World News – AU – UK is redefining the treasure to cover bronze, copper, and gold and silver


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World News – AU – UK is redefining treasure to cover bronze, copper and gold and silver
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Great Britain defines the Treasure new cover bronze, copper as well as gold and silver
Now Roman coins are truly a national treasure! Ancient items unearthed by metal detectors are classified into . . .
Government plans to redefine & # 39; Treasure& # 39; to protect valuable items for the nation
The UK government redefines treasures to protect for archaeological finds to increase
government to & # 39; Redefine Treasure Finds& # 39; in England and Wales
Definition of the Treasury to be used to protect UK& should be redrafted # 39; s rare artifacts
DCMS to increase protection for archaeological finds by rewriting the Treasure Act
New plans aimed at protecting treasure from loss to the public
Government redefines treasures to increase protection for archaeological finds
Artifacts made of bronze, which should be classified as treasure alongside gold and silver



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