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Here is a list of all the selfless companies offering support to families midway through campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford

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Businesses across the city have banded together to provide free meals to children during mid-term following a campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford

It comes after a vote was called last Tuesday by Labor after the Manchester and England player campaigned to provide free school meals to eligible children during term breaks

Rashford, who was named MBE for his services to vulnerable children, forced the government to turn around on free school meal vouchers for eligible pupils during summer break But on Wednesday night the Labor motion aimed at providing free school meals to vulnerable children in the UK during midterm this week was rejected by 261 votes to 322

Since then, hundreds of businesses across the country have come forward to show their support and provide free meals to children living below the poverty line – including cafes, bakeries and restaurants right here in Plymouth

Owner Louise Needham posted on Lulu’s Bakery’s Facebook page on Thursday, urging struggling parents to « communicate privately if [they] are facing difficulties »

« You will not be judged, » the message continues, urging other businesses or individuals to donate packed lunches if they are able to.

Louise, who went above and beyond her community’s expectations during lockdown, said: « I couldn’t sit in my warm house enjoying hot meals knowing there were families without help options « 

« I am really disappointed and shocked that our government votes against providing meals to vulnerable children, » she added

Lulu’s will provide everyone who contacts them with free meals to help them get through the holidays with the help of Mary Flavors and Plymouth Events and Party Catering

The famous bakery Hooe Lulu and Dollys Micro-Bakery & Chocolaterie has promised free school meals to any child in the Hooe region

Hall at Stonehouse says they can’t sit and watch what happens after the vote

They will offer free meals for children from Wednesday October 28 to Sunday November 1, collection only between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.

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They will provide a take-out bag with tomato pasta, fruit and a cookie

There is a choice of breaded chicken nuggets, breaded fish goujons, beef burger, mini grilled chicken fillets, tomato or cheese pasta with a choice of chips, new potatoes or mash, and a choice of vegetables, salad or beans

Plympton Cafe is launching a food bank so people can pick up a packet of food for lunch this week.It will be open Monday October 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for anyone wishing to collect a package for the week

« We will be open on Monday 26 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm so that anyone can pick up a meal package for the week. We will not be open for normal service

« If you do not have transportation and need this service, please contact us so that we can arrange delivery

« No questions will be asked and no judgment will be made. Please bring your own shopping bag if you can

« We will have meat, vegetarian and vegan options available. Packages will include things like bread, sandwich toppings, milk, fruit, chips, cookies, boxes »

This fish and chips from Plympton offers a small meal of sausages and fries free from Tuesday October 27 to Friday October 30 It is available for lunch from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and the child must be present

They posted on Facebook: « This has been a tough year for many We want to try to do our part for struggling families with children eligible for free school meals this semester »

The Stoke chip shop also offers free meals for children They say they felt ‘discouraged’ after the recent vote and felt ‘inspired’ by other businesses offering their support

Together with Booker Wholesale Plymouth, they have 100 vouchers available to redeem for a free kid’s meal for half the term

They said on Facebook: «  » We want you to know that if you need us, WE ARE HERE! Just reach out to us

« With the help of our friends at Booker Wholesale Plymouth, we have 100 vouchers to redeem for a free meal for the kids throughout the semester

« Come to the store or send us a private message and we’ll give you vouchers for your kids to have a meal on us when you need them throughout the mid-week week. Our store will be open on evening from Tuesday 27 to Saturday 31

« We urge all local businesses to join us in helping us in any way they can

They said, « If you have a hard time feeding your family during the semester, please put your pride aside and contact the setting through the Facebook page or email ladybirds0101 @ gmailcom or call 01752 881161

« All conversations will be kept private, but a food package will be prepared and waiting for you. Only by staying together will we succeed our way through these difficult times, and come out all the stronger »

The Plymouth Argyle Community Trust will provide 100 meals per day for children eligible for free school meals

A father of two from Plymouth said the food would make a huge difference to his children and many other struggling families in Plymouth

Plympton Funky Mamas cafe announced on their Facebook that they will be offering free packed lunches to all children

They will give free packed lunches to every child that comes to the bakery They won’t accept pre-orders, but will say, « If you bring your child to the bakery, we will be happy to give them a free packed lunch !

« Please don’t feel any shame as parents ourselves, we will understand 100% how difficult it can be »

The packed lunches include a sandwich, a packet of crisps, an apple, an orange or a banana and a drink

The message reads: « We are now 7 months away from this pandemic and the country is in recession If someone is not working, is not paid, has had their hours reduced and is running out of food or essentials, or if times are just tough, don’t let yourself or your children sleep on an empty stomach

« Do not be afraid or ashamed to send me a private message. I will do all I can to help

« It could be just dropping off a food package and going. No one needs to know and when others are concerned it has never happened

Each child who enters the cafe will receive free lunch – children must visit the cafe but must not be with an adult

Lunch includes a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit and a drink

The Stonehouse Café will also provide free food and drink to families in need

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They will be open on October 31 and November 1 to help all those who need it

The Big Breakfast café on Albert Road will offer every school-aged child a free picnic throughout the half-session

No questions asked, just walk into the cafe between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to pick up lunch, which includes a sandwich, packet of crisps, fruit, and a cup of drink

Morrisons supermarket chain will donate 15,000 lunch boxes to help needy school children

Morrisons stores will join the national effort to ensure that no needy schoolboy is left without an adequate mid-course meal

Morrisons colleagues in 498 stores will prepare 30 lunch boxes in each of their stores during the mid-term

The lunch boxes will be distributed daily by each store to local food banks and schools so that they can take them to school children in need The lunch box includes a freshly made sandwich, fruit and a pack of Soreen snacks

Morrisons will also offer customers the option of supporting the effort by purchasing their own « Pick Up Packs », which will also be distributed to youth

The packs cost between £ 1 and £ 5 and contain a nutritionally balanced blend of food items which have been requested by local food banks and schools according to their needs Pre-packaged parcels are available at the front of all Morrisons stores and are paid at checkout The pack is then set aside for delivery to those who need it

Wosley Road café in St Budeaux offers children meals including a sandwich, fruit, packet of crisps, sugar-free drink and small packet of candy

Meals are free for those who arrive from 11am until closing around 4pm

Do you know of any other participating places? Contact us via our Facebook page or by e-mail the day before watson @ reachplccom

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World news – CA – Everywhere offering free meals for children at mid-term



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