World News – CA – Blue Jays vs Rays Schedule: MLB Playoffs Live Stream, TV Channel, AL Wild Card Series Start Times


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Covering the impact of the coronavirus on the world of sport

The Tampa Bay Rays took the seed and « the field advantage » from the League Championship Series placing 40-20 in the regular season They secured a 1- lead 0 in series in best of three jokers with a win over the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday Tampa will try to qualify for the ALDS on Wednesday

Here’s a look at when the Rays and Jays will play in the coming days:

Anything can happen in the course of two or three games, so there is a danger in feeling overconfident in the face of a prediction.However, the Rays can take comfort in knowing that they have beaten the Blue Jays in the season by a margin of 6-4 Toronto actually beat Tampa Bay, 48-44, in those 10 games.Four of those contests were decided by a single set, suggesting it could be a tight streak even if Tampa Bay enters. as an obvious favorite to move forward

The Rays have been around since 1998, but this is only the second time in franchise history that they’ve entered October as the top seed in the American League. The other time has come in 2010 The Rays will certainly be hoping the results will be better this time around: These Rays lost a five-game set to the Texas Rangers, Cliff Lee holding Tampa Bay by two runs in 16 innings.

If a team is ready for a month of away games and neutral venues, it would appear to be these Blue Jays The Canadian government has refused to let the Jays play in their native Toronto due to security concerns public, forcing them to hold their games in Buffalo, NY (and a series in Washington, DC) The Blue Jays were consistently better at home (17-9) than on the road (15-19), so maybe the nomadic experience does not translate into results on the ground

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Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays, Major League Baseball Playoffs

World News – CA – Blue Jays vs Rays Schedule: Playoffs Live Stream MLB playoffs, TV channel, AL Wild Card series start times



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