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The introduction of social distancing measures brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic emphasized the need for digital connectedness – with both consumers and B2B buyers pushing to purchase products online.

This means that the ongoing transformation of digital customer experiences has accelerated rapidly, and brands that fail to deliver seamless online experiences are at risk of being left behind..

Many companies are adjusting, but they are doing so under significant budgetary pressure due to the current economic uncertainty.

However, Brave boards provide extensive support for immediate investment in digital channels to reinvent more personalized, adaptive and unique experiences for each client..

They know that by doing this, they can expand empathy, understanding, and customer happiness in a way that shows a significantly positive impact on growth, loyalty, and brand advocacy..

According to our research, nearly all digital leaders believed that customizing content on their website increased their companies’ profits.. Almost half (46%) believe they receive a better experience when the company personalizes content based on their history, behaviors, and personal information.. They see the impact of personal experiences on a company’s revenue and understand the importance of simulating these experiences across their website.

While decision makers recognize the importance of personal experiences, there is currently a gap in customer focus, with 71% acknowledging that their digital experience does not meet their customers’ expectations.

This doesn’t mean that the other 29% got it right, just that they are unaware of the gap. Similar research indicated that 82% of B2C companies reported that they were customer focused, but only 18% of their customers agreed.

The opportunity isn’t just with building better relationships with existing clients. The pandemic has thrown all kinds of standards out of the window – including pre-existing loyalties, buying habits, and content-consuming behaviors.

There are millions of new customers on hand, but only if their new needs can be understood and met.

Digital teams should be able to answer key questions such as « Who is interacting with my content? » ; “What are they trying to achieve?”; « How do their needs and preferences change? ». They should also understand how they can automate relevant content experiences and build capacity in their business to expand this further.

Research by Forrester found that nearly half of the marketing decision-makers who use Marketing Intelligence have seen an improvement in customer satisfaction.. Almost everyone has seen an increase in customer loyalty and retention.

However, statistics-based marketing is not possible without access to the correct data. Marketers first need to understand what data they actually use, what data they can access, how to aggregate and analyze these insights, and most importantly, how to apply them to improve their marketing efforts..

While it is important to have clean and organized data, marketers should also consider the more complex data sources that may be available and that they are not currently using to their advantage.. This information goes beyond consumer contact information to include demographics, education, interests, lifestyle, social profiles, professional experience, and even seasonal behavior..

Once marketers have access to this richer data, digital expertise platforms can help convert these valuable insights into customer behavior to help coordinate more personalized and relevant customer experiences.

Content can be optimized and recommended to increase engagement and intent, and effectively convert browsing into transactions and revenue. With these digital and customer insights at the core, decision making is based on evidence rather than just guesswork and the solutions – and those who use them – get smarter the more the customer interacts with their content..

This can go further to build a truly digital learning organization. One where marketers can collect and interpret data in real time to determine which content performs best, where to increase investment, and through search analysis, what content people are searching for but not finding.

These insights can not only be used to improve day-to-day tactics, but also to build a foundation for digital marketing strategies moving forward, directly linking content efforts to key conversions and transactions that contribute to business success..

In today’s competitive landscape, marketers need to create targeted and relevant content and test that content on an ongoing basis to ensure that it resonates with existing customers and attracts new customers..

Only when digital teams have access to in-depth customer insights can they create highly effective and engaging marketing campaigns that set them apart from others..

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World News – Australia – Using customer insights to create better digital experiences: Evidence – Marketing Technology News
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