World News – AU – Who is entitled to the cash payments of $ 250 announced in last night’s budget?


Cash payments totaling $ 500 are about to line the pockets of an estimated 51 million retirees and other eligible beneficiaries

The two payments of $ 250 were announced as part of the federal budget handed over by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Tuesday night

They must repay the government $ 2 billion over three years from the 2020/2021 fiscal period

The aim is to help stimulate a struggling economy and alleviate some of the financial challenges posed by the coronavirus

Earlier this year, a payment of $ 750 was made to approximately 66 million people who were receiving some form of assistance from Centrelink

And a second payment of $ 750 went to 5 million Australians in July as part of the government’s response to the coronavirus

If you receive any of the following payments or hold any of the following healthcare cards, you are eligible:

Ian Yates, chief executive of the Council on the Aging (COTA), which represents older Australians, said the payments were « very welcome »

« This is what we asked for and we are happy to see the government providing more money to retirees, who both need it and will spend it in the economy, » he said.

Here are some of the winners and losers of Josh Frydenberg’s 2020 budget, which was inevitably defined by the coronavirus pandemic

« There are a number of other very useful initiatives in the area of ​​elderly care, but the large budget for elderly care will clearly be in May of next year after the royal commission report « 

« We fully support the wide and amazing range of job creation programs to stimulate the economy, and we support targeting young Australians as a vulnerable group, » he said

« What worries us is that there is no parallel targeting for mature and older workers who are equally and equally vulnerable

« They are often the first to be made redundant, after an economic crisis they find it very difficult to re-enter the labor market at a time when they are trying to support themselves and pay for their retirement

« We are therefore concerned that having supplements to support young people unparalleled for the elderly will put a price on older workers and make it even more difficult for them in the economic recovery »

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Budget 2020 Retirees

World News – UA – Who is eligible for the $ 250 cash payments announced in last night’s budget?



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