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Western Cape Premier Alan Winde faces real economic challenges facing the province when he addresses the legislature and province on Thursday on economic recovery plans

The Prime Minister’s speech is preceded by the tabling of the Western Cape Provincial Economic Review and Outlook 2020 and the Municipal Economic Outlook and Review 2020 by Finance and Economic Opportunities MEC David Maynier Both publications are produced annually by the Provincial Treasury to describe economic challenges, opportunities, developments and trends They are intended to inform responsive and data-driven policy, planning and budgeting in the Western Cape

The provincial review rightly noted that the national lockdown had disrupted economic activity as the country’s economic performance in the first half of the year was limited by the Covid-19 pandemic The Western Cape economy is thus expected to grow by 1% over the next four years between 2020 and 2024, while nationally the economy is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 07% over the same period

Employment in the Western Cape is expected to increase on average 06% per year between 2020 and 2025, less than the 15% recorded between 2015 and 2019 Workers in the informal sector suffered twice as many job losses as workers of the formal sector between February and June 2020 Regarding spatial considerations related to job losses, rural areas were more affected than urban areas This is explained in the municipal socio-economic analysis covered in the municipal review, which shows that the Cape Town metro has a higher retention rate in grades 10-12 and a higher human development index than the Western Cape

Covid-19 and national lockdown have taken a toll on an already strained Western Cape economy, which has not fully recovered from the persistent drought The socio-economic effects of Covid-19 and the economic challenges are well documented in the two reviews As the Premier prepares to outline the province’s economic recovery plan, he must address the real challenges affecting the economy

The tourism sector has been hit hard by travel restrictions imposed during the lockdown; province needs real plans to save industry jobs Reckless calls to drop the travel redlist from countries deemed high risk for coronavirus should face widespread condemnation, especially with the second wave of infections emerging risk The Prime Minister and those behind these calls must examine what is happening in Europe and the United States to see how their ‘business first’ mantra Is reckless and dangerous

Continued water restrictions and sky-high water prices are putting various pressures on the economy and people’s lives Winde has to tell people when the province will ease water restrictions and lower high tariffs of water It must describe its plans to remedy the various inequalities in the province The Gini coefficients in the Cape Town metro have gone from 0608 in 2013 to 0621 in 2019 In the Western Cape, it has gone from 0602 in 2013 to 0618 This shows that income inequalities continue to widen in the province as they decline nationally

Prime Minister to build on President’s speech on South Africa’s Reconstruction and Economic Recovery Plan, which calls for a new economy based on transformation and inclusive growth.The plan focuses primarily on the development of small, medium and microenterprises through the promotion of localization and industrialization This will take place alongside a dedicated focus on the development of rural and cantonal economies The plan also aims to improve the inclusion and active participation of women in the economy

These are some of the areas of interest that the Prime Minister should cover in his speech Since the start of the sixth administration, the ANC has repeatedly raised the need for localization and development of the economies of communes and active participation of women and young people in the economy The huge backlog in the maintenance and repair of public infrastructure is an opportunity to absorb low-level skills and artisans in general, in particular young people who are now reported as discouraged from seeking employment

The Western Cape did not feature much in the list of strategic infrastructure projects under Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure Patricia de Lille and the Presidential Infrastructure Coordination Commission, while pressure from the urbanization has shown increased demand for houses, schools and other economic infrastructure needs as the population increases in the city

The old infrastructure put in place by the apartheid government when the townships were created as complexes no longer meet the demands of the day, as evidenced by the inhabitants of Cape Flats and informal settlements in times cold and wet with leaky drains, poor sanitation, potholes and old clinics When the premier addresses the province, he must answer the question: where is the emergency response plan? infrastructure for the Cape Flats and other working-class communities?

The Prime Minister’s address comes at a time when township businesses are being held to ransom by extortionists who demand monthly protection fees He is due to tell us about his plans to tackle crime and corruption in the province The people of the province want to know what happened to the $ 1 billion plus DA budget for the security plan Where are the 1,000 law enforcement officers that were promised under the plan?

We are tired of the accusations and accuse the national government of everything Winde has to provide solutions Knowing its record and that of the AD, we are building our hopes too high because they are unable to lead our province to better times

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Posted by Arena Holdings and distributed with Financial Mail on the last Thursday of every month except December and January

Posted by Arena Holdings and distributed with Financial Mail on the last Thursday of every month except December and January

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News from the world – CA – Alan Winde must address the real issues affecting the economy of the Western Cape



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