. World News – CA – Elizabeth Berkley Lauren recalls feeling like a « Pariah » during the 1995 backlash.


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According to the 48-year-old actress, she felt “left out in the cold” and treated like a “pariah” during the controversial run. « Showgirls » was a box office bomb after making just $ 37. $ 8 million from a $ 52 to $ 56 million ($ 40 to 45 million) budget.

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« Of course it was disappointing that things didn’t go well, but there was so much cruelty, » Berkley Lauren recalled from People magazine. « I was bullied. And I didn’t understand why I was accused. The job as an actor is to fulfill the director’s vision. And I did everything I should do. ”

She added, « Nobody associated with the film spoke out on my behalf to protect me. ”

While many believed that the alum « Saved By The Bell » used the movie to stray on the popular Jessie Spano sitcom, Berkley Lauren admitted it was the opposite: « Saved By The Bell » was a beautiful first rite of passage for me … but as an artist I was excited to dive a little deeper and explore. ”

« I wasn’t looking for a shock value, » she added. « That was not my intention. When I first read about the role, it was a visceral moment. I thought this was mine. ‘”

Berkley Lauren has appeared in films such as « First Wives Club » and « The Curse of the Jade Scorpion ». . She will currently star in the upcoming reboot of Saved By The Bell.

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World News – CA – Elizabeth Berkley Lauren recalls she felt like a during the 1995 backlash « Pariah » felt like « Showgirl »

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