the roads when they go to and from school, so I bought them a car, » she told News. com. au

‘Obviously she doesn’t drive it, she gets driven in it, as does her brother to and from school and for any activities. ‘

She added, « With the number of deaths on our roads, your safety is so important. When it comes to buying a car with added safety features, that’s what I’ll do. « . ‘

Big debut: on Thursday Roxy shared a photo of the black Mercedes-Benz GLC-class on Instagram with Instagram and wrote: ‘Visits today from Fineautofinishing for Pixie’s car

The vehicle’s safety features include the optional driver assistance package as well as a 360-degree camera and an accident prediction system.

On Thursday, Roxy shared a photo of the black Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class with Instagram on Instagram and wrote: “Visits today from the fine auto finishing for Pixie’s car. ‘

Fans flocked to social media criticizing the mother of two for buying the car for her daughter, who is too young to drive.

‘How can a child have a car?’ asked another person. ‘Pixie’s car ?! Envy doesn’t begin to describe it, ”commented one.

‘Seriously a car for someone who can’t drive!’ Fans flocked to social media to criticize the PR queen for buying the car for her young daughter, who still can’t drive

« People are always quick to criticize, but I do well. I’m not going to let the noise affect my decisions that are right for my family or myself, « she added.

Roxy shares Pixie with her husband, Oliver Curtis, whom she married in 2012. They are also proud parents of six year old son Hunter.

Family: Roxy shares Pixie and five-year-old son Hunter with businessman Oliver Curtis, whom she married in 2012 (all pictured)

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World News – AU – Roxy Jacenko defends the decision to buy a Mercedes-Benz for Pixie worth 84. $ 500 to buy
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Roxy Jacenko defends her decision to buy a brand new Mercedes-Benz valued at $ 84,500 for her nine-year-old daughter Pixie . . .
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