World News – CA – Dolly Parton made Stephen Colbert cry with a folk song


Who isn’t feeling a little moved right now? If you, like Stephen Colbert, have been living your life on the verge of tears lately, maybe skip this clip Colbert had country icon (both musical genre and US) Dolly Parton on The Late Show on October 20 to talk about her upcoming coffee table book, Dolly Parton, Songteller As Parton explained her songwriting history, she mentioned that her mother would sing folk songs when she was younger “And so many of those songs were sad, and like I said some of them were just downright pathetic,” Parton said “There was a song she used to sing called ‘Bury Me Beneath the Willow It was about a girl getting married and her boyfriend left her at the altar, whatever So she died, sure « Then just like that she crept in vocals perfectly, like Dolly Parton does (She used to play it)

Continuing, she noticed Colbert tearing himself apart: « And then how are you – are you crying? » – [singing] Oh, bury me under the willow / under the weeping willow « Just like that! She finally stopped saying to Colbert, » So I better shut up before I cry to death and we can’t not finish the show. ”He replied,“ Like a lot of Americans, I’m very stressed out right now, Dolly! ”And, well, is he wrong? « I know you aren’t really crying! » Parton teased, while continuing: ‘And you have under my travel thread right there – I’ll tell you right there, it was quite beautiful’ Parton then left him some wisdom that we could all use for the next few. weeks « I think it cleanses your soul, I think water is good for washing it », she said « That’s what tears are for, I think »

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Dolly Parton

World News – CA – Dolly Parton made Stephen Colbert cry with a folk song



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