World News – AU – Tim Kaine torches Trump for trying to steal elections


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2016 Senator and Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine said on Sunday, based on President Donald Trump’s conspiratorial efforts to overturn the election and his stunning call to Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger, it’s clear that he is trying to “overthrow the United States government. ”

Kaine told Alex Witt the call was « shocking but not surprising » and took the line, « I only want 11. Find 780 votes « (one more than Joe Biden’s profit margin) as particularly noticeable and called the President a » spoiled rich kid. ”

« He talks about our democracy as if it were a real estate business. « Give me 11. $ 000 more for this lot. « This is not a negotiation, » Kaine said before saying his Senate Republican colleagues preparing to watch the election results « should look in the mirror and ask how they will be remembered for the rest of their lives. ». « . ”

Witt played part of the recording and asked, « How worrying is this in relation to the campaign against democracy? »

« This is basically an attempt to overthrow the United States government. He’s trying to do that, ”Kaine said. “Donald Trump is trying to steal an election. That could be accepted in a dictatorship of the Third World, we don’t in the USA. ”

He continued pounding Republicans like Ted Cruz who anchored themselves in this desperate move, saying, « They’re scared of Donald Trump’s supporters. Your ambition is ten times the size of your backbone and integrity. ”

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World News – AU – Tim Kaine torches Trump for trying to steal elections
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