World News – CA – Bigg Boss 14 Candidate Kavita Kaushik Says Salman Khan’s Family Loved FIR: « Salim’s Uncle Invited Me To Lunch »


After turning down previous seasons of Bigg Boss, actor Kavita Kaushik has finally decided to reprise the popular show this year She Came With A Bang on Sunday night, along with fellow countrymen Naina Singh and Shardul Pandit

Before entering Bigg Boss 14, the fiery Kavita spoke to Hindustan Times about what she will bring to the table, how she will deal with controversies, how her husband Ronit Biswas encouraged her to resume the show. and its equation with host Salman Khan and his family Extracts:

To 2020! The very fact that the whole country has become the Bigg Boss house where we are all locked up We cook ourselves and do the housework There is also social media, which has its good, but there is also an invasion of l space and privacy It’s become a place where if you express an opinion there are all kinds of reactions, good and bad Some people try to pull you down by saying the worst thing If a woman talks of unity, love, peace and harmony in the land, an army of trolls comes out, trying to attack and assassinate him We’re fighting these social media trolls anyway I think Bigg Boss is way holier than that At least in Bigg Boss we can make our point inside the house or fight it How are you fight those faceless trolls? All of these things made me say yes to the show this time around

A I don’t believe in over-planning I know my weaknesses I’m not that smart or calculating I’m not even that well-groomed Other girls who are my contemporaries or even those who came after me are better cared for and smarter, they know how to place themselves I am very desi, I am a gaon ki ladki (village girl) I will be myself and show my true personality How to survive is not in my hands It is in the hands of chain and audience Even surviving in life is not in your hands You never know, you can have a heart attack anytime! It’s not in my nature to plan too much in advance The only thing on my mind is I’m going to have fun I’m not desperate to be in the house, I’m going for fun I’ve got a life wonderful outside It’s my cocoon, but touchwood, it’s a haven of peace Toh aisa nahi hai ki jo bhi ho jaaye, mar mar ke rehna hai (so it’s not like no matter what, I’m going to cross hell just to stay inside) i know it’s a game i’m gonna play alright i will try to make sure people are entertained by the way i am even if i fight it should be interesting and fun, not dirty and full of profanity It’s my thinking How I survive will be decided by the channel and the audience that votes My job is to have fun and be happy

A It’s not my strategy I’m not going to think of someone as my competitor I’m smart enough to know that the way it appears from the outside is misleading The vibe and energy there interior are completely different I have also watched many seasons of Bigg Boss so I know your competition can change overnight It is very silly to preconceive yourself and walk into the house with such a bad feeling. ‘determined mind I have been rigid in the past and said no to the show for so many years I don’t want to be rigid anymore I want to come in with a clean slate and see what gets thrown at me

Q What aspect of your personality do you hope your fans will see through the show?

A I want to appear as real and entertaining, show off my cooking skills I also want to surprise myself I believe that as a human there are a lot of emotions other than anger and fighting I plan to show them other emotions too because we’ve seen fights and it’s fun for everyone to see, but if there’s fights all the time it gets very boring Hope the kind of person, the kind of roles I’ve played, I’ve always been called someone who has a lot of variety going for her, so hopefully I can provide that variety to the show as well.

Q How do you think your pragmatic attitude will be perceived by other competitors? Do you think this will lead to clashes?

A Every action has an equal and opposite reaction I don’t like to fight I think violence is the greatest form of weakness I know it now but there was a time when I was very angry and the least things made me angry But I realized it was my weakness and I worked on it I did a lot of yoga, read scriptures etc. I have worked on myself for my own improvement I have learned from my mistakes and am very happy with the kind of person I am becoming in life Hope I add joy to the house I don’t think not who my competition is or how someone will take my strong nature If there is someone strong inside I think they will appreciate the strength I bring and not be anxious I feel that Rubina Dilaik is really good If you ask me who I love, I love Rubina because she shows strength Why is it necessary for two strong people to face each other? They can also complement each other!

A I think Shehnaaz Gill played very smart and well She knew she was charming and she used her charm very well throughout the show to get into the hearts of the audience I think we can all learn from ‘She She’s so charming that even after being called out by Salman a few times, we finally liked her This game plan of knowing your positives is very important

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Q Bigg Boss’s competitors often have personal lives and controversies on national television. Does this worry you?

A No, yaar We live in a world where people dig things up anyway, make videos and talk about people They say things that aren’t even true, so let them If a controversy or something real spell i have nothing to hide i’m not afraid or answering anyone i know my husband is my best friend i know he is my spine i don’t care about nobody else Talk about one of my controversies, I’ll just say, “Yeah, I did it So? A big deal! « 

A He actually did We discussed this this year and he enjoys the show I’m very rigid but he’s calmer I’ve become a better person, being with him I’ve become calmer and clearer about things My raw energies were going here and there He really channeled my energy with his love He told me it would be fun This is the number one show and he made me realize that he opens up so many different paths I have been working for 18 years and when you have a career that has lasted so long you sometimes need a project that gives you another boost and creates a good buzz for your career again He explained these things to me And let me tell you, like a little kid he’s so excited that I win the trophy He said to me, « Please win the trophy I’ll do whatever you say I’ll roll out a red carpet for you, I’ll do whatever you say I’ll do. ‘take where you want I just want to see you win He comes from a very humble background and winning will make him the ho the happiest in the world I really want to do this for him and of course, for me, but it will be the happiest day of his life

Q It has been reported that you share a close relationship with Salman Khan Is this true?

A I wouldn’t call it a close relationship, no Salman and his family including Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Salim’s uncle (Khan) and Helen aunty, saw FIR Uncle Salim invited me at lunch and he said « We really enjoy your show » They were very gracious to me throwing a feast for me just because they liked the show I just have this little equation you can say I am very grateful for this gracious gesture which made a simple artist feel like a queen Other than that there is no friendship or anything I wish there had been, but there is none

Kavita Kaushik

World News – CA – Bigg Boss 14 candidate Kavita Kaushik says Salman Khan’s family loved FIR: “Uncle Salim had me invited to lunch  »



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