World News – CA – Craig Conover on Thomas Ravenel’s first cameo «  Southern Charm  »


The South is full of ghosts … even the reality TV genre In the Season 7 premiere of Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel’s ghost – OK, just a living, breathing Thomas – resurfaced, to the surprise of viewers and actors!

“I laughed so much when I found out,” Craig Conover tells ET “I was recording the narration of the first episode… and I saw that Thomas is in the first episode and I was like, you’re kidding me « 

Thomas appears about six minutes after the premiere begins, strolling down a staircase and into his kitchen, where his ex, Kathryn Dennis, cooks lunch for their children, Kenzie, 6, and Saint, 4.

« I actually stayed with Thomas, » says Kathryn, revealing that she is renovating a townhouse her late grandfather left her

« He let me use his master bedroom and, uh, no – we’re not back together! » She adds « I guess that’s the reality of what life would be like if things were normal, but they never are »

« It’s good, you know, to have you here, but are we misleading them like, it’s always going to be like this? » Thomas asks, to which Kathryn responds: « That’s why I took them to my house saying, ‘We’re almost ready to go back’, but I have to admit I felt comfortable staying here. « 

The former couple then sit down to talk about the state of their relationship, which has been rocky from the start.After a custody battle for years, Kathryn says they finally struck a 50/50 deal

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« I know we’ve had a tough time the past two years, but you know that at the end of the day it takes two to raise kids and I can tell they’re happy so I feel like, okay, we’re doing a good job, ”Thomas said to himself

« There have been some joys in this show over the last few years, where I find out certain things and tell myself that you are laughing at me, » insists Craig again « He goes on these rants all the time on Twitter about the show and then to find out he filmed? I think it’s gold I think it’s amazing « 

Thomas parted ways with Southern Charmafter season 5 in less than desirable circumstances, with a series of legal issues cropping up before and after its release He has since blasted the show online, even going so far as to say that he would never come back Viewers seemed to generally agree with this, as Thomas has proven to be a controversial figure on screen

“It’s real, it’s genuine,” Craig says of the circumstances that brought Thomas back to TV “Kathryn was living with Thomas when we started filming and I was like – everyone was blown away by that, so filming it was, you know, it was a pleasant surprise to me »

« Viewers see it in a way [like] you support it or give it a job, I don’t think that’s accurate, » he adds. « I think it’s been over – it’s l ‘exposing more than it helps I think as long as we keep filming stuff it’s great I think it’s great I think it’s fantastic It was a funny surprise I don’t haven’t seen or spoken for a long time, so I’m pretty excited to see it for myself « 

Thomas only appears in the first episode, so don’t hold your breath for other cameos as season 7 continues Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET / PT on Bravo

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World News – CA – Craig Conover on the first cameo of ‘Southern Charm’ by Thomas Ravenel



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