World News – CA – Breaking news could seal the fate of big tech in the forecasted $ 29 billion market


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Take a small company even further ahead of Big Tech and make it a clear leader.

Delivery Drone Canada (DDC) has just announced more impressive news around the largest delivery drone to date, the Condor.

They found that this large drone could perform exactly as they had hoped, even in difficult environmental conditions.

This is important news as it is important that the drone withstand whatever comes its way when transporting heavy cargo over long distances.

The Condor is expected to carry an incredible 180 kg. ) weighing up to 200 km.

This is extremely useful when the healthcare sector needs heavier goods for mines and oil, & gas, or pandemic support such as breathing apparatus, ventilators or PPE.

This also opens the door to opportunities across Canada, including delivery to remote communities that others cannot reach (of which there is Jan.. 000 there). .

Big Tech and many of its main competitors seem to be focusing on shorter, 5-pound flights. Cargo charges.

But DDC is likely to be almost in a class of its own when it comes to delivering critical cargo over long distances.

The payoff for these important services is expected to be huge. And they are already ahead of the competition.

DDC currently has paying customers and real income from operating flights across Canada.

Last year they signed an important contract with Air Canada, the country’s largest airline.

With this agreement, Air Canada is helping to sell and market its services through its vast network of contacts in order to open up new business areas.

This could potentially help them generate significant income over time and it has already helped them close a number of deals with key players.

And they have a close and collaborative relationship with Transport Canada, the transportation division of the Government of Canada.

This is only part of the reason Fidelity and other big companies are getting noticed and putting big capital in their funds to buy shares in the company.

And once the Condor gets the green light after completing the test, it has a number of services that others simply cannot offer.

Because with several models of different sizes you can cover a multitude of different applications with your fleets.

The Condor is the largest, it can carry the heaviest cargo and fly the longest distance.

Your smallest model, the Sparrow, can carry 4. 5 kg. ) Freight up to 30 km.

This could be letters, packages, medical tests, medications, emergency kits, or any other number of items.

They’re also testing their Robin XL, which is expected to deliver payloads of up to 11. 3 kg. ) anywhere within a 60 km radius …

But with test results for the Robin XL and the Condor that are expected in the next few months …

DDC is reinforcing its plans to expand rapidly in the coming months and next year.

After signing a contract with DSV Air and Sea, the Canadian arm of global transportation titan, you’ve now flown hundreds of flights on DSV’s first route …

That brings real revenue while the competitors are still running their pilots and paperwork.

Now they have added a second route with DSV in the summer which will bring even more revenue as flights are currently being operated.

Customers that include retailers, couriers, hospital groups, and freight networks in Canada and around the world.

With the potential to penetrate so many different industries, this could be a turning point for DDC . . . and they have already tackled the hardest part.

The biggest hurdle companies face in this growing drone delivery industry is regulation.

Obtaining government approval to fly these drones for commercial purposes, especially higher weight ranges, can be extremely difficult and time consuming.

But DDC has already cleared this lockdown and received regulatory approval for the smaller Sparrow drone model.

Now they are rushing to accelerate the certification of their larger models so they can fly immediately after testing is complete.

Having seen so much success and demand in Canada, they are already planning to bring their services to the world market.

You started entering the US market this summer and are expanding rapidly.

They also recently signed a letter of intent with a partner in Kenya to identify opportunities to leverage their revolutionary technology platform there.

Before this year, many had expected that it would only be a matter of time before the drone supply market exploded.

Much of the world has been forced to figure out how to limit face-to-face contact, which could be an important catalyst for the drone delivery market.

And if a vaccine becomes generally available in the coming months, DDC could potentially play a pivotal role in distributing the vaccine to hard-to-reach communities around the world.

Also, the market for the supply of drones is not expected to expand until over the next decade, which puts DDC in the best position to capitalize on this massive shift.

And with a head start on the competition, this is an exciting time to keep an eye on DDC.

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World News – CA – Breaking news could seal the fate of big tech in the forecasted $ 29 billion market
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