World News – CA – Death of Joyce Echaquan: Legault presses systemic racism for recognition


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The Grand Chief of the Atikamekw Nation, Constant Awashish, asks François Legault to dâ ???? stop denying the presence of systemic racism in Quebec, the day after Joyce Echaquan’s death in Quebec Joliette Hospital

Joyce Echaquan, an Atikamekw woman in her mid-thirties, died shortly after her death. Being filmed live on Facebook In her video, she claims to have been over-medicated

Ms. Echaquan calls for help on numerous occasions. She can be heard shouting and uttering unintelligible words, while staff insult her

“There is racism in Quebec, we must fight this racism Lâ ???? nurse, what? she said, that’s it is totally unacceptable, and she was fired Now to think that all the nurses or the whole health system had this reaction, everyone is going to say well no, ”asserted © the Prime Minister during a press briefing

For the Grand Chief of the Atikamekw Nation, the dismissal of the nurse is the least of things, but at the same time it must not be that… she serves as a scapegoat It is imperative for him to determine exactly what is happening. happened

Why still today ???? hui there are proposals of the kind which are held by professionals, and why still today? hui there are people who continue to harbor this kind of prejudice against the First Nations? , let go of the big boss

He calls for a proper investigation to appease the members of his community, but especially for the family of Joyce Echaquan

He recalled that the report of the Viens Commission published there ???? last year denounced discriminatory practices against Indigenous people in Quebec’s public services, but argues that little has changed since

The president of Quebec Native Women, Viviane Michel, is also impatient She points out that the Joliette hotel has been cited in the past by Native women and families about racially problematic and non-respectful services She is sorry that nothing has happened has changed and calls on the government to move on. action

A coroner’s inquest was announced Tuesday morning Quebec Native Affairs Minister Sylvie Dâ ???? Loves, a qualifying situation of ?? alarming We want to know what happened An investigation is currently underway, in order to shed light on this tragedy Whatever the results of this investigation, the words heard are unacceptable and intolerable, argued the minister

Prime Minister Legault also confirmed the holding of an internal investigation made by the CISSS Dâ ???? dâ ?? other employees do that ?? object of ?? an investigation and there might be more other holidays announced in the coming days

The remarks made towards the patient by the staff on site aroused a wave of indignation because of their racist content

The Chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador (APNLQ), Ghislain Picard, offered his condolences to the relatives of the funte on this day a press conference on Tuesday

I don’t know if she was abused, but I know she was abused. she was the victim of racism on the part of the nurses who offered to take care of her We know this because… there is a video of the tragedy [â ?? ¦] We recognize there prejudiced dirt that continues to exist today? hui Like the one we pay nothing and live on the hooks of the government Câ ???? is another case of too long a series of dramas experienced by indigenous women in public services Racism is well presented and everywhere in public services, he clarified

Ms. Picard reacted as part of a press conference to announce a Plan to fight racism and discrimination against First Nations in Quebec The death of Joyce Echaquan is a sad and shocking coà ¯ coincidence [the very day of the unveiling of the action plan of the AFNQLAssembly of First Nations of Quebec-Labrador on racism and discrimination against Aboriginals], but we must ask ourselves how many do such situations take place elsewhere in the province? This ???? is a reminder that we should have got down to work as soon as the Viens report was tabled a year ago, not today. hui, he added

The Chief of the First Nation of Lac-Simon and the spokesperson for the Council of Elected Women of Lâ ???? AFNQL Assembly of the First Nations of Quebec-Labrador, Adrienne Jà © rôme, do not mince words in reaction to this death With what happened to our sister Joyce I am sad, in at the same time angry, I am heartbroken Yet another aboriginal woman victim of racism, who passes by Quebec employees from there. AT ?? Quebec state, sometimes ca ???? is in the hands of the police, but yesterday ca ???? Were nurses

The spokesperson for the Youth Network of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador, CÃ © dric Gray Lehoux, indicates for his part that? he is acts of ?? A tragedy that causes a lot of emotion and a new drama that adds to a far too long list According to him, there are too many reports, but not enough… actions that are taken to combat racism

I am outraged, jâ ???? Was angry when i was heard the rather derogatory comments from the nursing staff at the hospital. hospital

For his part, the Federal Minister of Indigenous Services, Marc Miller, said on Twitter Monday that the shocking events surrounding the tragic death of Joyce Echaquan must make l ‘subject to a thorough and complete investigation

The shocking events surrounding the tragic death of Joyce Echaquan must be fully and thoroughly investigated! The shocking events in and around Joyce Echaquan’s tragic death must be fully investigated! #polcan #cdnpoli https: // tco / SoUwyReYu7

On Facebook, Québec solidaire spokesperson Manon Massé expressed her color and bitterness and a request that light be shed on this terrible and sad story

No one should die like that No one should see a person he or she loves die in a live Facebook video Racism is dangerous Sometimes it can even kill I’m all for it this ?? heart with Joyce’s family and Manawan community, she writes

Asked if she considers this ???? Event in Joliette as being a case of systemic racism, the leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Dominique Anglade, maintained that? he is was acting like ???? an unacceptable situation that ?? he can only condemn She is however satisfied with the announcement of a coroner’s inquest

In a description sent by email, the CISSS de Lanaudière offers its condolences to Ms. Echaquan’s relatives and maintains that â ???? an investigation is necessary to shed light on the events

Vigils are currently being organized on social networks, including one scheduled for Tuesday at 6.30 pm at the Joliette hospital in memory of Joyce Echaquan

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Joyce Echaquan

News from the world – CA – Death of Joyce Echaquan: Legault in a hurry to recognize systemic racism


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