World News – CA – Federal prisons: too many unreported cases of sexual violence


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October 27, 2020 at 5:03 PM

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Sexual violence being a widespread and under-detailed problem in federal prisons and the alleged perpetrators? get it out easily

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This ???? is the lapidary observation made by the Office of the Correctional Investigator in a report resulting from an investigation into coercion and sexual violence in federal penitentiaries

« We know that violence and sexual abuse are increasing in a culture of silence or organizational indifference, » said Correctional Investigator of Canada, Dr Ivan Zinger, on Tuesday, saying that ???? Now is the time for Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) to have « a transparent and honest conversation about the scope of the problem »

In this case, this ombudsman indicated that victims do not report cases of violence, because there are too many obstacles and risks. Many are afraid of retaliation or revenge For dâ ???? others, ca ???? is the fear of not being believed, dâ ?? be ridiculed or even punished for reporting incidents

« I was disturbed to see significant gaps in the Correctional Service of Canada’s (CSC) approach to detecting and preventing coercion and violence sexual abuse in prisons and to conduct investigations, ”he said, stressing that most cases are not investigated and that the courts are rarely referred to

The detailed investigator quâ ???? no strategy has been put in place to spot, identify, monitor or manage perpetrators of recurrent or chronic sexual violence

He found that the alleged perpetrators were simply moved into the building or transferred to another penitentiary without any reinstatement. © they are taken to prevent future incidents

Dr Ivan Zinger urged the Federal « to take legislative action that would impose zero tolerance and a preventive approach to violence and harm. rancid © sexual abuse in prisons, as well as the obligation [] to make a public report on these incidents »

Responding to the report, Correctional Service Canada Commissioner Anne Kelly said her organization is open and ready to « make improvements and make continuous progress »

On the issue of sexual violence in establishments, the latter assured that ?? it was « very seriously » price

“Taking a zero tolerance approach to coercion and sexual violence is consistent with CSC policies and essential to its business,” she said. © is always to protect the physical and mental health, as well as the general safety, of the persons under our responsibility « 

For his part, the Minister of Public Safety, Bill Blair, argued that ?? a research will be carried out by his ministry in order to shed light on a strategy which will help to detect and prevent the situation and to intervene if necessary An interim report is expected for next spring

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News from the world – CA – Federal prisons: Too many unreported cases of sexual violence
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Federal prisons: too many cases of unreported sexual violence
Sexual violence behind bars report makes shed light on coercion and sexual violence in the



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