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On the eve of last year’s Brownlow Medal, makeup artist Jade Kisnorbo was atop Melbourne’s Crown Towers, putting the finishing touches on the partners of some of the most prominent players of the ‘AFL, including Brit Selwood

This year she will be doing it again, but this time it will be via Zoom Kisnorbo will be at her home in Melbourne, while her client, Mardi Dangerfield, is on the Gold Coast, where she has been in the hub with her husband, Patrick. Dangerfield, and the rest of the Geelong Cats

Kisnorbo will guide Dangerfield through the steps of her makeup on Sunday afternoon after the pair give it a try on Friday

« What’s really good about this year is that it’s stripped down, and it’s good that we can learn too And women can embrace their own beauty and be comfortable in their own skin » , says Kisnorbo, who switched to online masterclasses during the lockdown

Like a lot of things about football and life in general, this year the Brownlow Medal was a dose of improvisation, an ounce of celebration and a big teaspoon of relief – that there were even games. to play

While the entrance to the Crown, which is usually a sea of ​​silk and journalists on Brownlow’s night, will be extremely silent, small team meetings will take place in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth There will be a medal on each site to allow a certain number of results

Some features weren’t approved until last week, sending stylists and designers into a frenzy to ship dresses in time for the night

In Melbourne, where restrictions against social gatherings are still in place, a number of top medal contenders will watch the tally in a COVID secure studio Unfortunately, due to existing restrictions, their partners will have to stay at home

Officially the AFL dress code is « cocktail / lounge suit » but there is general consensus that it will be a mixed bag on Sunday, depending on the location and people in question Emma Hawkins, wife of Tom Hawkins de Geelong, will wear a refined but relaxed outfit by Viktoria & Woods, while Talia De Marco, partner of Brisbane Lions captain Dayne Zorko, will wear a dress by Melbourne designer Oglia-Loro

De Marco, an event manager, worked remotely with Melbourne stylist Meggy Smith to create the last minute look for Sunday, with the dress only arriving in Brisbane shortly before the weekend Without plan B it was, thankfully, a perfect fit, she says

Change of pace Makeup artist Jade Kisnorbo (right) works on Lainey McIntyre at Brownlow 2019Credit: Tanya Macheda

« We could not adopt the custom as we would have liked, but we will save extra for next year », says De Marco

Smith says the remote styling has had its fair share of challenges, especially mail delays and postings caused by COVID-19 Yet, she says she is happy to « work and be creative »

Brit Selwood, wife of Geelong captain Joel Selwood, says she looks forward to a very different type of Brownlow

« Everyone approaches it casually, » she said. « We are really excited to celebrate this year because it has been a difficult year for everyone in the AFL »

Selwood has quit her job as a special education teacher to move to the center for the past 11 weeks, taking the opportunity to take an AUSLAN class on Sunday, she’ll be wearing a Dion Lee dress she bought at the the Gold Coast and will do their hair and makeup

« I really appreciate it being about the boys and there is no problem with what girls wear, who has which stylist »

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Brownlow Medal 2020

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