World News – CA – Election in Saskatchewan: Moe seeks milestone not seen since Tommy Douglas


Voters in Saskatchewan will vote on Monday in an election where leading candidates have spent the campaign posing as opposites as to how they will’ I’m going to handle the health and economic crisis of COVID- 19

Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe is trying to secure a fourth victory for the center-right party, which has dominated provincial politics since his predecessor, Brad Wall, brought him to power in 2007

Moe, 47, pledges to help the province’s economy by keeping businesses open and providing millions in temporary rebates and tax breaks to help residents

He also campaigned on a message that the private sector will lead the stimulus effort and that the province will manage its own finances by eliminating the planned $ 2 billion deficit by 2024-25

In contrast, Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili says he would not seek to bring the province out of the red in one term

A trained family physician, Meili, 45, pledges to tackle issues like waiting lists for medical procedures and size of classrooms by spending millions to hire teachers and additional health workers

Moe came to the prime minister’s office in 2018 as part of a leadership race to replace Wall, who retired from politics

The last time the province was ruled by a political party in its fourth term was the NDP before its defeat in 2007 This party, however, formed a coalition to stay in power in 1999

The last party to win a long streak of majorities in Saskatchewan without any help was the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and its leader Tommy Douglas, who was elected for a total of five terms.

« It’s difficult everywhere except Alberta to get four in a row, » said Tom McIntosh, professor of politics at the University of Regina

During its early years under Leader Elwin Hermanson, the Saskatchewan Party struggled to gain traction outside of rural areas

McIntosh said Wall was successful in growing the party to include voters in both urban and suburban areas, which will be tested this election as the city seats of Regina and Saskatoon are the main fields battle

The Saskatchewan Party held 46 seats in the Legislative Assembly when the election was called, while the NDP had 13 There were two vacant seats

McIntosh says electoral success for the New Democrats means keeping the seats they have and gaining enough ground to become a more effective opposition

During the campaign, the Saskatchewan Party attacked the New Democrats for their stance on oil and gas development and cited a deleted Facebook post where one of their candidates used an expletive as « nightmare » tar sands

The NDP attacked Moe for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying he sent conflicting messages about the use of the mask and did not go far enough to call out those who opposed the masks

The only candidate who did not participate in the four-week campaign was a member of the Saskatchewan Party Saskatoon businessman Daryl Cooper quits after being discovered for posting articles on social media featuring conspiracy theories about the pandemic

Further revelations about the election campaign surrounded the leader of Saskatchewan’s Sons of Woman Killed in a 1997 fatal collision in which Moe was involved as a young man came forward for the first time

And he also revealed that in 1994 he was charged with impaired driving and leaving the scene of an accident, but both charges were stayed.

McIntosh said he hadn’t seen any of these cases have much of an impact on how voters view Moe, but believes the campaign has brought to light the high rates of impaired driving in the city. province

« In how many provinces do you know where the two main parties, when they publish their list of candidates, have a footnote indicating how many of them have impaired driving charges? Both parties did it « 

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Election in Saskatchewan

News from the world – Election CA – Saskatchewan: Moe seeks milestone not seen since Tommy Douglas



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