World News – CA – « American Murder »: Who is Nichol Kessinger?


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This week, Netflix delves into one of the lesser-known family homicides in modern American Murder history: The Family Next Door chronicles the case of Chris Watts, a seemingly happy father who once murdered his wife and her two young daughters

The Watts case is bizarre in part because it’s hard to see why Chris Watts would do something as deplorable as kill his own young daughters The ever-evolving Watts testimony adds to this obscurity yet , none of his lies are as confusing as the ones surrounding Chris Watts’ girlfriend Nichol Kessinger Wondering where Nichol Kessigner is now? Here’s what we know about Chris Watts’ former mistress

Watts first met Nichol Kessinger at work Both worked for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in Colo., but their affair did not last long According to reports, their relationship began at the end of the month. June 2018, about a month and a half before Shan’ann Watts and her two daughters, Bella, four, and Celeste, three, were found dead

Not directly Chris Watts initially lied to authorities, claiming he had no idea what happened to his family Once he was put for a polygraph test, his story changed In This second version of events, Chris Watts claimed he told Shan’ann Watts that he was having an affair with Nichol Kessinger and that he wanted a separation Shan’ann then allegedly strangled their two daughters, causing Chris to strangle her in a fit of rage

But even that version was a lie Chris Watts later confessed to killing his wife and two daughters According to this most recent confession, four-year-old Bella entered on Chris while he was allegedly murdering Shan ‘ ann He then loaded his two daughters into his truck with their mother’s corpse, suffocated his children one by one with a blanket and stuffed their bodies into a can of oil

Due to his relationship with Chris Watts, Nichol Kessinger has been questioned on several occasions about the Watts family murders But she maintains that she has nothing to do with the macabre case According to Kessinger, Chris Watts him said he was unhappy in his marriage and that he and his wife were going their separate ways But he neglected to mention that his wife was pregnant with a third child, which Kessinger claims she would have caused them to end their affair if she knew

Kessinger has repeatedly said that she would not have been involved with Chris Watts if she knew the truth and called the situation « not fair » to herself, Shan’ann Watts and the Watts children « You know it wasn’t fair to his family that he was having an affair It wasn’t fair for me to make him lie and make me think everything is going to go as planned and to this day I don’t even know what’s a lie and what’s not, « Kessinger told detectives

After the case was discovered, Kessinger was slandered and abused Although she was not involved in the murders and had no control over her boyfriend’s actions, she was still strongly blamed for the actions of Chris Watts Kessinger would have been placed under witness protection It is not known where she is now

Chris Watts

World News – CA – « American Murder »: Who is Nichol Kessinger?



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