World News – CA – 2020 isn’t that bad, because the Game Boy gets a brand new RPG called Dragonborne


2020 has been a pretty scorching year in every way, but there is light at the end of the tunnel – for those who love the legendary Nintendo Game Boy, at least

Independent studio Spacebot Interactive has announced that it will ship an all-new RPG for the monochrome wonder early next year, and pre-orders are open now

Boasting a turn-based combat system, weapon and armor upgrades, numerous enemies, multiple endings, and a 6-7 hour battery life, Dragonborne will be available in one pack. physical (like in the good old days!) and costs 54 $ 73/42 £ / 46 € 46

You can order your copy here, but be quick – pre-orders will end November 30

Damien has more than a decade of professional writing experience under his belt, as well as a belly with repellant fur rumors that he turned down a role in The Hobbit to work on Nintendo Life are, to our knowledge, completely and totally unfounded

That would be cool, but the margins involved in bringing it to market put it out of my price range. Hope they can find the people it isn’t for

Almost everyone I know has had like a year of paid vacation in 2020, so it really wasn’t that bad where I’m from, it’s all about perspective

I’m assuming this isn’t Nintendo endorsed and won’t appear in a « full » gameboy library?

I wish them luck, but I don’t have enough disposable income to be so frivolous Or enough time for RPGs, unfortunately

This fight looks drab and uninspired, even compared to other gameboy games Final Fantasy Legends looks more polished and enjoyable, and it came out 8 months after the gameboy launched

Um Zenimax / Bethesda is known to be deeply, stupidly contentious Considering their best-selling medieval RPG starring a protagonist known as “Dragonborn,” I wonder how it’s going to turn out

I collect old games and love when they came out on original material However, the gameboy is just a bad target It’s so easy to add a little color to a game and target GBC There would be good reasons back then to have a monochrome portable system, but there isn’t much reason to target it on the GBC today

They also sell the rom file for a much cheaper version and cheaper cartridge only in physical version

Funny, I also plan to do an rpg for the game boy (color), I hope that in a few years the market will not be saturated already 😂

Going through the « flash to white » between onscreen actions, looks like it was done in GB Studio?

@COVIDberry It depends on how much Wizards of the Coast wants to get involved D&D’s use of « Dragonborn » predates Bethesda

They could just port it to Switch and make even more money Better yet, add a GBC, SGB and GBP filter mode to the game if you do and I would be impressed

@ retro_player_77, I’m not too familiar with the coding so I can’t say for sure, but I imagine it would be quite difficult to port software that was built into an engine encoded for the gameboy’s hardware That being said, other companies seemed to have been able to do just fine with retro collections, so maybe!

@COVIDberry The most certain trademark, and this is the second indie game I’ve been told in so many games to do, is you can say « For the Nintendo Game Boy console » on the box in plain text, you may not put the actual Nintendo logos on the box (Nintendo, the official Game Boy logo, the Nintendo seal, or the Game Boy Game Pak) without permission from Nintendo

I heard that the recent reprint of Shantae took care to remove all official Nintendo trademarks from the box

@Jokerwolf Almost everyone I know has lost their job or had to go to work anyway during the pandemic So far 2 in 10 employees in my company have got COVID America!

42 BOOKS finished? or 23 € for the basket only I know that the manufacture of the trolleys, etc. But, in €, I will spend

For a second I thought he was saying « The Game Boy is going to have Danganronpa » and I was pissed off

@Jokerwolf same here! For me personally it has been a fantastic year! I got paid, stayed home, family time as much as you can, empty supermarkets, gas was cheap
But this game is ***** in my ears!

@XBontendo Sucks, Canada might be in trouble, but at least they help us out when we need it

This soundtrack is horrible Beside that it looks like a mix of Zelda (sprites and dungeons), mystical quest (characters) and pokemon (battle) I would prefer an action rpg on Gameboy, but to everyone the his

Oh man if it wasn’t for this hefty price tag (and trust me I understand why) I’d jump on it I’ll keep my eye on it anyway Maybe someday I’ll make a drunk’s buy half-hearted and will have a good surprise in the mail a few days later

I guess I’ll have to replay Dragonheart on Game Boy, from the movie I still have it, and I played a lot during the day

The price seems very reasonable to me A fully boxed independent cartridge for less than Nintendo is selling discounted digital copies of their Switch games even years after its release

I’ll spend £ 42 for a Gameboy game these days, that’s way too much

Very cool, studio « greenboy » has a new studio called « where’s my body » for Christmas this year

@COVIDberry I mean D&D has a playable race called Dragonborn that existed before Skyrim was released. If Bethesda pursues, wizards can pursue them

I don’t really understand projects like this I mean it’s really cool, but why invest all that development effort and time in something that will only be played by a few hundred people at best? ? From what I read, developing on the Game Boy was also a real pain, so it couldn’t be as easy as making a game for a modern console.

@SwitchVogel This game is made with GB Studio, which is much easier to use like something like Unity or the Unreal Engine On the other hand, there are a lot of limitations, as the Game Boy cannot display multiple sprites both, for example And regarding your comment on the niche audience for Game Boy games: It’s not too uncommon to work for years on a game for current hardware and have close to 0 sales At least, the Game Boy market is not saturated these days 😉

Sounds boring! We don’t know how much HP is left or how much MP The guy keeps using spells to defeat enemies He uses his sword once or twice for 5 minutes Checking the good old RPG out on Game Boy could have helped develop something much better than that! The only good thing is the dragon sprite

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World News – CA – 2020 is not so bad, because the Game Boy A brand new RPG called Dragonborne is brewing



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