World News – CA – British Columbia man just received $ 200,000 from Canada Dry for making him believe ginger ale is healthy


In BC the man felt he had been misled by Canada Dry ginger ale and brought a class action lawsuit accordingly

According to CTV News, Victor Cardoso had been buying the soft drink for years because of the label claim that it was « made with real ginger »

Because the root is used to relieve stomach aches or cramps, Cardoso would have believed the drink had medical properties

The plaintiff regularly purchased from Canada Dry Ginger Ale [] because of his belief that it was « made from real ginger » and that it was a premium product that had benefits medicinal

One of the attorneys representing the claim told CTV News that ginger was used in the products, but it was a small amount that was turned into a concentrate, thus losing its medicinal benefits

According to a 2019 CBC News report, Canada Dry said their product is made with real ginger and always will be.However, they did not say how much

Narcity has contacted Canada Dry and Victor Cardoso for comment and we will update this article when we receive a response

However, Canada Dry Mott’s Inc would have « denied any responsibility and is not required to modify the labeling of its products or the advertising of products marketed in Canada »

Ginger ale, drink, Canada Dry Motts, British Columbia

World news – CA – British Columbia man just received $ 200,000 from Canada Dry for his makes people believe ginger ale is healthy



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